Hoffer, Saskatchewan, Canada

Hoffer is not shown on the 1927 map, railroad shown under construction at that time.

Unincorporated Locality

Named after First Postmaster- Mayer Hoffer is my guess

Section 18, Township 2, Range 14, W2

Latitude-49° 7′ 0″ N
Longitude- 103° 52′ 2″ W

Hoffer on bottom left edge of this map

Estevan Area map, courtesy Grant Walker, CA

Post Master History

Office Name: Hoffer
Electoral District: Assiniboia (Saskatchewan)

Established- 1927-04-01, Store- SW Sec.18, Twp.2, R.14, W2
Closed- 1960-10-07, Closed owing to the lack of a Postmaster

Name of Postmaster Date of Birth Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
Mayer Hoffer 1889-08 1927-04-01 1936-07-24 *
John Edward Preddy 1939-12-09 1940-11-29 Resignation
Clarence Leo Pawlak 1941-01-22 1944-05-30 Resignation
Mrs. Rose Hoffer 1893-01-17 1944-06-16 Acting -
Mrs. Rose Hoffer 1944-11-28 1949-01-04 Resignation
Mrs. Esther Rose Ghan 1949-01-11 Acting
Mrs. Esther Rose Ghan 1949-05-06 1957-07-12 Resignation
Mrs. Gudrun Paulhus 1957-09-29 Acting
Mrs. Gudrun Paulhus 1958-01-13 1960-09-16 Resignation
Mrs. Dora E. Buchanan 1960-10-01 1960-10-07 Acting, Resignation

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