St. Boswells

St. Boswells, Saskatchewan, Canada

St. Boswells Saskatchewan is now a ghost town. Nothing left but the Cement sidewalks. The Hamlet was on the CNR tracks.

Located in Glen Bain Rural Municipality, No 105.

One history book says St. Boswells' name came from an early shop keeper, and first Postmaster Alex Dow's home in Roxburghshire, Scotland.But he was NOT the first postmaster.So I think the version below is the right one.

The name was selected for a Post Office in 1910 by early settlers named Turnbull and Kennedy, who came from near St. Boswells in umfrieshire,Scotland. This date matches the Post Office Archives record.

The Village was located at:

  • Section 36- Township 12- Range 7-
    West of the 3rd Meridian In the Glen Bain Rural Municipality #105.
  • Located only a dozen miles or so NW of Gravelbourg.(on the same CNR line)

St. Boswells Post Office

  • Federal Electoral District:Swift Current - Maple Creek (Saskatchewan)
  • Opened Jan 1, 1910
  • Office closed on July 24, 1967
  • Located Sec.15, Twp.12, R.7, W3 - 1910-01-01
Postmaster Information
Name of Postmaster Date of Birth Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
Richard Breckon Mar 1864 1910-01-01 1914-06-05 Resignation
Olaf Holmes 1880, Norway 1914-12-01 1915-06-29 Resignation
H. B. Harder 1916-01-26 1916-06-16
Joseph B. Embree 1916-10-23 1918-08 Resignation
Fred C. Bjerring 1919-03-22 1920-10-20 Resignation
Perry S. Lindsay Nov 1888 1920-10-20 Acting
Perry S. Lindsay 1920-12-24 1960-02-15 Resignation
Mrs. Ruth E. Hoffman 1960-08-21 Acting
Mrs. Ruth E. Hoffman 1960-12-05 1967-07-24 Office permanently closed

The neatest Little Church I have seen in years, inside and out. Unbelievably unlocked and very well maintained. In the 1920's there was a parsonage house on the right side, facing the front of the church to the south.


District RM of Glen Bain #105, St. Boswells, Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery Started in 1912. Located in the NW corner in SW Section 21-Township 11-Range 7- West of the 3rd meridian. The Church is only a short distance south of the small village of Hodgeville SK.which is located approximately 34 km southof Highway #1 and/or 97 km southeast of Swift Current.History Note- the Saskatchewan flag was designed by Anthony Drake from Hodgeville Saskatchewan.If you stop at the Town Office in Gravelbourg a nice lady there in 2004 gave me copies of the Death Certificates of my ancestors buried in St. Boswells Trinity Cemetery. Note- not all graves were photographed.and I do not live near this area.

Rudolf Gessell was a 1st cousin to my grandfather, Gustav August Gesell. Rudolph was the son of Gottlieb Gesell of Wolseley SK.

I believe the correct spelling of the name is Gesell but with Polish and Russian Emigration translations, etc. it was changed to this version of the name.

How is the Busch name related to me? Rudolf and Emma's daughter Elsie Emma Gessell, married Phillip Busch. On Elsie's death certificate her father and mother's name is spelled Gesell with one s!

Rudolph and Emma lived on a farm 14 miles west of Gravelbourg. FRIEDRICH (FRED) WILLIAM GESSELL, Emma's brother lived only a few miles away from Rudolph and Emma NW Section 27, Township 10, Range 7, W3

History of the area is printed in “Whispering Winds of Yesterday”, ca1988 published by the Glen Bain Historical Society. Glen Bain R.M. #105, Glen Bain, Sask., ISBN 091978172

Please note- I do NOT own, or know of anyone that owns this book. A copy is at the Regina Central Library, History Section and possibly? could be inter-library loaned.

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