Halbrite, Saskatchewan, Canada

Incorporated as a Village 1904

Between Midale and Weyburn SK, on Highway 39, on the CPR “Soo” line

In RM Cymri #36

Located at NE Section 21, Township 6, Range 12, W2

Latitude- 49º 29' 17“ N
Longitude- 103º 33' 33” W

Elevation 1905 ft.

Population 200 in 1920

Part of My Dad's 1927 Map of this area

Elevator, Post Office, Telegraph office, and Gas Station in 1927

The Village name is formed from the combined names of 3 CPR Soo Line rail surveyors: Hall, Bruce, and White.

A Mr. Hall was a surveyor with Lachlan Hamilton when Estevan was surveyed.
No first name or initial known by myself.

Robert Randolph Bruce
b- July 16, 1861 (1863?), in St. Andrews, Lhanbryde, Scotland
d- Feb 21, 1942 in Montreal
Became 13th Lieutenant Governor of BC in 1926
Ambassador to Japan 1936-38
He married Lady Elizabeth Northcote
He was the son of a Scottish Presbyterian Minister
Immigrated in 1887 to US, then later to Canada

Mr. White,
no first name or initial known by myself

Grain Elevators
Sept 1903 Halbrite had 3 Elevators
West Elevator Co.
William Robb
Canadian North West Co.
capacity 25,000 bushels each

Post Office History
S0C 1H0
Federal Electoral District: Moose Mountain (SK)
Office Opened Apr 1, 1903
Section 21, Township 6, Range 12, W2

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
George Hanson (see below) 1903-04-01 1903-11-28 Resignation
Frederick “Fred” Clarence Litschke (see below) 1904-03-01 1911-04-11 Resignation
Frederick “Fred” Nordquist 1911-05-19 1912-10-26 Resignation
Benjamin W. Gerow (see below) 1913-01-11 1927-02-01 Dismissal, Political Partisanship
Charles Henry “Charlie” Barlow (see below) OAS Dec 4, 1874 1927-12-01 1945-10-23 Resignation
Lloyd George Towne OAS 1945-11-15 Acting
1946-05-23 1952-12-12 Resignation
Mrs. Marie Bobier 1953-04-16 Acting
1953-07-02 1976-05-08 Retirement
Mrs. Doreen I. Tracey 1976-05-08

Additional Information:
SE 1/4 Sec.21, Twp.6, R.12, W2
Separate Building
Disclaimer- This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced,
nor as having been made in affiliation with, or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada.
The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

First Postmaster-George Hanson
d- Oct 26, 1917
buried in Halbrite Cemetery

Frederick Clarence “Fred” Litschke
b- Jan 13, 1874 at Lester Prairie, Minnesota
immigrated to Canada 1903/04
married Anna Maria Ebert
b- Mar 1883, Graseville, Minnesota

Frederick “Fred” Nordquist
b- Oct 1855, in Sweden
Fred in Halbrite cemetery shows different birth year
b- Oct, 1877, d- Feb 21, 1955
1855 from 1911 census so could easily be wrong.
immigrated in 1903, naturalized in 1906
sold furniture in 1911 in Halbrite
Nordquist Bros and Anderson, Hardware and furniture dealers in 1920
wife- Mathilda “Matilda” Dahlstrom
b- Dec 1871 in Sweden
died age 47, 7 mo, buried in Halbrite Cemetery
daughter- Pearl Nordquist, b- Nov 1890 in USA
married Max Ewers, b- LeMars, d- Oct 15, 1945 in LA, CA, USA
son- Roy Nordquist, b- July 1893 in USA
daughter Viola Nordquist, b- July 1895 in USA
son- Cecil Nordquist, b- Apr 1896 in USA
son, Noel Nordquist, b- May 1900 in USA
son, Vern Nordquist, b- Oct 1902 in USA
son- Erwin “Irvin?” Maxwil Nordquist, b- Feb 18, 1905 in Halbrite SK
daughter- Gladas “Gladys?” Mathilda Nordquist, b- Dec 31, 1907 in Halbrite SK
don- Stanley Nordquist, b- Nov 1910 in SK

Benjamin W. Gerow
b- Aug 1876 in PEI
English, Presbyterian, in Halbrite 1911 Census
wife- Maggie Gerow
b- Aug 1876 in ON
Scotch, Presbyterian
Jeweller, Grocer, plus Post Master ca 1920

Charles Henry “Charlie” Barlow
b- Dec 4, 1874 Croydon England
wife- Alice Barlow next of kin in 1916
enlisted in WWI, Apr 4, 1916 at Weyburn
living in Halbrite at the time.
Reg # 925595

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Halbrite Cemetery
NW Section 15, Township 6, Range 12, W2

History Book
Plowshares to Pumpjacks
R.M. of Cymri - Macoun, Midale, Halbrite


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