Breeze, Saskatchewan, Canada

Part of my Dad's 1927 Map


  • SW Section 36 -Township 4 - Range 6 - W2 Meridian
  • Latitude - 49° 20' 00“ N
  • Longitude- 102° 41' 02” W
  • Located in RM of Browning #34
  • Unincorporated area, On the CNR Rail Line
  • SE of Lampman, and NW of Steelman
  • Originally Located on the Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad, GTPR
  • 5 miles/ 8 km from Lampman
  • 4 miles/ 7 km from Steelman
  • 4 miles/ 7 km from Luxton
  • 2 miles/ 3 km from Domex
  • 6 miles/ 10 km from Kingsford

Named after the Herbert (Herb) Wesley Breeze family, who homesteaded on the NE quarter of the same section.

Disclaimer- The following tree is from a quick study only, and should not be construed as 100% accurate. Please use this as a start, then do your own research.

Herbert (Herb) Wesley Breeze

  • Welsh nationality,  
  • b- April 17, 1873 in Forest Mills, Ontario
  • d- July 15, 1958 in Estevan SK
  • son of John and Hannah, nee Asselstine, Breeze
    • Wife Alma Jane Breeze, nee Snider
      • German nationality,
      • b- Nov 29, 1875 in Verona, Ontario  
      • d- Sept 26, 1961 in Estevan SK
      • Alma was the daughter of Sylas (Silas) and Emily Snider    
  • Herbert, age 22, married Alma, age 20, at Oak Flats,Frontenac County, Ontario, on Apr 15, 1896.
  • At the time of his marriage Herbert was a cheese maker at First Mills, Verona, Ontario
  • Witnesses- Eva M. Breeze and Talbert Snider
    • They had 4 children
    • 2 oldest born in Verona, Frontenac County, Ontario (Verona is located on Highway 38, halfway between Kingston (Highway 401) and Sharbot Lake (Highway 7))  
    • All of the children, except Ruth are buried in Estevan City Cemetery, Estevan SK
    • Ruth is buried in Souris Valley Memorial Gardens, in Estevan SK

Erwell Ozmun Breeze

  • b- Mar 25, 1897 in Verona, Ontario,  
  • d- Sept 21, 1969 in Estevan, SK, age 72
  • He married Mildred Reagh in 1925
    • Mildred died in 1947, Erwell remarried Maude Gibson
  • He was in WWI, Military Service Act Letter and Number LC464284, Regimental #269685
  • Enlisted May 30, 1918 in Regina SK
  • At the time of his enlistment he was single, living near Roseview SK shown as a farmer.

Alma Mildred Breeze

  • (History books say Mildred Alma Breeze)
  • b- Oct 22, 1899 in Verona, Ontario,
  • d- April 9, 1973 in Estevan SK, age 73
  • Mildred married Hiram Caniff Clute in 1923
  • then their 2 children born in Saskatchewan:

Kenneth Vincent Breeze

  • b- Apr 26, 1905 in Roseview, SK,
  • d- Feb 17, 1918 in Estevan, SK

Ruth Eleah Breeze

  • b- Jan 1911 in SK.,
  • d- May 1, 1987 in Estevan SK
  • (her husband Peter Clifford (Cliff) Holmgren)
  • In 1881, Herbert (Herb) was 8, in school in Richmond, Lennox, Ontario (Census place).Living with his Dad, John, his Mom, Hannah, and sister Eva Mary Maude Breeze, age 10, also in school.
  • 1n 1891 Herbert Breeze was single, living in Portland township, Addington District, Ontario, shown as a Methodist.
  • Jan 10, 1898, Herbert (Herb) and Alma both living in Verona, Ontario
  • In 1901 they were living in Hinchinbrooke, Addington District, of Ontario and Herbert Breeze was a Farmer and Cheese Maker

  • In 1902 the family moved to the west, settling in the Lampman SK district.
  • In 1905 they were living near Roseview SK
  • In 1906 they were living in Estevan SK
  • In 1911 they were living in the Breeze area.
  • In 1925 they moved back to Estevan, where they later died.
  • Herbert was Deputy Sheriff for 8 years, after 1925, in Estevan.
  • After he retired he operated a dairy farm in Estevan SK.

Eva Breeze

  • Herbert's sister,
  • married Franklin (Frank) Bradly,
    • age 30, when he married,
    • a widower, Minister, son of Mastland Bradly & Regina Nobles.
  • Eva was 27, when they married on Dec 28, 1897 at Verona, ON

John Breeze

  • Herb's father, , b- ca 1840 in North Wales,
  • son of William and Mary, (nee Doyle) Breeze, (Herb's Grand Parents)
  • was 27, living in Ernestown Ontario, when he married Hannah Maria Asselstine,
    • b- May 13, 1844 in Odessa, Ernestown Township, Lennox & Addington County, Canada West (ON),
    • daughter of John Davis and Martha (nee Chatterson) Asselstine,
    • married on Nov 18, 1867, in Lennox & Addington County, ON
    • Witness to the wedding was Davis Asselstine of Ernestown (alt spelling Asseltine without the s)
  • John was a Woollen Manufacturer in 1881 in Richmond township, Lennox County, Ontario area. shown as Episcopal Methodist, age 40
  • John Breeze is mentioned in this book:
    • United Empire Loyalist Links, Vol 2, Lennox & Addington Co., Ont., By Russ Waller

In this same area, age 34, was William Breeze, an older brother to John, and an Uncle to Herbert.
Ontario death index shows his father John
born in 1840 in Newtown, (Drenewydd in Welsh) Wales,
died June 20, 1882,
in Richmond township, Lennox and Addington, Ontario, age 42
He is buried in Forest Mills, Ontario, Canada.

William born Aug 3,1836 in Newtown Montgomeryshire, (Now Pwys County) Wales as well,
died Mar 3, 1902, in Richmond township.
He married Christiana Hartman. She died.
He remarried Dec 14, 1887 to a widow, Margaret Martin, nee Armstrong.
born in Richmond, daughter of Henry & Letitia Armstrong.
William was also a Woolen Manufacturer.
William is buried in Union Lutheran Cemetery near Ernestown, Ontario,
William and Christiana had 8 children.

Youngest son of John and Hannah was David Breeze
also an Uncle to Herbert,
was born Aug 28, 1945 in Newtown, Montgomeryshire, (Now Pwys County) Wales,
and died Aug 3, 1904, in Peterborough, age 60.
he was buried in Little Lake Cemetery, Peterborough, Ontario
David married Margaret Lilly Condon, born in Otonabee, Ontario,
daughter of William Condon, on May 29, 1867, in Peterborough.
He left Belleville to Peterborough in 1861,
and he became a tinsmith.
1901 he was living in Peterborough town, shown as Breze,
listed as a Plummer, and his wife as Boarding House.

Hannah Breeze, nee Asselstine, at age 42,
remarried after John died, to Samuel Walker
Oct 25, 1886 at Ernestown
She was living in the hamlet of Forest Mills, Ontario, at the time.

Herbert's grandfather, William Breeze,
lived and died, in Newtown, Montgomeryshire, (Now Pwys County) Wales.
After he died, his widow Mary, nee Doyle, emigrated to Canada
with her 3 children, and settled in Belleville ON the same year.

Breeze History was collected in 1981
by the Lampman and District History Book Committee

“Poets Corner” 1982
I don't have a copy of this book to verify this

Breeze has been a Ghost town, for decades now

My dad's 1927 map doesn't even show a school in the area.
If it wasn't for my grandfather operating the elevator here,
I haven't found a record for it either.

Reason for doing this web page is preserving Small Town Saskatchewan for all in the world to see,
And also preserving my family history for generations after me.

My Grandfather Gustav August (Gus) Gesell
was a grain buyer in Breeze

which tells me there was an Elevator here.

Gus and Mae (nee Wendel) Gesell on their 30th Wedding Anniv.
My Grandfather and Grandmother
Gustav August Gesell and Amelia Mae Wendel

Oct 1, 1879-May 27,1958 / Nov 19,1879-Aug 5, 1968
Gus was the son of Michael Gesell and Caroline Schepko from Lemberg/Neudorf
Mae was the daughter of Johann Ludwig Wendel and Barbara Unterschutz from Neudorf

Their daughter Dolly Backman, nee Gesell, was born in Breeze SK.

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