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Future site for my Manitoba History Section, if I find some extra time one day.
Manitoba has some very interesting History sites online and one of the best genealogy Birth, death Marriage sites anywhere.
But I do have some Coal Mine Info that stems from there, as well as family information in some places there as well to add.

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Note on Native History

Note on Native History

Note- These web pages cover only the European/Asian History of this area, of the last hundred years or so. I will leave the First Nations to record and publish their own history, as I have limited information available to me. The term “Indian” is used where it is the historically accurate term, in regards to job titles etc., and is not meant in any derogatory way. If the term is being quoted from a book, census, etc, then it will be written in my pages that way. I don't personally agree with the way the European came and took over this land, but I am not going to judge them here, after the fact. Just as it is important to have a record of Native history in the area, I also feel these men and women need their history saved. This is the purpose of this web page.

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