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SE Saskatchewan, Canada

I added the warning above, about entering these old mines, at the top of each old underground mine page, not for the fun of it, but as a serious message.
Nov 11, 1987 a 17 year old, Jeffrey “Jeff” Greg Chipley, entered the old Sunshine Underground Mine near Estevan, to rescue a 16 year old friend, and Jeff died from the bad air in this old mine, before he could be rescued. He received a posthumously awarded Carnegie hero award in 1988 for his actions. The 16 year old lived.
My warning above is no joke. It is a very serious message.
They are extremely dangerous.

Photo from 1914 Board of Trade Booklet

Please note- some of these mines changed names many times, some even had different names at the same time, due to more than one owner, so if you are looking for a particular mine, please use the “Search Bar” top right of your screen. You can input one, 2, or even more words, you can put quotation marks “ around 2 or more words, to search for a phrase even, same as in Google or any search engine. It will search this entire site. It works fast, and it works great. I highly recommend using it!

If you have any further information of any of the mines in the index that you are willing to share, including photos, especially about those mines I have limited information on, please contact me. I will provide credit to whoever you want (whether that's you or a past relative). You will retain ownership of any photos and may request them to be removed at any time (unless they are photos freely available elsewhere).

Aerial View showing my notes and all the mines

Info sheet on the mines from Don Doerr's collection via Glenn Barton's barber shop in Estevan, sent to me by Barry Dies Oct 2018,

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