Alameda, Saskatchewan, Canada

Meaning of name: Spanish word meaning “Avenue of Trees”

Town named by Christopher “Chris” Troyer, a young man of the district, who came in May 1882. He had spent a winter in Alameda California. He suggested the Post Office bear this name, and so it became. He was in competition with James Walsh for the Post Master postion . Troyer got the name, Walsh got the Post Office.


  • SE Section 1, Township 4, Range 3, W2
  • Latitude- N 49º 16' 5“
  • Longitude- W 102º 17' 13”  
  • “Old Alameda” Just 2 miles SE of Alameda (see PO map below)
  • Altitude 1902 ft
  • In RM of Moose Mountain

1927 Map of this area on the CPR line

Elevator, Post Office, Telegraph Office, and Gas Station in 1927

Sept 1903 Elevators operating in the Town

  • Colonial Elevator Co.- Capacity 25,000 bushels
  • Imperial Elevator Co.- Capacity 60,000 bushels

1927 Road map

Alameda part of the 1888 NWMP map in Estevan NWMP Museum,
Copy in Trooper & Redskin Book, by John G. Donkin

Post Office History

  • Name: Alameda
  • S0C 0A0
  • Federal Electoral District: Moose Mountain (SK)
  • Office Opened Dec 1, 1883 “Old Alameda”
  • Section 20, Township 3, Range 2, W2 in James Walsh's store.
  • James Walsh had 2 Land Grants one on NE other NW of Section 20, Township 3, Range 2, W2, note- whole section shown on map above
  • moved to “New” Alameda, Sec.1, Twp.4, R.3, W2 (see maps above)

Postmaster Information

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
James Walsh 1883-12-01 1895-10-10 Resignation
John J. Heaslip
(see below)
1895-12-01 1901-01-03 Dismissal (Political Partisanship)
Frederick Broder Gibson
(see below)
1901-02-01 1910 Resignation
James B. Gibson 1910-03-22 1912-10-17 Dismissal (Political Partisanship)
James “Edward” “Ed” Cronk
(see below)
1912-11-27 1933-02-23 Resignation
James Frederick Corril Fisher OAS Dec,1890 1933-07-01 1953-12-31 Resignation
Robert Henry Farnden OAS 1954-08-01 Actin Resignation
“ ” OAS 1955-09-01 “ ” Resignation

Additional Information:

  • PO 2239-1
  • PO 3048-1
  • Semi-staff Gr. 3 - 1948-04-01
  • Semi-staff Gr. 31 - 1948-04-01

Post Office Information Disclaimer: This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced, nor as having been made in affiliation with, or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada. The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

Thursday Nov 4, 1915 at about 3:30 AM, the Alameda Post Office Safe was blown with nitro glycerine, in a robbery. The suspects mede their way out of town using a stolen car from Dr. H. H. galloways garage. It was found in a straw pile at Bow Bells ND. Makes you wonder how they got there? Ed Cronk was Post Master at the time who noticed the robbery when he opened up in the morning.


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