Lemberg, Saskatchewan, Canada

Lat/Long= 50° 44' 00“ N - 103° 12' 00” W

Located On Sec 21-Twp 20- Rge 9- W2 Meridian

Map above shows Location of Saskatchewan and Lemberg, in relation to the rest of Canada

Population 2003= 375
The Town Area is 2.59 sq km

Lemberg is located on Highway 22
It is 25 miles north of Wolseley on the 617 grid, or 35 Km or 22 Mi SW of Melville.
Located on the CPR line which arrived in 1905

Became a Village July 12, 1904
and Incorporated as a Town Sept 1, 1907

Named after the City in the Ukraine, L´viv, also known as Lvov, L'vov, Lwow, better known as Lemberg

The Ukrainians, Poles & Germans that immigrated to Lemberg Sask., would have come from the Volhynia area of Russia, and Galicia area of Austria, all which is now the Ukraine.

Road Map Above Shows Exact Location in S.E. Saskatchewan of Lemberg
Road Map of Regina to Esterhazy, including Neudorf, Lemberg area.
Lemberg approx. 65 KM's SW of Melville on map above.


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