Douglaston, Saskatchewan, Canada

An Unincorporated Locality

Part of Rural Municipality of Moose Creek # 33

Located at NW Section 20, Township 5, Range 3, W2

Latitude- 49º 24' N
Longitude- 102º 24' W

17 km to Alameda
15 miles NW of Alameda

Settled before 1900 by people from Ontario

Part of My Dad's 1927 Map of this area.

Douglaston School shown.
Esme Joan McLean, nee Gadd
b- July 29, 1924 on farm North of Bienfait,
d- June 29, 2011 in St Joseph Hospital, Estevan,
taught at this school 1947-48.

Jean Young taught here ca 1939
daughter of Albert Thomas Young,
brother Grant Young.

Church symbol shown, name unknown.
Services were held in the school house
until 1914 when the Church was built, and opened in 1916.
the Dougaston Church was closed in 1953.
It was either a Presbyterian or Methodist Church.
United Church in 1943.
1906- It had 4 Churches, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist and Lutheran, and 1 general store

W. H. Chambers was the first representative from this district to the RM Council ca 1911

1943 the Ludtke, Warriner, Smith, Linton, Knebush, McLennan, Petzel, Johnston, and Griffin Families,
participated in a Red Cross 1500 bushels of barley donation.

There is a Douglaston Cemetery

Mary McKenzie Griffin, died age 83. Aug 1959
Pioneer of Douglaston area,
b- Lakeside ON, came west in 1904
to teach in Fairplain District.
She married William Griffin in 1906,
they lived there until 1948,
when they moved to Alameda.
She had a daughter and a son.

Origin of name unknown
There was a Douglaston NY, at the time.

One of the few localities not on a railroad.

Postmaster History
Name of Office: Douglaston
located at Sec 20, Twp 5, Rge 3, W2
Moose Mountain (SK) Electoral District
Office opened: June 1, 1902
Office closed Mar 29, 1958

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
William Richert (see below) 1859 1902-06-01 1904-04-20 Resignation
Richard P. B. Schellin (see below) May 23, 1864 1904-07-01 1906-02-05 Resignation
James Gordon (see below) May 1880 1906-05-01 1911-05-06 Resignation
Robert John Smith (see below) 1854 1912-04-01 1926-11-20 Death
Robert John Smith (Jr) (see below) Feb 27, 1894 1927-05-21 1957-10-22 Resignation

Disclaimer- This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced,
nor as having been made in affiliation with, or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada.
The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

Postmasters Genealogy and Bio
William Richert
b- 1859, in Germany, age 48 in 1906
d- June 16, 1912
son of Christ Richert, and Gustina Albrecht
Immigrated to Canada in 1899, obviously earlier to Detroit USA
William Richert took out western land grant
on Section 20 where Douglaston was created

Amazingly he was Acting Mayor of Detroit MI in 1897
for a couple weeks serving on their Council from 1890-1897.
Lived at 501 McDougall Ave when he died after a short illness.
Sept 1903 he had a fire at this address, which
not only was it his residence, it was also a grocery store.
He lead a group of Germans to this area, from the US.

He married Bertha Berg, Jan 8, 1891, Detroit, Wayne, MI, USA
b- 1867, Detroit Michigan, USA, age 40 in 1906
daughter of John Berg, and ?

4 children of William and Bertha I have found:

son- E. Richert
b- ca 1882, Detroit Michigan USA, age 24 in 1906
in 1906 he was married to E. Richert, nee ?
She was age 26 in 1906
They had a daughter,
M. Richert,
b- 1906, age 6 mo, in SK

daughter- M. Richert
b- ca 1891, Detroit Michigan USA, age 15 in 1906

daughter- Bertha Richert
b- Jan 1, 1894, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA

daughter- Ella Richert
b- Aug 22, 1895, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan USA

family not in 1911 census so they must have
returned to Detroit between 1906 and 1911.

Richard P. B. Schellin
b- 1864 in Germany
1901 shown as a farmer in Douglaston area, single, immigrated ca 1900
1916 he was in Victoria, Alberta, Canada

James Gordon
b- May 1880 in ON
wife- Rebecca Gordon, nee Smith
b- Apr 1887

daughter- Mary Isabell Gordon
b- May 10, 1907 in Douglaston, SK

son- Charles George Gordon (Twin)
b- Dec 16, 1908 at Douglaston, SK

son- John Bell Gordon (Twin)
b- Dec 16, 1908 at Douglaston, SK

son- William Gordon
b- May 1910 in SK

2 twins not at parents home in 1911

Robert John Smith
b- 1854 in ON, Canada
d- Nov 20 1926 in Douglaston, SK
married Isabella Mather Mar 7, 1878, Normanby, Grey, ON, Canada
Robert was the son of Thomas Smith and Janet Henderson

His son Robert John Smith (Jr)
b- Feb 27, 1894, Bentick Township, ON
d- June 22, 1972 Douglaston, SK


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