Willmar - Willocks

Willmar - Willocks, Saskatchewan, Canada

An Unincorporated Hamlet

Original name- Willocks, Assiniboia, NWT, 1900-1905
Named after the early 3 Willock brothers
Willocks, Saskatchewan, 1905-1911

Then changed to Willmar Station, 1911-1957
Willmar- 1957- ?

Note 1927 map below says Willmar was the name

Located at NW Section 22, Township 6, Range 4, W2

Latitude- 49º 29' N
Longitude- 102º 28' W

Elevation 1959 ft

Originally on the Canadian Northern Railroad,
Canadian National Railroad in 1927 below.

Part of My Dad's 1927 Map of this area.

Origin of name Willmar
Named after a Poet per Larry Linton Aug 2020
sad to say I can not find a famous poet named Willmar??

Pool Elevator
Gas Station
Rural Telephone System
Post Office
and no doubt a General Store,
all in the Hamlet in 1927

They obviously had a school as well,
May 1925 tenders were asked for an extension to the Willmar School.
Charles J. F. Lembke, Secretary School district.
Waterman, Waterbury, Regina in control of construction.
It was Wilmar School #60, opened in 1902
It was used for Church services, and Sunday School as well.

School symbol shown, NE Section 18, Tsp 6, Rge 4, W2, Willmar School #3476

First church services were held in the George Willock home

Post Office History

Federal Electoral District: Moose Mountain (SK)
Office established- Nov 1, 1900
First called “Willmar Station”

changed to “Willocks”, Aug 1, 1911
named after the first Post Master,
located at Sec.24, Twp.6, R.5, W2

changed to “Willmar”, June 24, 1957
Sec.22, Twp.6, R.4, W2

Closed- Dec 31, 1983

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Date of Birth Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
David Scott Willock (see below) Feb 22, 1828 1900-11-01 1911 Death
Ben T. Hallonquist (see below) May 1860 1911-08-01 1912-04-15 Resignation
Raymond “Ray” L. Jones (see below) Feb 1894 1912-06-15 1914-12-10 Resignation
M. R. Jones 1915-02-15 1920-05 Resignation
Hugh McMillan 1920-08-18 1921-10-28 Death
Orval R. Aiken 1922-01-05 1922-07-15 Resignation
Mrs. Edward H. Jones 1922-09-05 1926-12-29 Resignation
William John James Bedford Nov 1880 1927-01-12 1952-02-14 Resignation
Ralph Lee Clarkson 1952-04-16 Acting
1952-07-17 - Promotion
Mrs. Lois Clarkson 1976-12-01 Temporary
Mrs. Loretta M. Heidinger 1977-03-19

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The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

David Scott Willock
b- Feb 22, 1828 in Perth, Lanark, ON per 1901 census
d- 1913
Scotch, Presbyterian, Farmer, in 1901
wife- Charlotte Willock nee Graham
b- June 5, 1841 in ON
d- Jan 20, 1925 at home of daughter Emma McGee
in Jubilee (Vancouver) BC, age 83
Funeral in Presbyterian Church in Arcola,
buried in Old Carlyle Cemetery.
She was the midwife in the District.
Farmer and grain merchant in Fenelon Falls.
Fenelon Falls- Owner of 200 acres in Lot 15, Con.7,
lived in Victoria Co since 1830.

son- Frederick “Fred” William Willock,
b- Oct 27 (Oct 26?), 1874 in Fenelon, Victoria, ON
d- bef 1925
married Mary Ellen Hay,
b- Nov 9, 1874
her father William Hay and family, were in the district in 1901

son- Robert Willock,
b- Oct 25, 1876 in Fenelon Township, Victoria, ON
d- aft 1925
lived in Willmar in 1925

son- Lawrance (Lawrenece?) G. Willock,
b- Mar 18 (Mar 17?), 1879 in Fenelon, Victoria, ON
d- aft 1925,
lived in Alsask in 1925

son- Albert “Scott” Willock,
b- Dec 10, 1862, in ON
d- Dec 21, 1947 in Burnaby BC, age 85, died single
lived in Lemberg SK in 1925

daughter- Annie M. Willock
age 19 in 1881
d- before 1925

daughter- Emma Caroline Willock,
b- ca 1864, age 15 in 1881, born in Fenelon Township, ON
d- Oct 16, 1939, Burnaby, BC, age 74
married George Henry McGee, age 27, Sept 8, 1891, at Lindsay ON
She was shown age 26 when she married

son- Athelbert “Bert” C. Willock, age 13 in 1881,
b- in ON
d- aft 1925
lived in Alsask in 1925

son- Samual (Samuel?) A. Willock, age 11, in 1881,
b- ca 1870, in ON
d- bef 1925

son- Francis John Willock,
age 9 in 1881, b- in ON
d- Apr 29, 1898 in SK

son- David Ireton Willock
b- June 28, 1882, Fenelon, Victoria, ON
d- June 9, 1883 in Fenelon, Victoria, ON

Father- Francis Willock
Mother- Margaret Willock, nee Grey

A Francis Willock received patent Lot 24, conc 3, 200 acres,
July 12, 1830 in Ops township, Newcastle district,
discharged as a Sergeant-Major

sister of David- Ann Willock,
b- May 9, 1822 in ON

Sister of David- Josephine Willock, age 26
b- Ops township, Victoria, ON
married Thomas Nugent, age 33, Mar 1, 1861, Victoria Co, ON

brother of David- Francis Willock, age 28,
b- Canada
married Margaret Humphrey, b- in Scotland,
July 1, 1865, St. Andrews Church, Lindsay ON

in 1881 David and family were in Fenelon Falls, Victoria North, ON

There were 2 other Willock brothers of David, that came west.
They originally rented land at Carlyle, when they came from ON
One brother was George Willock, b- 1827 in ON.
his wife was Celia, nee ?

other might be John Willock, who lived in Fenelon as well.
farmer. Is owner of 200 acres in Lots 16 and 17, Con.7.
Born in Victoria Co in 1840.

or was it Francis Willock above?

a place named Dunford, Verulam, ON
was originally called Willock's Setllement,
named after this family

William H. Jones
b- June 1864 in England
wife Martha Jones, nee ?
b- Feb 1864 in ON
William H. Jones was the Station Agent in Wilmar, ca 1017
Baptist, operating a Hardware Store in Arcola, in 1911
Immigrated in 1869
they had 4 sons:
Raymond “Ray” Jones,
b- Feb 1894 in SK

Edward H. Jones
b- ?
His wife was Postmaster, (see above)

George Jones
b- Dec 1891 in SK

Walton Jones
b- Jan 1901 in SK

Bengt “Ben” T. Hallonquist
b- May 1860 in Sweden (May 1859 in 1911 census)
d- ? probably in Florida
He Immigrated in 1882 to US,
entered Canada in 1887
married Hulda Sophia (Hilda?)(Sofia?) Hallonquist, nee Nelson, (Nilson?)
on July 1, 1884, at St. Paul, Minn. USA
b- 1862 in Sweden

Ben built the Carlyle Hotel, “Carlyle House” in 1901
on the east side of Main St, the First Hotel in that town.
Ben Hallonquist was a General Merchant in Carlyle and Willmar
Jan 12, 1908, fire destroyed the general store in Carlyle,
name “Hallonquist and Jackson”, loss of $17,500.
He was the first Manager, of the new hotel
at Carlyle Lake Resort, in 1909.
He was a Stone Mason by trade.
He only had a Grammar School education.
1914 the family left to West Palm Springs, Florida, USA,
where he operated a grocery and food store.
1935 Ben and his wife were living at
#611 50th St. West Palm Beach, FL, USA., Grocery Merchant.
1936 Ben and his wife visited Carlyle and District.
July 1, 1942, they celebrated their 58th wedding anniv.
Lived on 424 Tenth St., Palm Beach, FL
his birthday was in May, near May 16th.
In 1941 he was 82, she was 70.
they had 3 sons and 1 daughter:

Emmy Theresia Hallonquist
b- Apr 27, 1885, in RM of Sifton, MB
in 1945 she is shown age 52, born in Canada in West Palm Beach, FL
with her, a Rully (Rutherford?) Hallonquist, age 28, born in Canada,
b- Aug 16, 1915,
d- Dec 1985, age 70, in West Palm Beach FL
and Nelson Hallonquist,
age 25, born in Canada, both in the Army in 1945,
and Mersa? Hollonquist,
age 19, born in Florida, a Telegraph Operator

Oldest son Arthur Hallonquist
b- June 20, 1887 in RM of Sifton, MB
(age 19 in 1906, b- July 1887 in MB, in 1911 Census)
lived in Alberta, and was a well known curler.
shown as a salesman, in store, in 1911

Earnest (Ernest?) Hjalmar Hallonquist,
b- July 21, 1890 in RM of Sifton, MB
(age 15 in 1906, b- June 1890 in MB)
shown as a salesman, in store, in 1911

Carl Albert Hallonquist,
b- May 12, 1897, in RM of Winchester, MB
(age 9 in 1906, b- May 1897 in MB, in 1911 census)
d- June 1980, in West Palm Beach, FL, age 83

Bengt Hallonquist,
no age shown, so possibly born in 1906, but only a guess

name in 1911 census- Hallinquid, living on Souris Ave in Carlyle.
name in 1906 census- Hallouguish,

Other Pioneers in the District.

Henry and Albertine Luhr
moved to this District in 1903

Frank Craig, Everett Craig, Alex Smith

Earl Leggatt, ca 1915
Lloyd Leggatt ca 1920

3 Schendel Brothers
Charles Schendel came in ca 1925

Walter “Walt” Edmonds, ca 1920

Edmonds family were some of the early settlers.
they came west in 1890.
They were United Empire Loyalists.

Peter Brehm, b- Dec 29, 1889

Howard Cadwell family

Thomas Hawkins

Luke Ward

John McGee, and Samuel J. McGee family

Walter Howay family

Milt Brownridge family

Noah Haug family

John H. Moris family

George Henery family

Frank Harris

Herman Cula

H. H. and W. C. Mills

Addition sent by Larry Linton Aug 2020
My family home was located on a section to the north-west of Willmar. My grandfather took it over in 1911 or 1912. The Linton family was there until my father sold in 1972. Our place was famous for”The Big Round Barn“. It was a monsterous barn, 125ft in diameter, 2 stories. It is recorded in the Saskatchewan Archives. Also, there was a book of photographs of barns of western Canada, it is the photo on the cover.
his grandfather- John “Thomas” Linton b- Aug 9, 1857 in Scarboro Township, ON, d- Feb 12, 1942 in Arcola Hospital
grandmother- Apha Linton nee Stillwell,b- aug 4, 1861 in Reech Township, ON
they were married Dec 22, 1881 at Scugog Island, ON
Family came west in 1902 to settle in Alameda District first
1911 family on homestead #59742, SW 24 5 4 W2
1916 shows 5 children- Edward F. Linton, Edgar Linton, Norman Linton, Stanley Linton, Ralph Linton and Alvin “Ross” Linton

1921 census shown on part section 28, part 22, and part 33 in Tsp 6, rge 4, W2
sons Norman Linton, Norman, and Ross shown with the family in 1921
Norman Linton served in WWI, b- Dec 10, 1894 in Toronto ON, d- Aug 27, 1985 Lampman SK, age 90, buried in Percy Cemetery
Lt. Stanley Linton served in WWI and WWII, b- Aug 27, 1898 in Toronto, ON (1900 in 1901 census)
Edward Fishley Linton, b- Apr 6, 1890 in ON
Edgar Linton, b- Dec 26, 1891 in ON
Ralph Linton, b- Apr 1, 1903 at Willock NWT (SK)
Alvin Ross Linton, b- Feb 12, 1908 at Douglaston SK


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