NW BC War Veterans

British Columbia, Canada

For God and Country
Whether by choice, chance or circumstance,
These Gave Their Lives

In Flanders Fields

In Flanders Fields the Poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders Fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though Poppies grow
In Flanders Fields.
Author- John McCrae

Ode of Rememberance

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.
from the poem “For the Fallen” by Robert Laurence Binyon

I will gladly add any names you know of here, if they served and are from the Terrace Area

WWI Local Soldiers
Sam Kirkaldy - seated front left. Maybe Jack Forsman (Rosswood/Kalum Lake farmer), Bill Johnson, back left; Tom Turner, back center; then ?
Photo from McRae Collection

Joseph Brown

  • b-?
  • d-?

Edward Walter Hubert “Teddy” Chichester

  • b- Nov 8, 1898, Peckham, London, England
  • d- Jan 18, 1918, age 20
  • buried Villers Station Cemetery, France
  • Came to Canada ca 1907 with his mother and sister
  • Joined the Army and was killed on his first day in the trenches.
  • Reg # 116796, Rancher, single, Private, Canadian Army Infantry, BC Regiment, 72nd Batt.
  • Enlisted Apr 22, 1915 in Victoria BC
  • Albert's mother- Agnes Esther Chichester, nee Smith
    • b- ca 1869, Ramsdenheath, Essex, England
    • d- Jan 6, 1954, Home for the Aged, Coquitlam BC, age 84
    • daughter of James and Esther Jane Smith
  • His mother-father married Sept-Dec 1896, Reg Dist. Camberwell, London, England
  • Albert's father- Edward William Chichester
    • b- at Devonshire England
    • d- before 1907 in England
  • Agnes re-married Charles Fredrick Arthur Green, Oct 26, 1909 at Church Hall, Kitsumkalum
    • b- ca 1868, Victoria BC
    • d- July 12, 1949 at Lanfear Rd., Terrace
  • Charles Green built a house at the bottom of Lanfear Hill
  • sister of Albert, Hilda Mary Chichester,
    • b- Jan 5, 1900, Reg Dist Camberwell, London, England
    • d- Mar 22, 1972, Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver BC, age 72
  • His sister Hilda was a Poet, Author, and Trapper.
  • Hilda married Leslie George Skinner, Oct 28, 1920, Rev. Marsh home, Terrace BC
  • Merchant at Copper City

Robert Cole

  • b-
  • d-

Arthur Archibald Emery

  • b- Sept 17, 1882 at Binegar, Somerset, England
  • d- Nov 10, 1917
  • Buried -Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, Belgium
  • Enlisted Nov 11, 1914 in Prince Rupert
  • Occupation- miner, single
  • BC Regiment
  • Reg # 77123, Army Canadian Infantry, 30th Batt
  • next of kin father- Joseph Emery, Binegar, Somerset

John Edward “Jack” Forsman

  • b- June 9, 1879 in Sweden
  • d- Oct 3, 1936 in Prince Rupert BC (note he is listed in died in service?)
  • buried in Fairview Cemetery, Prince Rupert BC, shown as PVT
  • Miner and Sailor, single, Reg # 154340, rank SPR
  • Army, Canadian Engineers, 1st Pioneer Batt.
  • served 6 mo with US Marines before enlisting in WWI, Oct 1, 1915 in Vancouver BC
  • Previous service US Navy
  • brother Eric H. Forsman, Lakelse Lake BC

Frederic Foulkard (Fewikard?) (Fowikard?)(Folkard?)

  • b-?
  • d-?

Milton “MacLaren” Gordon

  • b- June 4, 1880 in PEI
  • d- Oct 21, 1916 at the Battle of the Somme, France.
  • buried at Adanac Military Cemetery, France
  • 1901 in Portland Oregon with Parents and his family, shown as a clerk at a merchandise store
  • 1910 shown as a carpenter
  • In 1913 he moved to Prince Rupert.
  • He enlisted in WWI at age 35, shown as a Master Builder,
  • Living in Terrace when he enlisted in Comox, May 1, 1916
  • went by his middle name MacLaren when he enlisted.
  • next of kin his brother, Dr. George Gordon
  • died overseas, Lieutenant, Canadian Army Infantry, 102nd Batt
  • son of Capt. James Gordon and Jane Gordon, nee MacLaren
  • brother of James Kelso Gordon


Richard Harvey

  • b-
  • d-

Harry Hunter

  • b-
  • d-

Edward John McBride

  • b- Apr 1883 Londonderry, Ireland, age 30 when he married
  • d- May 9, 1915
  • Farmer, lived at Woodcock when he married
  • son of Edward and Susan McBride
  • Svc #7407, Army, Royal Irish Rifles, 1st Btn, Corporal
  • married Josephine Mulvain, May 30, 1914 in Kitwanga BC
    • b- Cedarvale BC, age 18 when she married
    • daughter of Joseph Mulvain and Emma Harris
  • found a John McBride in 1911 census in Kitselas b- Apr 1883, in Ireland, Immigrated in 1910 Longshoreman on a steamer, was it him?

John Lindsay Morrison

  • b- Feb 10, 1894, Atwood, ON
  • d- July 31, 1918, Killed in action
  • Occupation Clerk,
  • enlisted Aug 24, 1915 in Vernon BC, single
  • 2nd Lieutenant RCAF, Reg #463507
  • son of William Morrison, Atwood ON
  • found a reference to a Mrs. Pat Aldous,
    • she had a brother, John Morrison
    • she lived in Smithers
  • John Lindsay was a nephew of George Little.
  • His sister Jessie Dover was the first School teacher at Kitsumgallum

Francis Milthorp Whitlow

  • b- Apr 23, 1877 in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England
  • d- Aug 10, 1918
  • Killed in action in Amien
  • buried in Bouchoir New British Cemetery in Roye France
  • enlisted Mar 29, 1916 in Fernie BC
  • Captain- Army, 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles, BC Regiment
  • Previous Service- 68th Regt, and in the South African Campaign (Mentioned in Despatches).
  • Son of John Whitlow and Frances Henrietta Whitlow, nee Milthorp, of Wakefield, Yorks., England;
  • husband of Elizabeth Matilda “Elsie” Whitlow (nee Durham), of Usk, Skeena River, BC.
    • daughter of Charles and Margaret Durham
  • F. Whitlow in Kitselas in 1911
    • Dry Goods Clerk
    • Immigrated in 1897
    • wife- Elizabeth M. Whitlow, b- 1891 in Sudbury, ON
    • daughter- Violet Durham Milthorp Whitlow,
      • b- ca 1911, in Kitselas BC,
      • d- 2001 Vancouver BC
      • married Oscar Benhart Sather
      • Telephone Operator, age 22, when she married in 1933
      • daughter- Dorothy Daffodil Milthorp Whitlow,
        • b- ca 1915 in Kitselas BC (age 20 when she married in 1935)
        • Dorothy married Frederick Henry Scott

David Young

  • b-?
  • d-?

Jens Anderson

  • b- July 26, 1877 in Asase (Aalborg?), Denmark
  • d- ?
  • Enlisted Feb 18, 1916 in Prince Rupert
  • Reg # 703741
  • Private 102nd Batt., Canadian Infantry, Army
  • next of kin, wife, Marie Anderson
  • Hotel Keeper when he enlisted


Alfred John Attree

  • b- May 25, 1880 Eastbourne, Sussex, England
  • d- Nov 5, 1953 Millstream Rd, Langford, BC, age 73
  • buried in Royal Oak Burial Park, Victoria BC
  • son of Henry Attree, b- England
    • Alfred served as President of the Legion
  • Enlisted in WWI Sept 23, 1914,
  • Occupation- Police Constable, reg # 28850
  • Retired as a Butcher
  • He moved his family to Terrace late 1920's
  • wife- Katharine Edith Gabb
    • 1914 she lived at Gower Rd, Haywards Heath, Sussex, England
  • 2 sons: Harry and Ken enlisted in WWII

Angus Bruce

  • b- Nov 28, 1892, Aird, Isle of Sky, Scotland
  • d- Apr 4, 1972, Skeenaview Hospital, Terrace BC, age 79
  • buried in Kitsumkalum Cemetery
  • enlisted Nov 29, 1915 in Prince Rupert
  • Reg # 703096
  • next of kin, John Bruce, Terrace BC, who I believe died in 1923 in Pr Rupert
  • Private, 102nd Batt., Canadian Infantry, Army
  • Immigrated to Canada 61 years before his death

Richard Carr

  • b- ca 1869 in England
  • d- Nov 29, 1932, in Prince Rupert Hospital, Prince Rupert, BC, age 64
  • Immigrated in 1900
  • - Farmer
  • He shipped fruit and vegetables to Rupert
  • He was one of the First settlers in Remo area.
  • He came in the spring of 1908.
  • He served overseas in WWI with the CEF
  • He was a veteran of other wars as well.

Arnold Creelman

  • b- July 24, 1877, Prince Port Colchester, NS
  • d- Mar 4, 1949 in Ganges BC Hospital, age 71
  • Locomotive Engineer when he enlisted
  • Fisherman when he died.
  • enlisted Mar 4, 1916 in Prince Rupert
  • Reg # 704006
  • Private, 102nd Batt., Canadian Infantry, Army
  • Previous Service RNWMP for 5 years
  • son of David Creelman and Ellen ?
  • 1914 Arnold shown as a Forest Guard, Kitsumkallum.
  • next of kin his wife Elizabeth Creelman, Terrace BC

Edward "Ed" Eby

  • Enlisted Mar 9, 1916 in Prince Rupert BC
  • Reg # 704019
  • Army, Canadian Infantry, 102nd Batt

Zephir Pierre Gagne

  • aka Zephyr Gagne, Pierre Zephir Gagne, Pierre Gagné, Zephyr Gagné
  • b- June 28, 1887, Cap Chat, Gaspe County, Quebec,
  • d- Aug 9, 1952 in St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver BC, age 66
  • buried in Mountainview Cemetery, Vancouver BC
  • son of Malone Gagné (Magloire Gagné)
    • b- Sept 15, 1840, in Quebec
  • mother- Aurélie Gagné, nee Ouellet?
    • b- Dec 1848, in Quebec
    • they married in 1871
  • Zephyr Gagne- Prospector in Usk BC
  • Z. P. Gagne shown as a Bridgeman in Prince Rupert, in 1940 Directory
  • He enlisted in WWI, Jan 28, 1918 in Victoria BC
  • Svc # 167768
  • Single, Miner, living in Terrace
  • next of kin, sister, Aurelie Gagne, New Hampshire, USA
  • shown as a widower when he died.
  • death cert says born in 1886, railroad construction worker.
  • sister, Maria Gagné (shown as Marie age 16, in 1891 census)
    • b- 1889, Quebec
  • brother- Auguste Gagné
    • b- August 1894, Quebec
  • living with his mother, sister, and brother in Rimouski Quebec in 1911
  • mother shown married to Auguste Lepage, age 63
  • Shown as Pierre Gagné here
  • brother- Damon Gagné
    • b- June 4, 1869 in Quebec
  • brother- Arthur Gagné
    • b- Jan 10, 1884, in United States
  • sister- Aimee Gagné
    • b- abt 1871 in Quebec
  • grandfather- Antoine Gagné
  • grandmother- Josephte Beaulieu

William James Goodwin

  • b- Apr 17, 1865 in Crewe, Cheshire, England (born Apr 17, 1873 in WWI attestation papers)
  • d- Mar 28, 1939 in Terrace BC, age 74
  • Buried in Kitsumgallum Pioneer Cemetery
  • He immigrated in June 28, 1886 on the Sarnia, to Quebec City, on his way to Victoria BC, age 21
  • 1911 shown at Kitsumkalum, single age 45
  • Age 56, Single, in 1921 in Terrace, living next to Charlie Weeks
  • Feb 1929 he returned to England for a visit, address Box 14, Terrace BC
  • Returned a Veteran, Member of the 67th in WWI, returned to Vancouver May 2, 1917 on the Imperial Limited.
  • Shown from Kitsumkalum on the Skeena River
  • He was wounded by shrapnel at Ypres. recovered quickly and again got into action on the Somme, and at Vimy Ridge.
  • He enlisted in Prince Rupert, Jan 27, 1916, Reg # 703613, in the 102nd Batt
  • Shown as an accountant

Sgt. Frederick "Fred" Hampton Enlisted in WWI, in Prince Rupert, Reg #703090

Harry White Houlden

  • b- Nov 28, 1886 Reston England
  • d- May 15, 1963, Mills Memorial Hospital, Terrace BC, age 76
  • buried in Kitsumgallum Pioneer Cemetery
  • Served in England and France, 1914-1918
  • Private
  • son of ? Houlden, and Martha Glentworth
  • Harry was married to Mabel Tilling

Richard Inkster

  • b- ca 1874
  • d- July 9, 1942 Tahltan, age 68
  • Private- From Telegraph Creek
  • Served in England 1917-1919
  • married Elsie Nehass, July 25, 1929, Telegraph Creek BC

William “Bill” Johnson
b- ? d- ?

Milo Cecil Kendall

  • b- Jan 16, 1873 in Toulon, Stark Co., Illinois, USA
  • d- ? ,bef July 1926, Drowned, but I don't know where, Yet!
  • son of Zelotous (Zelotas?) Kendall, and Nancy Wolf
  • He Immigrated in 1894 to Canada
  • Naturalized in 1900.
  • 1901 census shown in Lorne Creek, b- 1850, age 51, occupation- miner
  • He enlisted in WWI, Feb 12, 1916, in Prince Rupert, Reg #703723
  • Army, Canadian Infantry, 102nd Batt.
  • married Ida “Elizabeth” Holcomb, Jan 30, 1906, Red Oak Montgomery, Iowa
    • b- Feb, 1864, in Scott Co. Iowa, USA
    • d-
    • daughter of Jededia Loomis Holcomb and Jan McMellen
  • 1911 both living at Kitselas Hotel, in Kitselas
  • Also see Lakelse Lake page, as he was
  • The first European to find the Hotsprings there.
  • Nov 10, 1906 Milo was in charge of the Toulon mine at Kitselas
  • and had 7-10 men working all winter on it.
  • Shows as Toulon Mine Superintendent in 1914 Mining Report.
  • M. C. Kendall was Ferryman at Usk, in 1920

John “Jock” King

  • b- May 17, 1881, in Brechin, Forfarshire (Angus) Scotland
  • d- Sept 9, 1956, St. Joseph's, Comox BC, age 75
  • Sept 12, 1956 Buried in Sandwick Cemetery, Courtenay BC
  • Enlisted in WWI, Apr 25, 1916 in Terrace BC
  • Aunt, Susan? King, next of kin, living at Gifford, Haddington, England
  • Occupation- Nurseryman
  • Member of the Blackwatch Batt. for 12 mo, 1901
  • Transferred to South African constabulary for 3 years
  • Thomas J. Marsh signed his attestation paper, as JP
  • Reg #116782
  • Not married when he enlisted
  • Lived on Hornby Island before he died, Retired Gardener
  • Looks like he never married
  • Father- John King
  • Mother- Jean Ann Robertson
    • Both parents born in Scotland

John Kirkaldy

  • b- July 31, 1873, Glenburnie, Scotland
  • d- Nov 15, 1921 in Prince Rupert, age 57
  • enlisted Mar 1916 in Vancouver.
  • Living in Terrace when he enlisted
  • Next of kin -wife Annie Jean Kirkaldy, nee McCall
  • He is shown as a rancher,
  • 231st Overseas Batt., reg # 1015349
  • Served 6 years with Black Watch, West Australia
  • Mounted Infantry- 18 months
  • His son Samuel Neil Gibson “Sam” Kirkaldy
    • b- Sept 20, 1894 in NSW, Australia
    • d- Sept 23, 1984 in Matsqui BC, age 89
  • enlisted in Prince Rupert, Sept 27, 1915
  • shown as a cook, Reg #154333
  • married Isabelle Onnolee Greig, Oct 30, 1925 in Prince Rupert
  • See Terrace Post Office Page,
  • he was the 2nd Terrace Postmaster

Harry Mist

  • b- Dec 6, 1876, Hampshire, England
  • d- Nov 20, 1932, from injuries he sustained in WWI.
  • buried in Kitsumgallum Pioneer Cemetery
  • Operated a ranch at Herman Lake, south of Terrace
  • enlisted Sept 27, 1915, served with 1st Pioneers overseas
  • wounded in 1916, Reg # 154330
  • brother- William Mist next of kin Pirbright, Junction, Brookwood, Surrey England

William Rudd

  • b- Aug 27, 1880 Bethnal Green, London, England
  • d- ?
  • next of kin Mary Rudd in Edmonton
  • Plumber when he enlisted Jan 27, 1915 in Edmonton AB
  • Reg #436621
  • 49 Batt, Edmonton Regiment.
  • 7 Canadian Infantry Brigade
  • fought in Sanctuary Wood, Mount Sorrel, Passchendaele, Battle of the Somme, Vimy ridge, Battle of Amiens, Battle of Arras,Canal du Nord to Cambrai, and Mons Belgium.

Thomas Stewart

  • b-
  • d-
  • Corporal, 7th Batt. in one record, 5th Batt. in another,
  • One article said formerly 30th,
  • Received gunshot wound in arm and knee
  • Wounded Oct 7, returned to duty, Oct 18, 1915
  • shown from Skeena, Terrace BC

Dr. Seymour Traynor

  • b- Jan 19, 1879, Dundalk, ON,
  • d- Mar 2, 1934, in Vancouver BC
  • Seymour Traynor enlisted in WWI in Ottawa ON, Jan 15, 1916
  • Canadian Army Medical Corps, Rank- Captain
  • Physician and Surgeon
  • When he enlisted he was living in Terrace BC
  • next of kin his wife in Dundalk, Grey Co., ON
  • Dr. Seymour Traynor
  • see my Kitselas Page also

Thomas Cochrane MacGregor “Tom” Turner (Alt middle name- Cocheran McGregor)

  • b- Sept 3, 1890, Beth, Ayrshire, Scotland
  • d- May 12, 1956, Terrace and District Hospital, Terrace BC, age 65
  • buried in Kitsumgallum Pioneer Cemetery
  • Building and Bridge Inspector when he died
  • Immigrated 45 years before he died
  • wife- Rose Hector
  • Reg #154328
  • Enlisted Sept 27, 1915 in Prince Rupert, single
  • 1st Pioneer Batt., Canadian Engineers, Army
  • Occupation Carpenter when he enlisted
  • next of kin father- Thomas McGregor Turner, Copper City, BC
  • mother- Mary Turner, nee ?

Alexander George Walker

  • b- Sept 19, 1872, Scotland
  • d- Saturday, Dec 22, 1923 in Prince Rupert Hospital, age 67
  • was expected to be buried in Prince Rupert.
  • Reg #703335
  • Sergeant, 102nd Batt., Canadian Infantry, Army
  • previous service South Africa
  • next of kin, wife- Mrs. Margaret “Maggie” Walker, nee Till, Copper City BC
  • He had been in hospital in Vancouver and Rupert.
  • He suffered from the effects of war, and his death was not unexpected.
  • Left a widow and 4 sons, and a daughter, Annie S. Walker
  • He was a member of the Great War Veterans Association
  • Feb 1927 the Walker Home was destroyed by fire in Copper City.
  • the family returned to Prince Rupert.
  • Maggie remarried a Charles Stewart, Sept 4, 1925 in Pr Rupert
  • Maggie age 40, born in England
  • she was the daughter of Charles Till and Sarah Annie Marlow
  • both born in England

During WWII, Terrace only had a Civilian population of 400-500, but 3,000 troops were stationed in town and another 3,000 Construction Troops at the airport

Harry John Attree

  • b- Aug 6, 1916 in England
  • d- killed Dec 2, 1944 in Italy, K10084, age 28
  • Buried at Ravenna War Cemetery in Italy
  • enlisted with 102nd Batt at Prince Rupert Sept 24, 1939
  • occupation- butcher
  • He moved to Terrace with his family in early 1920's
  • Mount Attree, near Lakelse Lake, named after this soldier
  • Sergeant Major, Army, Lanark & Renfrew Scottish Regiment R.C.I.C.
  • son of Alfred and Katherine Attree
  • His father was a butcher on Kalum st.
  • married to Doris Ethel Attree, nee ?

Norman Edgar Chapman

  • b-
  • d- Jan 14, 1942 at sea aboard a torpedo boat
  • 2nd Radio Officer
  • Merchant Navy
  • son of Mrs. V. E. D. Chapman, Terrace
  • son of Walter Chapman who served in WWI

Luther Whitfield “Tiny” Elder

  • b- ca 1923, Prince Rupert, BC
  • d- Jan 11, 1945, age 22, Killed in Action on the Western Front
  • Attended School in Terrace
  • Sgt.
  • buried in Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery, Netherlands
  • Svc #H-3533, Army, Queens Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada
  • son of Mrs. Robert McKay
  • married Rose Elder, nee Hill of Winnipeg MB

James Marvin “Jimmy” “Jimmie” Henderson

  • b- Oct 24, 1919 Kamloops BC
  • d- Oct 22, 1940 at sea, collision of HMCS Margaree a Royal Canadian Navy, River Class Destroyer that collided with a freighter it was escorting.
  • The Margaree replaced the HMCS Fraser that Jimmy Henderson was also on that also sunk in a collision, June 25, 1940,
  • The first accident he survived, he wasn't lucky twice unfortunately.
  • Rank- Signalman
  • Service No. 2939
  • He was the first Skeena River Casualty of the war, as reported in the Interior News, New Hazelton
  • Lived most of his life in Usk, took his Public schooling there.
  • Father- Ralph Richard Henderson
    • b- 1874
    • d- Feb 4, 1929, age 55, at his home in Usk
    • buried in Terrace Pioneer Cemetery
    • He was Station Agent for the CNR in 1929 in Usk, before he died.
  • Henderson family came to Usk ca late Oct 1926 to live in the McClarty residence.
  • Ralph's funeral- Thursday, Feb 7, 1929 in Terrace, Rev William Allen officiated.
  • Held under the auspices of the Order of Railway Telegraphers.
  • Mother- Iris Ursula Henderson, nee Henderson?
    • b- Jan 16, 1888, Rosedale, USA
    • d- Nov 27, 1943 in Burnaby BC, age 54
    • daughter of Peter P. Henderson and Euprania Bargas
  • Mrs. R. R. Henderson, and family lived in Usk for several years after Jimmy's death.
  • She is shown as a widow in 1934 living in Usk
  • Jimmy's Brother - First Name ?, Henderson
    • b- ?
    • d- Mar 17, 1928, in USK
    • I know he had a brother Harry Henderson, not sure if this was him though.

Morris George Herbert

  • b- Aug 14, 1921 in SK
  • d- Aug 15, 1944, age 23, Killed in Action, in the field, France
  • Buried in Bretteville-sur-laize Canadian War Cemetery
  • Occupation- Student
  • Morris Herbert went to Grade 6, Kitsumgallum School, ca 1934
  • Private, Army, Canadian Scottish Regiment, 3rd Canadian Infantry division

Frank Joseph Hipp

  • b- Mar 24, 1912, USA
  • d- Aug 12, 1944, Killed in Action, in the field, France, age 32
  • Occupation- Millman, single, Corporal
  • Svc #K37731, Army, BC Regiment R.C.A.C.
  • 28th Armoured Regiment
  • One of 7 children of George and Mary Hipp, Terrace

John Samuel Little

  • b- Dec 2, 1921 in BC
  • d- June 5, 1942, in the field, Hong Kong, age 20
  • Captured on Christmas Day, seriously wounded.
  • Died of Illness while Prisoner of War.
  • Signalman, Single
  • Svc # K34073
  • Army, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
  • son of William Little, b- Perth Co, ON and Margaret Griffiths, Liverpool, Lancashire, England who lived in Terrace.

Percival Archibald “Archie” Mulwain

  • b- Sept 18, 1913 in BC
  • d- July 24, 1944, Killed in Action, in the field, in France, age 29
  • residence -Cedarvale, occupation -logger, married
  • Canadian Army Sapper, from Cedarvale, Royal Canadian Engineers
  • Mulwain Creek flows into Zymoetz (Copper) River, named in honor of him
  • Buried in Bretteville-sur-laize Canadian War Cemetery

Patrick Vernon O'Brien

  • b- Apr 4, 1923, BC
  • d- Aug 17, 1943, Killed during Air Operations over Sicily, Overseas,
  • buried at Haifa Palestine, age 20
  • Residence -Usk
  • Wireless Operator Air Gunner, Sergeant
  • Warrant Officer Class II
  • Svc # R118136
  • RCAF, 38 Sqdn.
  • son of Patrick Con “Paddy” O'Brien, b- Ireland, Alice Maud Alger, b- England

Gladly add any names you know of here, if they served and are from the Terrace Area or live here now.

Fred Annett

  • b-
  • joined Canadian Army in 1941
  • served until 1946
  • Served with Royal Winnipeg Rifles

Michael Barich

  • b-
  • d- Oct 18, 2013 at Terraceview Lodge, Terrace BC, age 92
  • 1942-1946
  • Corps of Royal Engineers
  • Served in England, France, Belgium, and Holland
  • son of Anton Barich and Ika Barich, nee ?


Cecil Bartlett

  • b- ca 1926
  • d- 2010
  • 1943-1945
  • Royal Canadian Navy Reserve

Robert “Bob” L. Bennett

  • b-
  • d- 2012
  • Royal Navy 1939-1946

William Vivian “Bill” Bennett

  • b- Oct 15, 1907 Lerwick, Shetland Islands
  • d- Oct 23, 2004
  • immigrated to Canada in 1911
  • Owned “The Motel” in Terrace for 29 1/2 years
  • married Norma Vletcha Bennett, nee Nelson, Sept 10, 1939 in Vancouver BC
    • b- Apr 27, 1912, Wetaskiwin, AB
    • d- Apr 17, 2000,
    • she joined RCAF in Edmonton
    • they both came to Terrace in 1958
    • She wrote “Pioneer Legacy” history books for Terrace Area.

Arnold Frederick “Arne” Best

  • b- Aug 14, 1922 in Saskatoon SK
  • d- Feb 23, 2015 Peace Arch Hospital, Surrey BC

Leslie Bryant

  • b-
  • LAC RCAF Aug 1943

Leonard “Curly” Casey

  • b-
  • d- 2006
  • 5th Field Co. RCE. 1942-1945
  • Medical Service
  • Legion President 1945
  • Terrace's First Volunteer Fire Chief and later the Paid Fire Chief

William “Willy” “Willie” Chemko

  • b-
  • d-
  • served 1943 to 1946

Milton Clark

  • b-
  • d- 2005
  • enlisted age 17, one of at least a dozen Nisga'a Veterans
  • served 1939-1945
  • Received 5 medals in honour of his courageous service

Donald Cooper

  • b-
  • d- 2011
  • joined Canadian Army 5th Brigade in 1942 to 1946
  • Served in Canada, Britian, Holland & Germany

Robert Marshall “Bob” Cooper

  • b-
  • d- 2009
  • joined Canadian Army in 1942
  • K88356
  • Rank- Corporal
  • President Branch 13 in 1948
  • Served as Alderman on Terrace City Council and Regional District Kitimat Stikine.
  • with his wife Edna Cooper, nee Toop,
    • They received the Order of British Columbia in 1995
    • They owned West Kalum Logging Co.
  • son of Sid Cooper

Edmond Alfred Cote

  • b- Sept 20, 1922
  • d- Aug 11, 2006, age 83
  • Canadian Army 1941
  • Merchant Navy left in 1946

Renee Cox

  • b- ca 1924
  • British Army from 1942 to 1945
  • She served in England
  • Lance Corporal

Chester C. Dahms

  • b- Dec 11,1923, Wetaskiwin, AB.
  • d- Oct 2, 2013 at Mills Memorial Hospital, Terrace BC
  • RCAF 1943- 1946
  • Stationed in Halifax and Yarmouth
  • married to Doris Dahms, nee ?

Robert E. Davis

  • b- Sept 16, 1919, Lethbridge AB
  • d- Nov 20, 1989, Mills Memorial Hospital, Terrace BC
  • Captain, Canadian Armed Forces
  • Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment)
  • Served in Belgium and Holland
  • son of Albert Davis and Marie Davis, nee ?
  • Robert's wife (below) served also
  • He was a Sawmill Manager in Terrace

Irene May Davis, nee Davey

  • b- Sept 30, 1924, Boston, Lincolnshire, England
  • d- Mar 11, 1979 Mills Memorial Hospital, Terrace BC, age 54
  • Auxiliary Territorial Services
  • daughter of Arthur Davey, and Mary Annita Ellen Weber
  • she married Robert E. Davis (see above)

Clarence Pearson Dunphy

An addition to your NW BC Vets page. My Grandfather, Clarence Pearson Dunphy who lived in Terrace BC from sometime in the 1950's to his death in February 2002. Initially, I believe, he was in a militia unit but then enlisted in the Canadian Army December 16th 1940 and was assigned to the 14th A.A. Battery in Halifax, Nova Scotia. As he enlisted as General Service (GS), he was sent overseas in July 18th 1944 to the U.K. and then was landed in Northwest Europe (France) November 18th 1944. Upon arrival in Europe, he was re-assigned as a 2nd on the Bren, 'A' Company, Queens Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada (Rgt), 6th Infantry Brigade of the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division and fought in Holland and Germany. He was wounded February 5th 1945 when the jeep he was travelling in hit a mine or unexploded demolition charge (his explanation) during an attack. He spent the next month recovering in hospital before being returned to duty in March. He was then returned to Canada in April before being discharged in May 16th 1945. He was the recipient of: The 1939-45 Star awarded for six months service on active operations between Sep39 and May 1945. The France and Germany Star for service in France/Holland /Germany between June 1944-March 1945. The Defence Medal for service in the U.K. 1939-1945. Canadian Volunteer Service Medal (CVSM) with Bar for volunteering for overseas service and serving at least 60 days outside Canada. The War Medal 39-45 awarded for 28 days between September 1939 and September 1945. The sources I have are his service records and army paybook. Submitted by Troy Ritter, Nov 2020

Joseph Jean Fernand “Fern” Gagnon

  • b- July 1922
  • Canadian Army Sept 1942, June 1946
  • Served in Canada, England, Belgium, Holland and Germany with Royal Canadian 220 Regiment Infantry

Cecil Goodvin

  • b-
  • 1942- 1946, RCAF
  • Served in Canada England and Europe


John Goriak

  • b-
  • Joined the Princess Patricia Canadian
  • Light Infantry, 3rd Platoon, “A” Company


George Gregg

  • b-
  • Served overseas

Olwen Mary Billson, nee Griffiths

  • b- July 16, 1920 in Wales
  • d- Aug 9, 2010
  • joined RCAF in 1943
  • discharged in 1945

Otto Walter Grundman

  • b- July 17, 1920 in Humboldt SK
  • d- Sept 20, 2009 at Terraceview Lodge, Terrace BC.
  • joined Canadian Army Nov 1941
  • L8910
  • Completed service in Mar 1946
  • 7th Canadian Infantry Brigade,
  • Served in Canada, Britain, France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany
  • Well known gardener in Terrace

Randolph Churchill “Randy” Haigh

  • b- in BC
  • d- 2009
  • went overseas in 1944 to Scotland and Aldershot, England then to Normandy

Edmund “Ted” Hamer

  • b- ca 1925
  • d- Apr 1, 2009 at his home in Terrace, age 84
  • Navy 1942, Army Sapper Nov 1944
  • discharged May 1946

John Higgins

  • b-
  • Joined the Navy 1941 served until 1945
  • Leading Seaman on D Day
  • HMCS Prince David, HMCS Digby, HMCS Bayfield

David F. Hogart

  • b-
  • Served 1943-1945 in Canada and England, RCAF

Lyle Douglas “Skip” Hollands

  • b- Apr 27, 1919 in Medicine Hat, AB
  • d- Dec 20, 1986, Terrace BC, age 67
  • Served 1940-1945,
  • Canadian Army, Vancouver Island and Esquimalt
  • Skip was Service Center Supervisor for BC Tel in Terrace
  • son of Frank Ernest Hollands, and Olive Maude Hollands, nee Church
  • both parents born in England


Sylvia Joy Hollands, nee Bushell

  • b-
  • served 1944-1946
  • C.W.A.C. Esquimalt BC
  • She married Skip Hollands, (see above)


Delbert R. Holtom

  • b- ca 1926
  • Flight Sgt- RCAF
  • Served in India and England


Denis W. Horwill

  • b- ca 1926 (age 80 in 2006)
  • RCAF in 1943 until 1945
  • Flying Officer RAF 214 Squadron

Charles Sylvester Houlden

  • b-
  • Gunner
  • Served in the UK, Central Mediterranean and Continental Europe, 1939-1945

Winnifred Stella Coburn, nee Howship

  • b- Aug 26, 1923 in Kincaid, SK
  • d- Mar 6, 2013 at Mills Memorial Hospital, Terrace BC
  • enrolled in Canadian Women's Corp in Regina Oct 1942
  • W12768
  • discharged Oct 1945
  • her father Charles Howship lost a leg at Vimy Ridge.

Peder Husoy

  • b-
  • Lieutenant in Command of HMCS Q086
  • served on HMCS Clayquat, HMCS Prince Henry
  • Gulf of St. Lawrence, Aleutian with American Forces
  • Retired to Civilian Life Oct 1945


Ormond Archibald “Kaul” Kaulbeck

  • b- Sept 2, 1908, in Lennox Ferry, Richmond Co., NS
  • d- Feb 14, 1995, age 86
  • 1940- Sept 1945, No 5 Coy.
  • Canadian Forestry Corps
  • Served in UK and Continental Europe
  • Attained Rank of Major
  • retired in 1973 from Columbia Cellulose
  • Past President Legion Branch 13, Past Zone Commander
  • Terrace resident from 1950 until he died
  • father- David “Archibald” Kaulbeck, Carpenter,
    • b- Feb 15, 1878, (Feb 14,1877?) Musquodoboit Harbour, Halifax Co., NS
    • d- Sept 26, 1955, Windsor, Hants Co., NS, age 78
  • mother- Ethel Lorne Plewes, married June 10, 1902, MacDonald, MB

Murray D. Kennedy

  • b-
  • Acting leading Seaman
  • HMCS Prince David, 1940-1945


William Harold Kennedy

  • b-
  • Corporal SD-7206 enlisted in the Army in 1939
  • Training at Camp Petawaga
  • shipped to England, discharged in 1945
  • Joined Korean War in 1950, served a full term


Corbin King

  • b- Mar 21, 1919, farm at Rabbit Lake SK
  • d- Oct 19, 2011
  • joined Rocky Mountain Rangers in Jan 1941
  • Longtime Co-op Manager
  • 2006 received the Order of Terrace


Archie Koshowski

  • b-
  • Royal Canadian Engineers
  • Joined in 1944, and stayed 6 months in Germany after the war was over in the Occupational Forces


Margaret Leamy

  • b-
  • joined British Army 1944
  • served with the W.A.T.S. until 1946


William James “Jim” LeCleir

  • b- Mar 29, 1925
  • d- June 11, 2006
  • Flight Sgt. 3 years with 166th squadron in Kirmington, England


Otto Lindstrom

  • b- 1916 in Prince Rupert
  • d- Nov 23, 2012, Mills Memorial Hospital, Terrace, age 96
  • age 89 in 2006
  • Canadian Army 1937-1945
  • Otto Lindstrom had a trapline north of Terrace for over 7 decades
  • See Remo web page, for his Mother, Postmistress at Remo


Eugene Llewellyn

  • b-
  • Gunner, Canadian Army 1942-1944
  • Spanish Civil War, 1937-1938


Edward E. McFadden

  • b-
  • joined RCAF in 1941
  • Left in 1946, Rank LAC
  • 1968, Road Works Foreman in Terrace


Joan McFadden

  • b-
  • joined W.A.A.F. in England in 1943
  • served until 1945


William H. “Bill” McRae

  • b-
  • enlisted age 18, involved in invasion of France, June 6, 1944
  • Canadian Scottish Batt., 3rd Division of Seventh Brigade
  • Declared a Freeman of Terrace in 1989
  • 1939 Storekeeper in Usk
  • Mr. McRae started milling lumber in the 1950's near Usk and later started the Skeena Lumber Company
  • Bill and his wife Helene McRae are the True Terrace and Usk Historians.
  • Others, like myself, have barely imitated them in this area.
  • They have devoted literally thousands of hours to the Heritage Society, Museum, REM Lee Foundation, and many more.
  • I can't say enough good things about them both.
  • All I can say is THANKS!

S. June Menzies

  • b-
  • Japanese language School, Vancouver 1943
  • Pacific Military Research Center, Washington DC
  • and Camp Ritchie, Maryland 1944-1945

Sydney “Syd” Robert Munson

  • b-
  • Joined Edmonton wing #13, 1942
  • received 1939-45 Star,
  • Italy Star, France German Star, and Canadian Volunteer Service medal

Joseph “Louis” Nadon

  • b- 1925
  • d- 1999
  • Private- Platoon 11, “B” Calgary Highlanders, 1943-1945
  • 1943 he was shipped out from England to the Front.

Brock Norbirg

  • b- June 14, 1917 in Johanesness, Northern Sweden
  • d- Nov 4, 2006
  • Royal Canadian Army Medical Corp
  • 1953 Truck Driver, Terrace


Raymond Erland Olson

  • b-
  • 1940-1942, Royal C.A.S.C.

John Amel Oman

  • b-
  • K6467 Canadian Scottish
  • Served from 1940 in France, Germany and Holland
  • Returned home in 1945 on Compassionate Leave


Constance Porter

  • b-
  • d- 2013
  • Mar 1942- joined C.W.A.C. in Calgary
  • discharged in Feb 1945
  • Served in Canada, Southampton England as well as Holland


John Pousette

  • b-
  • Joined Canadian Army in 1942 in Toronto
  • Rank of Sgt.
  • 48th Highlanders


Rowly Purmal

  • b-
  • Member Canadian Black Watch, Apr 1942
  • discharged Feb 1946


Norman Read

  • b-
  • Joined Canadian Army in 1939
  • Member of 10th Field Ambulance Corps

Robert Reynolds

  • b-
  • RCAF stationed at Sea Island, Comox and Ibervil Quebec


William A. Ross

  • b- ca 1926
  • d- 2006
  • joined RCAF in 1940
  • discharged in Nov 1946


Gordon Sampson

  • b- ca 1924 (age 82 in 2006)
  • Canadian Army, Regina Rifles B Company
  • wounded Oct 1944 in Holland.
  • Served in Canada, England, France, Holland and Belgium


Sandy Sandhals

  • b-
  • Canadian Army 1943-1945
  • Captured in France, spent 9 months as a POW


John Shaw

  • b- 1920 in Calgary AB
  • d- Oct 12, 2012, age 92
  • RCAF Aug 9, 1940 until July 3, 1945
  • Rank- Sergeant


David M. Simons

  • b-
  • served with the RAF in Great Britain, as a Warrant Officer 1940-1945

Rev. Lance Stephens

  • b-
  • Royal Canadian Volunteer Reserve from 1944-1945
  • Signalman
  • Served in Canada and England on the H.M.C.S. Teme

Fred Stewart

  • b-
  • d- 2001
  • Royal Canadian Army
  • Served in Sicily in WWII
  • One of the early settlers in Usk BC, with his brother Arthur Stewart

Charles Rayman Sutter

  • b- Feb 15, 1924, Viking, AB
  • d- May 1, 1972 Mills Memorial Hospital, Terrace BC
  • 1942- 1945
  • Frontlines as a Gunner with Royal Artillery,
  • UK and Continental Europe.
  • son of Charles Sutter and ?

C. F. Donald Thompson

  • b-
  • Served overseas from 1944-1945


Graham Veysey

  • b-
  • d- 2013
  • Joined the British Army in 1943
  • Served until 1947,
  • Sgt in the Army


Roger Walsh

  • b- Dec 27, 1923 in Hazelton Hospital, Hazelton BC
  • d- 1983 in Terrace BC
  • Served in RCAF
  • His father was Thomas Howard Walsh

Florence “Ruby” Whittington

  • b-
  • d- 2013
  • Joined N.A.A.F.I.
  • The Navy, Army, Air Force Institute in Europe

John Whittington

  • b-
  • d- 2013
  • Joined the British Army in 1939
  • Discharged in 1946
  • 43rd Reconnaissance Regiment
  • Served on D Day

Herbert Morrison Wightman

  • b- Apr 13, 1911, Fort William, ON
  • d- Dec 1, 1973 at Nanaimo Regional Hospital, Nanaimo BC
  • lived in Qualicum Beach when he died.
  • Former Manager of Royal Bank in Terrace, plus partner in Wightman & Smith, retired in 1970
  • Came to BC in 1925, spent 22 years in Terrace
  • Served in WWII, member of Legion Branch 13.
  • Flying Officer- Bomber Command from 1943-1945
  • Member of the Masons
  • son of Henry Herbert Wightman and Ellen Annie Ross
  • wife- Elise Ross “Betty” Wightman, nee Jack

Margaret Delwees, nee Wright

  • b-
  • d- 2011
  • 1943- 1946 Air Force, (LAW)
  • Served in Canada and London England

Harold Wyatt

  • b-
  • Joined Canadian Navy in 1944
  • Served in North Atlantic

February 7, 1945:

Here is a list of the Terrace men who have enlisted from Terrace or have previously lived in the area, Terrace, Pacific, Usk, Remo, Woodcock, Cedarvale etc.

Charles Agar, Terrace
Graham Alexander, Woodcock
D. E. Alvey
Alfred Attree
Harry John Attree
Kenneth Attree
Ivan Benoit, RCAF, overseas
Ovide Benoit, CAO
James Stanley Brooks
John Bunting
Jack Burton, Cedarvale
Edwin Carlson, Usk
L. Cartwright
Peter Cartwright
Charles Cauthers
N. E. Chapman, lost off Eastern Coast due to enemy action
Ethel Mary Christy
John Christy
Ronald Cole
Alan E. Collier, Dorreen
David Colthurst
Bob Cooper
Donald Cooper
William Cooper
Hector Cote
Maurice Cote, RCAF, Terrace
Sidney Dannhauer
Robert deKergommeaux
John Desjardines
Pierre Desjardines
Vernon Dodd, Enl. RCN, 1937, Usk
Vincent Herbert Dodd
Clarence Alexander Doll
George Dover, Merchant Navy
Dick Dubeau
Malcolm Elder
Whitfield Elder
Kenneth Evans, American Armed Forces
Gerald Fagan
J. H. Fair (John Herbert Fair died Aug 22, 1917, same man?)
Eddie Finlayson
Gerald Fisher
Howard Fisher
Margaret E. Franks, Woodcock
Emile Froese
Frank Green
George Gregory, Merchant Navy
Edmund “Ted” Hamer, Terrace
Kenneth Hamer, CA(A), overseas
Robert Hamer
Kenneth Harris, Cedarvale
Albert Haugland
Gordon Haugland
Harry O. Haugland, Terrace
Miss Elliott Head
James Marvin Henderson
Robert Henwood
M. G. Herbert
Frank Joseph Hipp- b- Mar 24, 1912 in USA, d- Aug 12, 1944 in the Field, France
Richard Hodgkin, Woodcock
Re. Hogan
William Holmes
Dennis W. Horwil, Dorreen, RCAF
Charles Houlden
Elmer Hovde, US Marines
Garnet Jackson
Ted Johnston
Lloyd Johnstone, RCAF
Henry Joseph
Gordon Kerr
Kenneth Kerr
Jack Kirkaldy, Terrace
Karl Knapp

Gordon Lamb, Dorreen
Fred Leake, Dorreen
Pierre LeRosse
Otto Lindstrom
William C. “Bill” Lindstrom, Remo
John Little, Terrace, died a prisoner of war in Hong Kong
Bill Llewelllyn
Eugene Llewellyn
Maxine Llewellyn, Nursing Sister
Robert McCabe
Joseph McConnell
Clarence McCullough
Rod McRae
Rodney McRae
Tom Merkley
Fred Mist
George Mitsinberg
George Mitzenberg, Navy
Thomas A. Moore, Terrace
Archie W. Muller, USA
Carl F. Muller, Canadian Army
Frank Ross Muller, USA
John Muller, USA
Percy Mulwain, Cedarvale
Fred Nash
Patrick V. O’Brien, Usk - Sergeant, Killed in action
William O’Brien, Sergeant, Discharged on account of illness
Stanley Olson
Tom Olson
Don Parmenter USA
Robert Paulis, Cedarvale
Roy Paulis, Cedarvale
Robert Phillips
Vernon Quinlan, Dorreen
James Richmond, Rosswood
J. Richmond
Don Russell
Edward Schumann
Fred Scott
John Scully, Dorreen
Roy Scully, Cedarvale
Angus Seaton, N., lost with HMCVS Margaree in 1937
Francis Henry Massey Seaton
H. N. Seaton
J. Seaton
Bryan Sessions
Bruce Smith
Fred Smith
Henry Smith
Jack Smith, Navy
Jim Smith, Navy
John Smith
Norman Smith
Jack Sparkes
Phillip St. Pierre
Raymond Taft
Robert Taft
E. S. Thomas
L. C. Thomas
Donald Thompson, Cedarvale
Henry Thomson
Alfred George Timm, Kitselas
F. N. Timms
Eric Turner
A. Vanderlip
W. G. Vanderlip (William George Vanderlip?)
Otto Vonlees
Adrian Pieter Vonstolk, Netherlands, Army
Hubert Warden
John R. Watson, Dorreen
Harold Whalen, Army
Miss Doreen Wilson
Edwin Wilson

J. Henderson, Kispiox
C. J. Wookey, Kispiox
Ronald Wookey, Kispiox
Ken Miller, Kispiox
Verne Senkpiel, Hazelton
Bobby Benson, Hazelton
Lawrence Willan, N. Hazelton
Mary Ann Brown S. Hazelton
Thomas Wookey, Kispiox
Marty Allen, Kispiox
John Banek, Skeena Crossing
Marie Janze, Hazelton
Johnnie Austin, Hagwilgate
Joyce Bracewell, Hazelton
Stanley Willan, New Hazelton
John Sargent, New Hazelton
Phillip Morrison
Charlie Gun-a-noot
Robert Burton, Kitwanga
Jimmy Danes, Hazelton
Soloman Jack, Hazelton
Issac Brown
Jeff Wilson
Arthur Kusick
Earl Spooner, New Hazelton
E. Sargent, New Hazelton
Fred Sait, New Hazelton
C. P. Smith, New Hazelton
William Blackstock, Two Mile
F. J. McMillan, Sealy Lake
Hunter Simpson, Hazelton
George W. Holland, Hazelton

Neil Sterritt, Hazelton
R. Bracewell, Hazelton
G. P. Simpson
Bill McRae, South Hazelton
Frederick Falconer, Hazelton
Jack Michael, Hagwilgate
Dr. W. E. Austin
Kenneth Smith, New Hazelton
Fred Jackson
V. Shaw, Sealy Lake
Andrew Derreck, Kitwanga
Kelley Morgan, Kitwanga
David Johnson, Glen Vowell
Herbert Tait, Hagwilgate
Eddie Sampare, Kitwanga
Billy Stevens, Hazelton
Raymond Morgan, Kitwanga
Delcourt Parent, New Hazelton
Douglas Parent
W. Sargent, New Hazelton
John Morrison, New Hazelton
Tom Evans, New Hazelton
Harry Webster, Two Mile
C. Shaw, Sealy Lake
J. Robinson, Sealy Lake
Phillip Janze, Hazelton
Arthur Sterritt, Hazelton
Ron Bracewell, Hazelton
Ray Bracewell
D. Bullock, Hazelton
Bruce McCallum, Hazelton
Jack Gates

Victor Giraud
Norman G. Kilpatrick
Jackie Noel
Ken Houghton, Jr.
Bob Dunlop
Henry Anderson
Carl Anderson
William Apps
William Hanson
Jas. R. Goodacre
Des Agnew
Fuji Aida
William Beaton
Frank Barber
George Bowie
John Barker
Arthur Berg
Ernie Bodger
Bruce Bateson
Charles L. Botham
William F. Burneister
Doug Bamford
Alfred Bamford
Joe Cunliffe
William Collison
Don Collison
Graham Collison
Tom Collison
Kenneth Collison
Jack Chapman
Bob Clarke, Forestdale
Fred Chuprum
Pat Downey
John Dunlop
Chris Dahlie
Hulvor Dahlie
Jorgen Dahlie *
A. N. Dando
Charlie Doodson
George Durham
Cecil Ebert
Fred Evitt
R. D. Evans
J. H. Ekman
Armour Emmerson
Cliff Emmerson
Ray Cunliffe
Jas “Jiggs” Graham
Bud Gazzeley
Fred Giraud
Edward Grant
Tom Hetherington
Gordon Hetherington
Stan Heavysides
A. H. Howells
Bill Hewson
George Hibbs
Harry Haftner
Billy Hann
Ed Harding, Jr.
Clive Hoskins
Tom Jones
Phillip Kenney
Doug Kerr
Mel Kerr
Larry Temple
Grover Loveless
Arthur Martin
Buck Morris
Pete Meyer
Craig Millar
Isaac Middleton
Dan Middleton
Harry Mounkley

Lawrence Murray, Doughty
William McMillan
Stan Noble
Alistair McKinnon
Sam Nutter
Mike O’Neill *
Dan Palumbo
Bud Ponder **
Harry Quick
Garnet Quick
Vic Ross
Allan McGill
Frank Simonds
James Seeley
Bob Laidlaw *
Frank Smith
Walter Syrnyk
John Skuba
Don Sutherland
Harold Tanner, missing in action
Dick McDonald
David McBean
Jack McDonnell **
Billy Gyger
Fred Tanner
Norman Tycho
William Westle
Robert Westle
James Westle
David Oland
John Williams
Irvine Wade
Bud Washbern
James J. Wilkinson, Sr.
Bud Hobart
Michael M. Hoops
Hugh Mapleton
Mike McCormick
Francis Madigan, Houston
Dave Mahood
Frank Phillips
Alex Thomas
Willard Wells
Billy Gyger, Sergeant
Marjorie Carruthers
Mary Moran
Martha Dahlie
Agnes Killer, Telkwa
Edna Collins, Telkwa
.R. L. Berndt
Earl Bussinger
Alex Goheen
Hugh Kerr
Jack Sparks
John Johnston, Evelyn
Fred Castell, Evelyn
Eddie Storey
Hans Pederson
Mac Storey *
Jim Knight
Ted Gregerson
James J. Wilkinson, Jr.
Vimy Windt
Harold Windt
Gordon Williams
John Yelich
Fred Watson
Walter Watson
Billie Leach
Miss Finan, Moricetown,
Margaret Panter, Hazelton
Wendy Wearne
Stan Howels
W. J. Howels

* Discharged on account of illness ** Killed on active service.
Note on Collison brothers, shown above, 5 brothers enlisted from one family,the 6th brother Reg had to stay home with a young son, after his wife passed away

David Alec
Roy Barger
Lawrence Barger *
Bob Bates
George Bates
Art Bates *
Neil Brodie
Ray Bussinger
Ernie Bree
Aubrey Bothilo
John Bothilo *
Leonard Collins
Richard Collins
Willis Clarkston
Ray Clarkston
Hugh Clarkston
Bob Donaldson
Charles David *
Joe Dockrill **
Jack Eckman
Fred George
Andy George
Earl Giddings *
Alec Goheen
Michael Hoops
William Holland
Peter Holland
Stan Hill

Dick Hyink
Bill Hartong
Clarence Hobart
Eddie Letchford
Edna Collins
Muriel Matthews
Agnes Killer
Alex Thomas *
David Mahood
Hans Van Nooland
Willard Welles
Pete Van Horn *
Mike McCormick
S. Woodward
S. Waldrich
H. Willis
Willie Duffus
Arnold Humes *
Hugh Mapleton
Pat Mitchell
Bill Matthews *
Francis Madigan
James MacAuly
Robert Phillips
Frank Phillips
Arthur Roberts
Charles Sidall
Bill Thompson

The Ominca Herald and Terrace News, New Hazelton, B.C. Wednesday, Feb. 7, 1945

The Omineca Herald and Terrace News, New Hazelton BC Wednesday, January 10, 1944

List above from Helene McRae Collection

Allen Edwin Bellamy

  • b- Dec 10, 1930
  • d- 2010
  • Joined the Canadian Navy, on HMCS Athabaskan

John Goriak

  • b-
  • Joined Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry in 1952
  • 3rd Platoon A Company in Canada, Korea and Japan.
  • completed his service 1955

William Harold Kennedy see WWII above

Lawrence Douglas “Bud” Kirkaldy

  • b-
  • d- Mar 23, 2006, age 74
  • served in Canadian Navy 1949-1974
  • son of Samuel above

Doug Mumford

  • b-
  • Served in British Army 1950-1954
  • Royal Signal Corps

Metro Palagian

  • b-
  • Leading Air Craftsman
  • 1951-1958

Neil “Buster” Patterson

  • b-
  • Served in Army 1951 to 1954

Robert Reynolds

  • b-
  • RCAF

Arthur Smith

  • b-
  • 14221 RCAF
  • Served from 1949-1954

Eli Welsh

  • b-
  • Sapper, 1952-1953

Thomas Wilson

  • b-
  • Canadian Army 1950-1955
  • Sergeant

Ron Steinke

  • Multiple Peace Keeping Tours
  • Bosnia, Crotia, Yugoslavia

Richard MacKinnon

  • 25 years of service ca 2013,
  • Canadian forces, Air Navigator

Luke Zwaga

  • Corporal
  • Afghanistan Oct 2009

Robert Mutch

  • Petty Officer 1st Class
  • 24 years Canadian Armed Forces
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