Mount Green

Mount Green, Saskatchewan, Canada

Located at Section 22, Township 1, Range 13, W2

SW of Torquay SK

Part of My Dad's 1927 Map of this area.

Post Office in 1927

Post Office History
Mount Green
Federal Electoral District: Weyburn (SK)
Office Opened Jan 15, 1908
Section 24, Township 1, Range 13, W2
Office closed Oct 15, 1943

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
Charlie W. Reynolds (see below) 1908-01-15 1912 Resignation
Charlie W. Brooks (see below) 1912-08-15 1917-12-04 Resignation
G. Grosvenor 1918-06-10 1929-10 Resignation
Clifton Charles Shultz (see below) OAS Apr 6, 1894 1930-09-11 1934-10 Resignation
Richard James Groshong 1934-11-15 1943-09-10 Resignation

Additional Information:
Sec.22, Twp.1, R.13, W2
SW 1/4 Sec.26, Twp.1, R.13, W2
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First Postmaster- Charles “Charlie” W. Reynolds
b- Nov 1846 in ON
shown as Baptist farmer in 1911

daughter- Ellen Reynolds
b- Feb 1887 in ON

Charles “Charlie” W. Brooks
b- Feb 1873 in ON
wife- Anna Brooks
b- Apr 1879 in ON
Verna C. Brooks
b- Dec 1904 in ON
Anna M. Brooks
b- July 1906, in ON
Charles T. Brooks
June 1909 in ON

Clifton Charles Shultz
b- Apr 6, 1894 in Godfrey, ON
d- Apr 1, 1969, New Westminster, BC, age 74
Methodist, enlisted in Kingston ON, Jan 19, 1918.
wife- Verna Christina Brooks
father- Alvia Shultz
mother- Rachael Reynolds
son- Leslie Clifton Shultz
b- Mar 12, 1927 in Mount Green SK
d- Dec 26, 1977 in Murrayville, BC
married Margaret Amelia May


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