Patrick, Saskatchewan, Canada

Unincorporated area in Saskatchewan, Canada

Located at Sec 11-Tsp 22-Rge 13, W2

Half way between Balcarres and Lipton Saskatchewan, on the CPR

Located in what today is RM# 217, Lipton

Federal Electoral District- Melville (Saskatchewan)

Map showing location of Patrick Saskatchewan

Lipton is a Village, corner of Hwy 22, and 35
Lipton was a Jewish Colony, started over 100 years ago, in 1901.
I don't think Patrick is a Jewish name, so no idea where the name came from.

Looks to me like Patrick would be just north of Highway 10 between Fort Qu'Appelle and Balcarres

Lat- 50° 52' North
Long- 103° 42' West

Located in School District # 2931

Patrick Saskatchewan Railroad Siding

Post Office History

Patrick was an area big enough to have a Post Office

The Post Office opened Feb 15, 1928
Closed Aug 31, 1965

Name of Postmaster Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
Albert E. Brown 1928-02-15 1945-04-19 Resignation
Ralph Ast 1945-07-15 Acting
Mrs. Irene Ast 1945-08-16 Acting
Ralph Ast 1945-08-23 Acting
Ralph Ast 1945-11-28 1949-04-30 Resignation
Joseph Stanley Krofchek 1949-06-01 Acting
Joseph Stanley Krofchek 1949-09-06 1951-12-19 Resignation
Nicholas Joseph Stadler 1952-01-23 Acting
Nicholas Joseph Stadler 1952-07-18 1954-04-09 Resignation
Mrs. Rosalie A. Meyer 1954-04-23 Acting
Mrs. Rosalie A. Meyer 1954-08-25 1956-08-08 Resignation
Peter Anthony Pawelko 1956-08-16 Acting
Peter Anthony Pawelko 1956-10-10 1965-06-30 Resignation

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Postmaster Genealogy and Bio Info

First Postmaster- Albert E. Brown
b- Nov, 1875

Ralph Ast
b- Apr 30, 1908 in Cupar SK,
d- December 14, 1989
buried in Fort Qu'Appelle Cemetery
Section: E Row: 17 Plot: 13
in 1931 he taught school near Neudorf, in the Baber School District

No Cemetery records found

No History Book Reference Found

This map shows location of Patrick SK.

Local Contacts
Received an email Apr 16, 2005, from Jim Hartman, who farms NE 15 22 13 2, near Patrick,
which was bought by his father, Fred Hartman, after WWII.
He tells me the rail line was still there, but no more trains, so he expected the line rails would be removed shortly.


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