I am an Amateur Genealogist and Researcher, I am interested in adding to existing history books and articles. Most history books show first initials on folks in the article, I research the full names, and their basic family information, which hopefully helps folks find a long lost ancestor, and links to a story about them.

Paraprosdokian- To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism. To steal from many is research!

I started out in mid 1990's doing a history page, for the home of my roots, Bienfait Saskatchewan. It expanded to Neudorf SK, then where I lived as a teenager, in Estevan Saskatchewan. It grew into a web Page for my old High School's history, ECI, into a Special Reunion Section in 2000. Over the years I have added all the other towns in SE saskatchewan.

In my BC Section, I started out with a very basic page on my home town since aug 1969, Terrace BC, then added BC Tel History Pages, ca 2003, Kemano, Kitimat pages, Vancouver Airport, BC Airlines, Vancouver Island logging photos, and now Grand Trunk Railway Station Pages, and more.

Corrections- Errors- As I use old documents, and whatever old sources I can find online, I sometimes can pick up an error from a previous historian, and repeat it. But the beauty of this online history format, over a history book for instance, is these corrections can be made almost instantly. As soon as a book is printed, it can not be changed. This does not mean I do not like books! They serve their purpose as well.
I also can make typing errors, or misinterpreted information, and always enjoy being corrected. I only ask you don't send a note to the local Newspaper Editorial Section, outlining how dumb I am! I see recently an editorial on Edith Essex in Cedarvale, my name was dragged thru the mud. Sad to say the lady never did send a correction to me. Guess she figured I would get it through osmosis. Unlike her, and not lowering myself to her level, I will not put her name in here to embarass her! I made the corrections appropriate on that page, as soon as I was shown the article.
In Edith Essex case it teaches us to check on the elderly every day, and even more often in the winter.
I also do not believe in whitewashing history, if a person committed suicide, It is recorded in my pages with that info. If they were in an insane asylum when they died, I record that as well. It is NOT disrepecting the dead! It is telling the truth! I do the same in my personal family records. Mental illness is not something to be disregarded or swept under the rug. We need to do further research to understand it, and fix it before it happens.

If you spot an error, send me a note and tell me. I do not bite!

We all make errors, but don't need to be publicly humiliated for doing it! My “Contact Button” is at the bottom of each page. I am constantly doing updates, or additions, and if it is a bad mistake, I try and fix it A.S.A.P..

If you don't like what I have printed, feel free to express your opinion. I reserve the right to express my opinion, but will consider yours.
I know I can not please everyone. That is the only thing I know 100%. I can also tell you family lore might have one version, but the true story might not be the same. Stories passed down in a family, can sometimes be versions of the truth. all families have that person that isn't or wasn't, quite right. But as a genealogist, I can not ignore the bad ones, and keep only the good. I save and print them all, good or bad. Don't like it? Don't read it.

Cost of Operating the Site
I am Extremely proud of the facts:

  • I do NOT charge for any of my information
  • I do NOT display or allow Ads on any pages
  • I do NOT use any Local or Federal TAX dollars to compile or display these pages, even though doing it, costs $$.
  • I am even more proud that now my oldest son Andrew is involved in producing these pages, and covers the operating costs himself. Now they will continue in the future.

Contributions to my Pages? –If you want to contribute photos or information, I am always ready to make additions. Contributors are asked to send the name they would like to have printed online, for the credit. without these contributed photos, the site will not expand. Unlike museums, I will, and have, cropped photos if applicable to my story. I have added arrows, and other markings on photos. I have added my annoying “Stop Sign” on all the photos, to try and slow down facebook thieves. But please remember, I am dealing with “scanned” copies. NOT the original old Historical photo. And since you are not paying to view the pictures or information, can you really complain? It appears some think they can, as I have had emails in the past on this picture issue. Makes me scratch my head! Again I can not please them all, but will NOT change my policy on this in the future.

Please note- I don't allow 3rd party use of any Pictures, Information Brochures, etc. that have been donated. They don't belong to me. The Photos, Brochures, stay Copyright of the person that donated them.
I encourage links to the page, where the photo is you are interested in. You will notice on my pages, I add EXT Links at the bottom of the page,to pages where the photos or information is, that I think is pertinent to my page. I can only ask others do the same with my pages.
I now have a share icon, top right of each page, please use that, to link the pages on facebook etc.
I try and give as much credit to others interested in history, as I can. I don't ask for original pictures, just a good quality scan is perfect.
Most folks send the originals to an archive, after they send me a scan copy. I encourage them to do so, to save the original. Please Do Not Destroy old Photos or Negatives!

Stop Sign -Copyright/Donated Sign on Photos-

No I do NOT destroy the original photos with this watermark. I keep a separate file with the original photos sent to me, or in my own files. In no way are the original photos ruined.

Am I Walking History Encyclopedia, and Tour Guide? Oh I do wish that was true, but sad to say, not long after I write these articles, I forget what I have written. I have a terrible memory, and older I get it isn't improving. I have always had an attention disorder of some kind, going back to my school days. So if you stop me on the street, and expect an answer, you might be disappointed. I know a couple ladies in town here, that remember history back 100 years! Names and dates! I can't do that! I have to refer back to my research here for the answer. This is why I love the new “Search Bar” Feature, top of each page, in this new site. I love researching the unusual stories. The Snow Train, and the boneless herring are examples of that.
I so hope you enjoy something in this new site!

Note on Native History

Note on Native History

Note- These web pages cover only the European/Asian History of this area, of the last hundred years or so. I will leave the First Nations to record and publish their own history, as I have limited information available to me. The term “Indian” is used where it is the historically accurate term, in regards to job titles etc., and is not meant in any derogatory way. If the term is being quoted from a book, census, etc, then it will be written in my pages that way. I don't personally agree with the way the European came and took over this land, but I am not going to judge them here, after the fact. Just as it is important to have a record of Native history in the area, I also feel these men and women need their history saved. This is the purpose of this web page.

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Please Note- All my Pages and Information, Text, Pictures, etc. are Copyright.
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