Valley Street

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Note- Lot, is Legal Lot Number, for Tax and Registration Purposes, used in Conjunction with the Legal Block Number
# is the Civic Mailing Address of each lot, or combination of Lots, in some cases.

I will be adding historical photos and descriptions of Residences on this street, if applicable.

North Side, East to West (8th ave. to Souris Ave.) (Odd Numbered Lots)

Block 28, Lot 12 to 24.
Civic Address's- #801- #837

North Side, Souris Ave. to 10th ave.

Block 66, Lot 8-17
Civic Address's- #901- #937
Lot 17- #937 Valley st- Called the Englehart House ca 1918. My Gesell family moved here in early 1918. Had an upstairs. New house on the lot at that time. Neighbour took my Grandma in and nursed her when she had the twins. She had the bad flu and lost both. 2 story house- bedrooms upstairs, had a barn and a cow, they milked the cow, moved in 1918

North Side, 10th ave. to 11th Ave.

Block 67, Lot 11-20
Civic Address's- #1001- #1037
Lot 11- #1001-Called the Kincaid House, first house in town my Gesell family lived in when they moved to Estevan. the house was moved here from west of the collegiate (2 blocks)
on the very edge of the valley, with no houses around it for blocks. House was so cold they moved in the spring to the Englehart House at 937 Valley st. My mom started Grade 1 in Central School when they were living in this house. Gesell's lived here for the one year
Lot 12- #1005-

Lot 13- #1009 Valley St- William Bannerman, caretaker at a Public School, lived here in 1955 ;

Lot 14- #1013- George Charles Wicklow family lived here in 1921. Prairie Nursery Foreman. Age 33, b- in USA, Wife- Elsie Dora Wicklow, age 35, b- in England, and adopted son Donald Charles Wicklow.

Lot 15- #1017-

called the Parkinson House in 1918 My Gus and Amalie Gesell family lived here in 1921. He was an Elevator Grain Buyer at that time. Became a Manager at Prairie Nurseries Farm later on. 2 bedrooms added on the East side, Ed Gesell made kites and flew them at the edge of the valley here. Gesell family moved to Garratt Farm in the valley from this house

Lot 16- #1021- William Horice Turner lived here in 1921, Janitor Public School. b- ca 1874 in England, Wife- Mary Anna Turner, b- ca 1871 in England. He immigrated in 1907, she immigrated in 1907

Lot 17- #1025-
Lot 18- #1029-
Lot 19- #1033-
Lot 20- #1037
June 23, 1913 there was a Skating Rink / Curling Rink at the corner of 11th Ave and Valley St, but History books didn't say which corner?
I know it and the Collegiate were hit by a tornado in 1913, and pieces of the rink were thrown in the Fisher House on 1st st.
On the Main Index Page, the 1912 map, it clearly shows it was located at #1037 Valley St.

North Side, 11th ave. to 12th Ave.

Block 68, Lot 11-20
Civic Address's- #1101- #1137

Lot 20- #1137- Duane J. McKenzie, Owner and Manager of the Orpheum Theatre, in 1955 lived on this corner.

South Side, West to East- #1138- #1102 (Even Numbered Lots)

Located between 12th Ave and 11th Ave.
Lot J- #1138- Catholic Residence
Lot H- #1120- IHH Catholic High School
Lot M- #1106- Lot L- #1102-

House was Built by my Uncle Edward (Ed) Gesell, House was built in School Yard in Hirsch, and moved here.
The road here, south end of 11th Ave., actually went into the Souris Valley to what was the City Dump in early 1960's, now (2017) the City Sewage Lagoons are located down there. Ed Gesell was a Rural School Teacher, who also taught in Hirsch, Frobisher, Bienfait, and at ECI. He was a great woodworker. Back of this house had a car ramp for working on cars. I used it many times.

South Side, West to East- (Even Numbered Lots)

Located between 11th Ave. and Souris Ave.
Lot B- #1038- SE corner 11th Ave.
Then Overlooking Valley edge for almost 2 blocks here.
then 2 lots closer to Souris Ave. near Coronation St.
Lot F- #906-
Lot G- # 900-

South Side, West to East- (Even Numbered Lots)

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