Minard, Saskatchewan, Canada

Unincorporated Area

Established Thursday May 1, 1913

Origin of the Name Minard is unknown to me.
I would assume named after a member of the GTPR
but nothing found to prove it.

I did find a small article that said a Minard was born in Wilcox,
May 6, 1911, and the Land Commissioner Ryley lived there, when he first came to Canada
There was a Minard farmer in Weyburn area.
1911, found a Frank Minard, born Feb 1860, in US,
living on Tsp 4, Rge 6, with his family
1911 another Minard family in Estevan
There was a Minard Farm, 6 mi east of Kingsford.
There was a Minard's liniment in 1908.
There was a Asa R. Minard, president of American Club of Toronto in 1915.
Where did the name came from? good guess?

Located on SW Sec 17, Township 5, Range 6, W2

Latitude 49° 23' 00“ N
Longitude 102° 47' 02” W

Elevation 1939 ft

Located in RM of Browning #34
1 mile West of Lampman
Lampman was founded by the CPR, and won out in the battle to survive in this area.
There wasn't even a Post Office here.
Another area named Luxton was approx 1 mile south

Located on the Northgate-Regina CNR Line
115 miles SE of Regina
Originally the GTPR, see history below.

Proclaimed to be the only town on Canada's 3 Transcontinental Railways
Canadian Northern Railway's station was close to the GTP station,
and the CPR survey ran between the 2.

Another map showing block #'s

Minard 1927- Part of my Dad's 1927 map

Ad by Transcontinental Townsite Company Ltd - see below

Ad by Minard Development Co. Ltd.
British Canadian Securities Ltd

The ads paid off, in a single day all the lots were sold.

Aug 4, 1913 lots in Chamberlain Place across the tracks from the GTP Townsite went on sale.

1913 map shows GTP main townsite, with big black arrow pointing to the dark line area.
Canadian Northern Railway runs along bottom, then up on a 45 deg angle to the Lampman CNR depot
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway runs on an angle, l/r.
GTP is in center of the map, bottom middle of the GTP block
The Highway today runs E/W along the bottom black line
just south of the GTP depot shown

This the view looking NW from the Highway
showing the abandoned GTPR tracks, heading to Regina

The grove of trees would have been the location
of the GTP Depot., access road on right.

May 15, 1922
Grand Trunk Pacific were negotiating with the town of Lampman
and the RM of Browning #34 to move their station from Minard, 1 mile away, to Lampman

Located on the Grand Trunk Railroad / CNR /

Regina-Boundary Branch Line

GTPR Regina Boundary Branch Line

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