Torquay, Saskatchewan, Canada

Village Status

Located at NE Section 24, Township 2, Range 12, W2

Latitude- 49º 8' 25“ N
Longitude- 103º 29' 14” W

Elevation 1937 ft

Located on the Canadian Pacific Railroad (CPR), Estevan- Neptune Branch, built in 1913

Located on corner of Highway #18, and SK Rural Rd 305

In RM of Cambria #6, Office located in Torquay

Part of My Dad's 1927 Map of this area.

Map shows they had at least one Grain Elevator.
Post Office, Telephone, and Gas Station in 1927

Torquay Elevators
Photo courtesy Kurt Phillips

Origin of Name
Named after Torquay, Devon, England
based on street names below
see also the Official Village link below.

Streets, Avenues in the Village
Torbay St., Portland St., Devon St., Poole St., Railway Ave., Saskatchewan Ave., Tavistock Ave., Tiverton Ave., Miller St. , North Railway Ave.

Post Office History
Name of Office: Torquay
Federal Electoral District: Assiniboia / Moose Mountain (SK)
Office opened July 1, 1914
in a Private building, Sec.24, Twp.2, R.12, W2

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
William August Wolsey 1914-07-01 1919-09-08
George Carr (see below) OAS 1920-02-02 1923-02-06 Resignation
John Anderson Bergum (see below) OAS Mar 30, 1884 1923-05-11 1950 Retirement
Mrs. Hildur Bergum, nee Swenson
(see below)
Mar 29, 1892 1950-05-01 Acting
Alvin Lennard Bergum 1951-08-16 Acting
Alvin Lennard Bergum 1952-08-16 1956-06-05 Resignation
Gerald Cecil Toovey 1956-08-16 Acting
Gerald Cecil Toovey 1956-10-09 1961-04-10 Resignation
Selmer S. Fonstad 1961-04-11 Acting
Carl John Johnson 1961-04-12 Acting
Carl John Johnson 1961-06-21 1962-08-26 Death
Mrs. Bernice Shelstad 1962-08-27 Acting
Mrs. Sabina Johnston 1962-09-11 Acting
Mrs. Sabina Johnston 1962-10-16 1969-12-09 Retirement
Margaret Emma Johnson 1969-12-09
Mrs. Karen M. Wanner 1977-05-10
Mrs. M. E. Gilchrist 1977-05-07 Retirement

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First Postmaster- William A. Wolsey
found the Wolsey name in Torquay, Devon so possibly village named by this man, but just a wild guess. William August Wolsey -see my Estevan 1914 Booklet for his bio

George Carr
b- ?
d- ?

brother- William Carr
lived in Bienfait ca 1933
A Robert William Carr, buried in Bienfait
b- Feb 6, 1887
d- Jan 26, 1950

sister- Mary Eleanor Hurren, nee Carr
b- 1884, in England
d- Sept 18, 1933, age 49, in a Regina SK Hospital
buried in Torquay
wife of Norman Hurren
she came to Canada in 1911
daughter Elizabeth, son John

Father of all above- John Carr

John Anderson Bergum
b- Mar 30, 1884, in Lillehammer Norway
d- June 13, 1962, probably in Estevan
Buried in Estevan City Cemetery
Lutheran, Farmer
LC 469559
Enlisted in WWI in Regina Apr 20, 1918
Lived in US from 1900-1907 in Minn.
Came to Canada in 1906 per 1921 census
He came thru Portal Apr 1910 heading to Macoun, age 26, single.
mother- Joenetta possibly? see below for who I think was his mother-
Lived in Weyburn in 1921 with wife and son.
brother- Antone (Anton?) A. Bergum, lived at Shaunavon SK., in 1934
b- abt 1881 in Norway
brother- Lauritz Bergum, lived in Macoun SK in 1915
brother- Asmund Bergum, also enlisted in WWI,
b- Mar 17, 1895 in Christiama, Norway
brother- Albert Bergum, also enlisted in WWI
b- July 29, 1897 in Nillingham, Minn
brother- Emil Bergum, b- Mar 3, 1907 in Macoun SK
I believe his father's name was Lauritz Andreassen Bergum,
who lived in Ratcliffe SK in 1917
Lauritz arrived in Boston in 1896. b- ca 1870 in Norway
mother- Inger Marie Evansdatter Stensringen

John was married to Mrs Hildur (Heldur?) Bergum, nee Swenson (Postmistress)
b- Mar 29, 1892
d- July 18, 1985
son- Herold Bergum
b- ca 1919 in SK.

School History
not researched yet


Torquay Community Cemetery
NE, Section 23, Township 2, Range 12, W2

Roman Catholic Section

Sacred Heart Cemetery

Krista C. Phillips, sister of Kurt Phillips - Kristen Ave. in Estevan, named after this young girl,
Who was killed in a vehicle accident at the Ambassador Trailer Court in Estevan

Joseph and Nympha Phillips
Grandparents of Kurt Phillips, contributor of the 4 Cemetery photos above.

Trinity Lutheran Section

Lac Qui Parle Lutheran Cemetery
SW, Section 34, Township 3, Range 12, W2

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Jacobsberg / St. Anne Cemetery
located about halfway between Oungre and Torquay
info and photos below submitted by Mr. Don Hayes

Jacobsberg Cemetery,
NE Sec 8, Township 1, Range 13, W2

Herden Hill, ca 2012

Anne Herden's headstone
Don's wife's grandmother's grave site.


Clarence Carlson
b- Minnesota, USA
came to SK in 1906
Mar 13, 1938 celebrated silver anniv.
wife born in ON
came to Estevan in 1910
homesteaded in Big Muddy SK area first.
then Mount Green, then Torquay.
they had 7 children

Official Village of Torquay Web Site
under “Community Profile” tab is a history tab
Please note- I do not promote new info, but do promote the past history of all.
Never found the official Village site, until I finished this one

I now have a copy of “Our Diamond Jubilee” history book of this area, 1905-1965. when I get a spare couple days will try and scan that one, and add it here. Since it is over 50 years old, and no copyright notice shown I think it will be ok to do that. If you need a lookup in the meantime just ask.


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