Marienthal, Saskatchewan, Canada

Unincorporated Locality

Located at NE Section 12, Township 1, Range 12, W2

Latitude- 49º 0' N
Longitude- 103º 30' W

Located just north of the Canadian American Border, on Highway 350

Part of My Dad's 1927 Map of this area.

They had a Post Office and a Customs House in 1927

Church on left, not known to me yet.
One on Section 12, not labelled, but symbol there,
was the Catholic Church, see history below.

Post Office History

Federal Electoral District: Weyburn (SK)
Established- May 1, 1909
Closed June 30, 1945

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
Mrs. Kathleen Church 1909-05-01 1910-03-28 Resignation
Mrs. Constance C. Acres (see below) 1910-09-15 1911-09-07 Resignation
E. A. Goodwin 1912-04-01 1917-08-14 Resignation
George A. Thompson 1918-06-15 1919-07-11 Resignation
William Henry Yardley see Customs below) 1919-09-15 1935-11-12 Resignation
Heinrich “Harry” Schnell (see below) Nov 16, 1882 1935-11-12 Acting
1936-01-10 1945-03-15 Resignation

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The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

Constance Charlotte Acres, nee Stacpoole
2nd Post Mistress
b- Oct 6, 1889 in RM of South Norfolk, MB
d- July 17, 1952, West Summerland, BC, age 63
father- Frank Stacpoole
mother- Charlotte Simpson
brother- Frank Amis Patrick Stacpoole,
b- Mar 17, 1887 in RM of South Norfolk, MB
Husband- George Henry Acres, Customs Officer in 1911
b- July 20, 1881 in Ottawa, ON
d- Feb 21, 1941, in Penticton, BC, age 59
son- Harry Acres
b- Apr 1909 in ND, USA
d- ?
daughter- Constance Mary Acres
b- June 13, 1912, SK
d- July 11, 1924 in Grand Forks, BC, age 13

Family living on section 1, Tsp 1, Rge 12, W2 in 1911
George's father- George Henry Acres (Sr.)
mother- Mary Graham

Heinrick “Harry” Schnell
alt spelling first name, Heinrick
b- Nov 16, 1882 in Landau, Beresan colony, Russia
d- Nov 13, 1948 in Marienthal SK

husband of Clara Schnell, nee Bub
2nd wife- Angela Schnell, nee Mueller

father- Daniel Schnell
mother- Catherine “Katrina” Kautzmaun
lots of family info in Cemetery link below

Origin of Name

Archbishop Langevin during a Pastoral visit to the Estevan district, on June 13, 1907
gave the name to Marienthal to this German Settlement.

there was a Marienthal Russia, and with many settlers from Russia,
assume name is from there. there is also a Marienthal in Kansas, USA.

Catholic Church
St. Cunegunda Church
alt spellings found- (Cunigundis) (Gune-Gunda) (Kuni-Kada)
St. cunegunda Cemetery- 9 miles south of Torquay
both in RM of Cambria #6
Built on 10 acres of land
NW corner of Section 12, township 1, Range 12, W2
donated by Anton Wanner,
for a Church and Cemetery.
The Church was 58 x 24 ft.
Mr. Ellesson was the architect.
Church was blessed Feb 14, 1909.
Feb 8, 1916 this church burned down.
they then built the Basement church, by Dec 1916.
82 x 44 ft, architect Fortin from Regina.
It was closed, and sold into private hands ca 1962.

There was a Roman Catholic rectory in 1945
It was moved to Torquay in 1949

Father Andreas Zimmerman, Parish Priest, in Aug 1926
He came from Russia in 1923


Marienthal School #10 part of Estevan School district #2 16 enrolled in 1946


George Henry Acres, Customs officer in 1911 see family above in Post Office section

Assistant Customs Officer in 1911 J. P. Nord, b- May 1890 in England immigrated in 1910.

Frederic S. “Mac” Macdougall b- Jan 20, 1905 in Nova Scotia d- Aug 20, 1986 in Estevan, buried in Souris Valley Memorial Gardens near Estevan. Mac was a Customs Officer from 1931-1965 Most of his service was at Marienthal Port located south of Torquay He came west in 1924 He attended Normal School first and taught at Shellbrook, and Bromhead, before becoming Customs Agent. Wife- Evelyn, married in 1938 b- in Douglas ND She taught in Torquay and Estevan Both retired in Estevan

Customs Supervisor, William “Bill” H. Yardley as you can see above, also Postmaster. He was Customs Officers there starting in 1920 He quit due to ill health, and moved to the Pacific Coast. Party given Aug 29, 1937 in Torquay

William Henry Yardley - died Aug 28, 1968, age 77, in Victoria BC He was Customs and Excise staff member at North Portal ca 1919 Next he was in charge at Marienthal Port. One book says Thomas Kirk Yardley was a customs officer in 1928 at Marienthal, 9 miles south of Torquay. but now I think it was William at this time. In 1957, William H. Yardley was Chief Customs and Excise Accountant on his brother Gerald's staff at Victoria, B.C. See his father's history here, the First Mayor of Estevan

Ambrose ND was the American town 2 1/2 miles south

Some early Pioneers

George Dukart homesteaded in this area. b- in Odessa Russia d- age 87 buried Souris Valley Memorial Garden, Estevan in 1902 he moved to Estevan homesteaded in Marienthal area, left to farm in Bromhead district, returned in 1925, stayed to 1942, when he retired. Moved to Torquay, then to Estevan in 1954 wife- Eva Dukart, nee Fleck He had 6 sons, and 2 daughters.

George's father- Franz “Frank” Dukart b- Aug 3, 1838 in Russia d- Oct 6, 1938, 100 yrs old! his parents moved from Rhine Germany to Russia in 1818. His father was the first medical doctor in that area of Russia. His dad Anton Dukart, died when Frank was 14 Frank came to Canada and Marienthal in 1908 His wife Katarina Dukart, nee ?, b- ? d- Aug 1928 son Johann “John” Dukart b- Feb 28, 1890 d- May 22, 1925 He had 3 children living in Canada, in June 1938

George Dukart, in Deloraine MB, see above Peter Dukart in Vancouver BC daughter, Mrs Zehanovich, living near Oungre, SK He left 3 children in Russia, and didn't know if they were still living.

Peder Oswald Vinge b- Feb 4, 1892 at Ashley ND d- Oct 1957 in Torquay age 11 he came to Marienthal district. 1915 he married Dorma Claudine Johnston They had 3 sons and 4 daughters.

B. Fleck b- Landau Russia d- Oct 1, 1948 in Torquay, age 76 came to Canada in 1904 settled in Marienthal district. married, 2 sons, 7 daughters.

Sebastian Holzer b- d- married Barbara Holzer in 1918 b- in Russia d- at 67 in Estevan buried in Catholic section, Estevan City Cemetery she came to Canada in 1903

Mathias Mitchel b- In Russia d- Jan 1970, age 67 in Estevan buried in Souris Valley Memorial Garden, Estevan settled in Marienthal district resided there until 1926 moved to a farm north of Estevan 4 brothers, 7 sisters.

Schnell family

email Apr 2012 from Don and Anne Hayes re Herden family in this area “My wife's grandparents were among the initial homesteaders along the North Dakota/Saskatchewan border in the vicinity of Marienthal and Mount Green. Her grandfather, August Herden, arrived in SK in 1909 from Germany and established a farm on the following two sectors:

File #099941A Partition SW Sector 4 Township 1 Range 13 Meridian W2 File #1668336 Partition SE Sector 5 Township 1 Range 13 Meridian W2

Her grandmother, Maria Herden, followed shortly thereafter, having been raised in Austria. They had four children (oldest-to-youngest) Clara, Mary, Gertrude, and Felix; all of whom were born and raised on the homestead. Gertrude was my wife's mother, my mother-in-law. Maria Herden died on the farm during childbirth in August 1925 and the family remained on the homestead until about 1934. Times were tough during the Depression and the family finally relocated to Haney, B.C.

Anne's mother was always full of stories about life on the farm, talking about the daily walk to school in North Dakota; the “beef-ring” established among fellow homesteaders; the musical get-togethers of nearby neighbours, skating on frozen SK ponds, etc. Local families she would talk about include the Messers, Blocks, Rudolphs, and Stepps, some of whom we see listed as buried in local graves. In fact, Anne's cousin, Karen Sand, is a granddaughter of the Rudolph clan who homesteaded in SK during this period.

Anne's great uncle, Paul Herden, also came from Germany and homesteaded in this region. His land was as follows:

File #3185651 Partition SW Sector 30 Township 2 Range 23 Meridian W2 File #3185649 Partition NW Sector 30 Township 2 Range 23 Meridian W2 File #2515928 Partition NE Sector 3 Township 3 Range 24 Meridian W2

We don't know a great deal about Uncle Paul other than he homesteaded in SK for a period of time and then was killed in an accident in the US. It is unclear what happened to his land and buildings.

Although my wife has not been in SK since she was about 12 years old, we plan to visit Marienthal this June on our way back to our summer home in Maine. Anne would very much like to find her grandmother's grave, which the SK Genealogical Society's Burial Index lists only as Mary Herden, Torquay, died August 1925. We cannot find evidence of her burial in either the Marienthal or Torquay cemeteries, and we suspect that her grave may be in the Bromhead/Mount Green Cemetery (which we believe to now be discontinued). Do you have any knowledge of this grave yard? Who currently owns it, etc.? Or information on how we might find her grave? Any help you could give will be appreciated.” if anyone can answer his question please let me know

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