Northgate, Saskatchewan, Canada

Located on the North side of the US/Canada Border, just East of Saskatchewan Highway #9
Referred to as Northport on some maps

On Section 6, Township 1, Range 2, West of the 2nd Meridian

Latitude- 49° 00' 00“ N
Longitude- 102° 16' 02” W

1841 ft elevation

Part of RM of Enniskillen #3
which was named after a place in Northern Ireland

Map of Kopperud Church and Mellom farm, with coalmine area shown
Part of My Dad's 1927 Map showing Northgate

Northgate came into being with the coming of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad Oct 14, 1913,
connecting Northgate to Regina SK., see below

Northgate at various times in it's history, hosted a Post Office, Grocery Store,
Customs and Immigration Offices, Railway Station, Train Round House, Railway repair shops,
Quarantine Barn, and Pens, a School, a Hotel, and of course homes.

I remember the store, as in the mid 60's, I was a swamper on the Grundeen Creamery delivery truck from Estevan.
Northgate store was our 2nd last stop. North Portal was our last stop before heading back to Estevan.
This was a full day delivery, from before dusk, to after dark.

First Junior Red Cross Society in the World was created here Oct 7, 1915.

CBSA Agency, Canada Customs Office #613, at Northgate
US Customs-
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Northgate School District #4006

Northgate Post Office

Locations of the Post Office:
SE 1/4 Sec.6, Twp.1, R.2, W2
Sec.6, Twp.1, R.2, W2 - 1914-07-01
Federal Electoral District: Moose Mountain (Saskatchewan)
Opened July 1, 1914

Post Master History

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
Henry Edward Hinsvark (see below) July 1873 1914-07-01 1919-06-16 Resignation
Mrs. H. C. Thompson 1919-07-30 1929-06-08 Resignation
Mrs. Eva Caroline Lees 1880 1929-09-25 1931-07-13 Resignation
Miss Freda Winnifred Robertson 1931-12-09 1934-01-31 Resignation
Mrs. Freda Winnifred Swenson (Re-appointed) 1934-05-30 1940-08-10 Resignation
Mrs. Merle Virginia Robertson 1940-09-08 Acting -
1940-10-04 1943-01-22 Resignation
Mrs. Annie Junas 1943-01-31 Acting -
1943-03-12 1943-11-08 Resignation
Mrs. Ethel Geraldine Olsen 1943-11-23 Acting -
1944-02-24 1945-10-25 Resignation
Dalbert Harold Friedrick 1945-10-31 Acting -
1946-04-18 1977-07-01 Retirement
Mrs. Linda D. Jones 1977-07-01 - -
Miss Agnes Mygaard ? ? Cancelled
Miss Ethel Williams ? ?

Source- Library and Archives Canada
This reproduction is not represented as an official version of the material reproduced
or as having been made in affiliation with, or with the endorsement of, Library and Archives Canada

Henry Edward Hinsvark
First Postmaster
b- July 1873 in Decorah, Iowa, USA,
d- Dec 3, 1930 Santa Rosa, Sonoma, CA,
Buried in Bethlehem Lutheran Cemetery, Santa Rosa CA.
Immigrating to Canada in 1903
Shown as Pumpman in 1919 in Northgate, heading to Clear Lake, SD to visit his father
Moved back to US in 1921
Norwegian nationality, Lutheran,
Occupation Farmer in 1911
married Marie “Mary” C. Hinsvark, nee Stockstad 1902
b- Aug 1882 in Maine USA
d- bef 1930
children, Simone, Bernice, Louisa, and a son, Marian June Johnson

Top of map shown, is West, North is right side of page
Street names assigned:
North-South from Railway Ave East
Canada Ave.
Northern Ave.
Western Ave.
Prairie Ave.
Pacific Ave.
Dakota Ave

School/ Public land in the middle

East-West from South side
Boundary St
(Actual Canada American Border,
South is USA, North is Canada
All streets below surveyed in Canada)
King St.
Centre St.
Queen St.
Saskatchewan St.

Sgt Alfred Perry Larson presumed dead Aug 1943, son of Knut Larson, Northgate SK.

Scout Hill History and Map
Located on the Grand Trunk Railroad / CNR /

Regina-Boundary Branch Line

GTPR Regina Boundary Branch Line

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1920 era Cummins Map showing land owners

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