Curt Hill

Curt Hill, Saskatchewan, Canada

ca 1907 map of Curt Hill

Name changed
See Wordsworth SK for history

Located at Section 32, Township 6, Range 3, W2

Named after First Name of the First Postmaster, Curt Messer

Post Office History

Office Name: Curt Hill

Electoral District: Assiniboia (Saskatchewan)

Established- 1902-06-01
Closed- 1911-07-31

Additional Information: Sec.32, Twp.6, R.3, W2 - 1902-06-01
Source: PSFDS03-(9484)
Item Number: 18892

Name of Postmaster Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
Curt Messer 1902-06-01 1909
Otto Schendel 1909-10-01 1911-07-31 Closed

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First Post Master- Curt Messer
b- ca 1852, age 54 in 1906, in Germany
Immigrated in 1887
Took out Homestead #76313, applied Apr 20, 1899
NE Section:32, Township:6, Range:3, W2
wife- Matilda W. Messer, nee Schendel
b Oct 11, 1879 in Althutte, Czarnikau, Posen, Prussia
d- Dec 3, 1918, Wyandotte, Wayne, Michigan, USA.
father- Otto Schendel (2nd Post Master) and mother- Anne Justine (Auguste) Schmidke.
Curt and Matilda had 3 children.


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