1927 Map of SE Saskatchewan

Below you will find an overview map with links to zoomed in sections.

This map was saved by my Dad, Phillip (Phil) George Gent, and dates to 1927.

I have added web pages for every Locality, Hamlet, Village, Town and City, shown on this map.
Hopefully when done, it will identify every School, Church, etc. in SE Saskatchewan.

Phillip George Gent

Each small square on these maps is exactly 1 mile square and is called a Section, and 36 Sections make a Township. Correction lines are slight S turns in the North-South Roads, to correct for the curvature of the earth and the diminishing Longitude lines. The Vertical Longitude lines are also known as Meridians. They converge at the poles and are widest at the equator (about 69 miles or 111 km apart). Zero degrees Longitude is located at Greenwich, England (0°). The degrees continue 180° east and 180° west where they meet and form the International Date Line in the Pacific Ocean.

This 1927 map covers from Township 1 at the USA border, North to Township 8/9 boundary, or 48 miles North of the Boundary. These are the North-South Coordinates

It also covers Range 1 to Range 15/16 Boundary Range 1 is the Manitoba border and Range 15/16 boundary is 90 miles West of the Manitoba border. These are the East/West Coordinates

Using the Township map link above, you then can find the exact Section of land. Finally using compass coordinates the final 1/4 section, ex NE, NW, SW , and SE since the top of each map is always North the Right side East, Left side West, and bottom South.

Below is the Full 1927 Map with Hotspots to Quickly take you to the Full size Maps. It shows Townships on the left or West border and Ranges on Bottom USA, or south Border Top of Map is North, right edge is East I hope this helps you find the place in SE Saskatchewan your looking for.

Just move your mouse over an area or Town, Village your interested in and click, it will open the original map in full color and detail Most maps overlap, so try one on each side to find the best one for you. (each sub map will allow you to move North, East, South, West as applicable)


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