Glen Ewen

Glen Ewen, Saskatchewan, Canada

Village Status

Latitude: 49°12'26.24“ N
Longitude: 102° 0'48.52” W

Located on SE Section 13, Township 3, Range 1, W2 in S.E. Saskatchewan

1824 ft above Sea Level

Located on the Canadian Pacific Rail Line, between Oxbow and Carnduff

Village was founded March 24, 1905 by a Railroad worker, and Glen Ewen's First Postmaster, Thomas Ewen, who came in 1882.

Apr 5, 1904 elections for First Overseer were held.

Located in RM of Enniskillen

Part of My Dad's 1927 Map showing Glen Ewen

in 1927, Elevator, Post Office, Telegraph station and Gas Station

the map shows the Souris River coming up from the south and heading back down south

Map caption says highway 39, but my mistake, should read Highway 18
Highways were quite a bit different back then.

Sept 1903 Elevators in Glen Ewen
Northern Elevator Co.- capacity 25,000 bushels
Imperial Elevator Co.- capacity 25,000 bushels
Andrews & Gage- capacity 25,000 bushels
Lake of the Woods- capacity 40,000 bushels
Colonial Elevator Co.- capacity 40,000 bushels
Crown Elevator Co.- capacity 60,000 bushels
McLaughlin & Ellis- capacity 25,000 bushels

Post Office History

Federal Electoral District: Moose Mountain (SK)
S0C 1C0
Office opened Nov 1, 1890
Section 16, Township 3, Range 1, W2
Moved 122 yards southeast of old location - Mar 9, 1970
Section 13, Township 3, Range 1, W2

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
Thomas Ewen (see below) 1890-11-01 1894-12-26 Resignation
Alexander Cowie Walker (see below) 1895-04-01 1897-12-07 Resignation
G. R. Preston (see below) 1898-05-01 1909
James Maxwell Foster Jr. (see below) 1910-01-04 1917-12-17 Death
Mrs. Margretta Foster (see below) Aug, 1888 1918-01-22 1944-11-10 Resignation
Mrs. Vera Winnona Hill Oct 19, 1897 1945-02-01 1947-05-19 Resignation
William Stone Cannon OAS 1947-09-09 Acting
1947-12-10 1977-04-30 Promotion
Donald M. Spencer 1977-04-29 1983-10-24 Retirement
Mrs. Mary Ellen Benjamin 1983-10-25 Term Assignment

Additional Information:
Semi-staff Grade 1 - 1966-07-01
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nor as having been made in affiliation with, or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada.
The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

Postmaster Genealogy and Bios
Thomas Ewen, First Post Master
b- 1844 in Aberdeenshire, Scotland
d- 1909 age 65
came west in 1882 from Fergus ON
wife- Eleanor Mitchell
b- 1844
d- 1893
they had 8 children

Alexander Cowie Walker
b- Nov 2, 1861 in Scotland
immigrated in 1882
wife- Margaret Walker, nee Chisholm
b- Mar 18, 1866 in Scotland
son- James Walker
b- June 8, 1897 in Assa, NWT (SK)
Jeannie Chis Nolin
b- Aug 16, 1903 in Glen Ewen
Alexander Cowie Walker (jr)
b- Apr 20, 1906 in Glen Ewen

G. R. Preston
1901 says George H. Preston
b- Mar 5, 1867 in ON, age 34
Presbyterian, Farmer
there was a Thomas and Andrew Preston
in the area as well

James Maxwell Foster (jr)
b- Mar 4, 1881 in Glasgow Scotland
d- Dec 17, 1917 in Glen Ewen
Lot 10, block 5 in 1911 in Glen Ewen
immigrated in 1885
wife- Marguerita Foster, nee ? (Margretta?)
b- Sept 1886 in England
immigrated in 1904
daughter Hellen Foster
b- June 1910 in SK

father- James Foster
mother- Elizabeth Dickson

Famous People from Glen Ewen
Marj Mitchell,
d- Oct 18, 1983, from cancer, age 35.
Skip of World Championship Curling Team in 1980
and entered into Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame, in 1981,
She was born in Glen Ewen
Her parents Hugh and Muriel

Church Info
St. Angus United Church celebrated 70th Anniv.
ca Oct 21, 1970, so the Church
would be built ca 1900.
early 1890's church services took place
in Maple Grove School,
a school in the east Glen Ewen District,
by Rev. John Cairns.
Feb 1899 Services were held in T. R. Preston's Store,
by Rev. T. R. Scott.
Feb 11, 1900 the Presbyterian church was opened,
with Mrs. Scott from Oxbow in charge.


William Pirie
b- ca 1877, Glasgow, Scotland
d- June 18, 1939 in Regina Hospital, age 62,
buried in Hope Cemetery, in Glenavon area.
Glen Ewen Pioneer. Came to Canada in 1893.
Lived in Ottawa for several years,
before homesteading at Glen Ewen in 1899.
Became trustee of the Poplar School District #801 for 12 years.
wife- Rebecca Sarah Dale, b- 1870- d- 1968
married Apr 27, 1903 at Oxbow SK
4 daughters, 2 sons.
William's father- Gordon Pirie
mother- Elizabeth

Andrew Walker
b- Apr 18, 1875 in Straggles, New Machar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. d- Mar 1966 in Regina, SK buried in Kisbey SK married Helen Estella “Nellie” Atkinson b- 1879 in Glamis, Bruce Co, ON. d- July 25, 1978 Senior Citizens Village, Stoughton SK buried in Kisbey SK Feb 6, 1901 in Glen Ewen Homesteaded NE of Glen Ewen they moved to Alameda in 1911. they had 10 children.

Glen Ewen Burial Mound
near Glen Ewen, was carbon dated between 730 and 840 AD, from charred wood samples.
Similar mounds were built by Assiniboia Indians.
It is located very close to the US Border, 20 miles SE of Glen Ewen.
It is protected by the Province of Saskatchewan.
No remains or artefacts have been found in the mound.
Relics, and Teepee rings still exist.
It is thought this mound was created by a Cree Indian tribe
or possibly a Sioux tribe from the south.
50 rings, and 15-20 mounds have been found in the area.
Height of each mound is only 1/2 a meter, with a depression in the middle.
They were discovered as early as 1888. by Thomas Scott, John Milne and William Dowkes
Main conical mound 50 ft diameter, 1.5 ft high.
Four linear mounds about 12 ft wide,
leading to more conical mounds.
49° 01' N Lat, 101° 58' 20” W Long
Lat 43.259235 - Long 172.089452

Dr. Tom F. Kehoe was the archaeologist on the site. 6 hectare site.

Glen Ewen- ca1920-21

Population= 175

Canadian Elevator Co. Ltd.
International Elevator Co. Ltd.
Lake of the Woods Milling Co. Ltd.
Western Elevator Co. Ltd.
Winnipeg Elevator Co. Ltd.

Imperial Hotel- Koi Tom Proprietor

(Michael Joseph Ruddy, Hotel Keeper in 1911)

Misc. Business
Elwin Chambers- Coal, Wood Dray and Transfer
b- Aug 1886, in ON
Methodist farmer in 1911
wife- Edith Chambers, b- Dec 1889 in ON
son- Earl Chambers, daughter Susan Verna
both born in SK

Eric Orlin Chappell- Implement Dealer
b- Aug 9. 1905 in Oxbow SK
father- Eric Orlin Chappell, b in USA
mother- Sarah Henrietta Hutchenson

John W. Ewen- Feed Stable
b- Aug 1875 in ON
1911 he was farming Sec 21, Tsp 3, Rge 1, W2
wife- Norma Ewen, nee Ewing
daughters Gertrude Anna Ewen, and Norma Ewen
both born in SK

John W. Hill- Hardware Store
I believe he went by Jack Hill

Thomas W. McBride- Meat and Grocery Store
b- Dec 1877 in ON
Hotel Butcher in 1911, Methodist, Single

E. McIlmoyl- Drugs, Real Estate, Justice of the Peace
Ephraim “Eph” McIlmoyl was enumerator in 1911 census
he married Marie Weinrauch
they had one daughter I know of
Grace Margaret McIlmoyl, b- June 30, 1907 in Glen Ewen

Albert A. Malcolm- Garage

W. D. Matheson & Co- General Store

Mitchell & Dawson- Implements and Harness

William Rodgers- Auto Livery
b- Feb 1872, in ON
1911, farmer on Sec 36, Tsp 3, Rge 1, W2, Single, Baptist

P. H. Thompson- Barber and Billiards Room

Thomas “Tom” Veitch- Blacksmith
b- Jan 29, 188, Sunnyside Midlothian, Scotland
d- 1967
wife- Mabel Isabelle Massie, b- 1888, d- 1927
they arrived in Glen Ewen in spring 1913
original blacksmith Dave Dowkes

William Wayling- Auto Livery

Anglican and Pre byterian

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