Bradwell, Saskatchewan, Canada

Originally known as Sunny Plain Saskatchewan
Incorporated as the Village of Bradwell, in Dec 1912

Some books say named after a Mr. Bradwell, Director of the Grand Trunk Railway.
Although I also found a Chief Engineer on the GTP, Sir Collingwood Schreiber, who was born Dec 14,1831, in Bradwell Lodge, Bradwell-on-Sea, in England. Did he name it after his home town?
Villages were named alphabetically on this rail line, starting with Allan.

Located about 36 KM SE of Saskatoon, South of Yellowhead Hwy 16, on Highway 763 in the Rural Municipality of Blucher, #343
between Clavet and Allan, on the Grand Trunk Pacific Line, later to become the Canadian National Railway,
8 1/2 miles NW of Allan.

  • at Section 28- Township 34- Range 2- W3
  • Lat- 51º 56' 48“ N.
  • Long- 106º 13' 54” W.

This page unlike most of my history pages, in that it is not in SE Saskatchewan but like most of my pages, It also does not contain one person that is related to me.
Not that I know of now at least. Reason this page exists, is some very important documents that were sent to me by a friend, named Grant Walker, from Studio City, CA USA.
Grant shared these with me, and now with everyone else, thanks to him.

Dec 18, 1915, letter to Reeve R. J. Moffat, Bradwell SK, from Norman Lang Lt-Colonel, C.C. 65th Overseas Battalion Saskatoon Saskatchewan

Norman was inviting the council of Bradwell to the Officers mess, at 302 Poplar Crescent at 12:30 PM on Tuesday Dec 21, 1915. They were to present the Field Kitchen.

The Grand Trunk Pacific Telegraph Company Telegram, dated Apr 17, 1916, Saskatoon SK

To Reeve Moffat, Bradwell SK, from C.C. 65th reporting the back part of the field kitchen, partially destroyed by fire.

Apr 22, 1916

Official letter from the Officer Commanding 65th Overseas Battalion, Lt. Col. Norman Lang

Thanking Mr. Moffat for his letter, and offer in the letter. Here he describes the front part was burnt, and the back part is in use. Wonder what he offered?

Lt. Colonel Norman Lang Commanding Officer 65th Overseas Battalion and Author of the letters and telegram above
  • b- Aug 4, 1879 in Exeter, ON
  • d- July 25, 1930, on his farm from a stroke, age 50
  • Son of Robert Lang and Elizabeth Wells
  • He was a farmer, rancher, and politician
  • Represented Humboldt from 1917-1921, as a Unionist Party Member
  • Educated in Manitoba.
  • Served in the 2nd Boer War
  • Family farmed near Oak Lake MB until his father died.
  • Family traveled to Saskatoon in 1885.
  • 1886 they moved to Allan SK.
  • Served 7 years on town council for Allan.
  • Commended the 65th Overseas Battalion
  • part of the CEF, that served in France and Belgium during WWI.
  • Married Jean MacDonald in 1920.
  • Jan 1910, Norman Lang was one of the First Council Members of the RM of Blucher #343, He represented Division 1.

R. J. Moffat
Robert John Moffat

  • b- Jan 20, 1873 in ON
  • d- Feb 12, 1941
  • buried in Bradwell Menonite Cemetery
  • Robert John Moffat was the FIRST Reeve of RM of Blucher #343
  • 1911 he was shown as a merchant, Scotch Presbyterian
  • He was part of the Farmers Union Committee that campaigned to form the Sask Wheat Pool.
  • Became Managing Director of Sask Wheat Pool
  • Moffat PL named after this man in Bradwell

Married Jane Clare “Jennie” Hutcheon

  • b- Mar 3, 1875 in ON
  • d- Feb 9, 1970
  • buried in Bradwell Mennonite Cemetery


  • son- Robert Moffat
  • b- Mar 1906 in MB
  • d-
  • son- Maurice? Moffat
  • b- Apr 1909 in SK
  • d-
  • daughter- Mary? Moffat
  • b- Jan 1911 in SK
  • d-
  • daughter- Jean Clare Moffat
  • b- July 14, 1920
  • d- Mar 10, 1924
  • buried in Bradwell Mennonite Cemetery

Bradwell Co-op Store closed in late 1980's

Bank of Hamilton was at Bradwell, ca 1911.

American Lumber and Supply Co. was in Bradwell, ca 1908.

Bradwell Post Office History

  • Federal Electoral District: Rosthern (SK)
  • Office opened Jan 1, 1906
  • Section 30, Township 34, Range 2, W3
  • Office closed May 30, 1986
  • Office name changed Dec 1, 1908 from Sunny Plain
  • NW 1/4 Sec.28, Twp.34, R.2, W3

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
Stephen Noble Wilson 1906-01-01 1906-09-10 Resignation
R. F. Moffatt (see below) 1907-05-01 1912-11-05 Dismissal, Political Partisanship
John Laurent 1912-11-22 1916-10-27 Resignation
Otto Sigfrid Olson Apr 1889 1916-11-22 1937-11-30 Resignation
Fred Gallagher Oct 3,1897 1938-03-31 1946-04-20 Resignation
Henry Donald Pryor Aug 22, 1897 1946-06-28 1964-08-21 Retirement
Mrs. Ann Emily Pryor 1967-08-22 1974-09-21 Retirement
Mrs. Elaine R. Dunn 1974-09-21 1986-05-30 Closed

Post Office Information Disclaimer: This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced, nor as having been made in affiliation with, or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada. The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

Genealogy Information from Names Above:

Stephen Noble Wilson

  • my best guess
  • b- Sept 5, 1860 at Armow, Bruce Co. ON
  • d- Apr 30, 1947 at Vancouver BC, age 86
  • son of Austin Wilson and Mary Shufelt

R. F. Moffat

  • I think this is Robert John Moffat
  • could be son, brother, father?
  • Brock Carlton was Sec-Treasurer of the RM, living in Bradwell.
    • son of Thomas B. Carlton and Caroline
    • Brock died Feb 11, 1981.
  • Thomas B. Carlton was the first Sec-Treasurer of the RM
  • Bradwell was in the Humboldt Dominion Electric District.
  • They had Telephones, Bradwell Rural Telephone Co., Agent for Sask. Government Telephone Co., CN Telegraphs and Express, and Public, and High School.
  • James Acres- Garage
  • A. Reis- Garage
  • Brock Carlton- Broker
  • R. J. Smith- Brokers
  • Harry H. Chapman- Barber, Billiards and Confectionary
  • Mrs. V. M. Hancock- Boarding House
  • Ben Cook- Hotel Keeper and Machine Agent
    • Son- Benjamin Dean Cook
      • b- ca 1922
      • d- Mar 7, 1942 at Vanscoy SK, age 20
      • buried in Bradwell Cemetery
    • son- Henry Cook
    • son- Doris Cook
    • Ben Cook's homestead was on a big hill just outside Bradwell
    • Bradwell Hotel, Lot 3,4 & 5, in block 6, Plan AD 71 on Struan St.
    • He built the first Hotel
  • Edward Baldwin- Farm Implements
  • Henry D. Cook- Machine Agent
  • John McCallum- Machine Agent
    • b- Nov 1879, in ON
    • wife- Mable McCallum
      • b- Nov 1888
    • daughter- Jennie McCallum
      • b- Oct 1909, in SK
    • family living here in 1911
    • John McCallum was the FIRST Overseer of Bladwell
  • Roy S. Jones- Blacksmith
  • Robert J. Moffat- General Store
  • Otto Sigfrid Olson- General Store
    • b- Sept 1889, in USA
    • son of Augest Olson, and his wife, both born in Sweden
  • J. A. Vinet- Meats
  • Monarch Lumber Co.
  • North American Supply Co. Ltd.
  • North Canada Lumber Co. Ltd.
  • Dr. Orson E. Rublee- Physician
    • McGill graduate from Sherbrooke PQ
    • Had a daughter Jean Elizabeth Kallio, nee Rublee, (Army Medical Corps).
    • son Jack Rublee also a Doctor
    • son- Pilot Officer, William Orson “Bill” Rublee, RCAF,
    • received DFC, J.16205, no 150 Squadron
    • They had a total of 6 sons, and 2 daughters, so I am missing some.
    • Dr. O. E. Rublee came in 1908.
    • His wife died in 1918 during the Flu epidemic
  • Saskatchewan Co-Operative Elevator Co. Ltd.
  • Pioneer Grain Co. Ltd.
  • State Elevator Co. Ltd.
  • Western Elevator Co. Ltd.

In 1936 the Bradwell man was found From radio carbon testing at the University of Saskatchewan in 1970, the skeleton, with skull, has been proved back 5,000 years. It was found in a Bradwell gravel pit while they were doing road work. dated to 2,800 BC +-75 years. In 1970 these were the oldest bones found in Saskatchewan. Bones were found by Pius Fischer, who still lived in the Bradwell area in 1970. Found at an elevation of 1,890 ft.. Numerous eagle claws were found nearby, probably from a necklace, and a small piece of flint, and a chipped scraper. He was 40-45 years old, approx 5 ft 8“ tall 1986 the skull was stolen, and later found and returned.

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