BC Aviation History

British Columbia, Canada

The Coast of BC had been served by Ferries, Steam Boats, River Boats, etc., for decades, but after the War, in the 1940's-50's,the Airplane era entered the picture big time. There were some smaller operators before this time,but then there was all the ex RCAF guys around, and they all wanted to keep flying. Some started their own Companies, some others, flew for their friends Company. The RCAF was, and still is, a big time provider of pilots and back then a whole slew of the planes as well.

Some of these pages were created from Photos and Information from Mr. Grant Walker, the son of the Photographer, T. R. "Bud" Walker. With Grant's photos and stories this got me started on the project. With research from various Web Pages, Books, Old Newspapers, etc., I've tried to compile some of the history, of only a small handful of Companies,and areas of that time.

Corrections and additions are always welcome. Full credit of contributors is always given.

Please note- All the Photos are Copyright and permission to use them must be acquired from the contributor.

Some info I already had online prior to making this aircraft Section.
From my Kemano page

Info on CF-GPO and CF-OBM, 2 Pacific Western Airlines (PWA) planes

Queen Charlotte Airlines, (QCA) Canso PBY, CF-FOQ, and BC Airlines, CF-FJG, s/n 825, also N6572K, N209B
which was a RC-3 Republic Aviation Corporation Seabee
BC Airlines was taken over in 1969 by PWA

PWA bought Queen Charlotte Airlines Ltd, founded by Jim Spilsbury, which operated from 1943-1955.
It was the 3rd largest airline in Canada in 1955.

Associated Air Taxi was also bought by Central BC Airways Ltd.
founded and owned by Russ Baker.
1953 this became Pacific Western Airlines, PWA

Grant Walker as a young boy

Bud Walker and Associated Air Taxi's Goose

Grant Walker sent me photos from his father, Thomas Raymond Walker's collection, that encouraged me to build these pages.
I have had other pictures and info sent to me, and add names of contributors to each photo sent.

Thomas Raymond "Bud" Walker

Since Bud's pictures, I have expanded the site, with other researched material

I always accept corrections and additions. I do not profess to have all the information 100% correct, but will correct an error asap when notified.

Note- NOT my sites, I do not control any of the following web pages The links may or may not work in the future

I don't profess to be an expert in this field. There are many other sites out there dedicated to BC Airline Photos.
Some of those links are shown below
I hope my info and pictures add to the story, and the history.

A new site, online Aug 1, 2015, created by Bush Pilot, Hugh MacCallum, great old photos in there

Airplanes BC Forest Service used
A great page, and some airlines listed on my site, are shown here as well.

BC Aviation Museum

Canadian Museum of Flight

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