Griffin, Saskatchewan, Canada

Official Hamlet Status

Location Section 28- Township 8- Range 11- W2

Latitude 49° 40′ 0″ N
Longitude 103° 26′ 2″ W

Located at the crossroads of the CPR Mainline, and the Grand Trunk Regina-Boundary Branch Line

In Rural Municipality of Griffin #66

Part of my Dad's 1927 Map of this area.

Origin of the Name

Griffin was named after Frederick T. Griffin, CPR Land Commissioner,

Frederick Thomas Griffin
b- Oct 29, 1853 at Waterdown, ON,
d- Saturday, May 18, 1935 at his residence, 6 Aynesley Court, Winnipeg, MB, age 81
He succeeded L. A. Hamilton as CPR Land Commissioner, doing the job for 22 years, then 5 more as an adviser.
He was Land Commissioner for the Canada North-West Land Company until 1931 when he retired.
Married Edna Edward Walker in Sept 25, 1878 in York, ON
b- Feb 1, 1856, Toronto, ON, d- June 21, 1930 in Homewood Sanitarium, Guelph, ON.
daughter of Charles Walker, b- Ireland, and Mary Jeffrey, b- England
Fred and Edna had 3 sons:
Frank F. Griffin, Gerald H. Griffin, and Arthur L. Griffin who died in 1916, serving as a Captain in CEF.
Fred was the 2nd son of James Kent Griffin,
b- Waterdown ON.
d- Seattle WA age 87.
His father was a Contractor and Inventor.
In 1854 James Griffin built the Road from Hamilton to Waterdown, and it was known as the “Griffin Road”
He invented the “Griffin Mill” a type of Rotating Pendulum Mill, used in the grinding of soft ore.
His Great-Grandfather was Richard Griffin, a United Empire Loyalist.
Who left Dutchess Co, New York in 1780, and settled on a farm, which became part of Grimsby ON
Fred had 3 sisters, and 2 brothers.

Located on the Grand Trunk Railroad / CNR /

Regina-Boundary Branch Line

GTPR Regina Boundary Branch Line

Post Office History
Office Name: Griffin
Electoral District: Moose Mountain (Saskatchewan)
Established Sept 1, 1906
Dwelling owned by Postmaster - 1957-11-18
Private Building
S0C 1C0
Sec.2, Twp.9, R.11, W2 - 1906-09-01
Sec.21, Twp.8, R.11, W2

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
R. B. Charlton 1906-09-01 1907-08-09 Resignation
B. A. Tedford 1907-10-01 1910-06-14 Resignation
Reginald Grayson 1910-07-12 1912-08-30 Resignation
Mrs. Wilhelmina Tonge 1912-10-24 1939-07-19 Death
James Morley Tonge 1887-03-09 1939-07-26 Acting
Albert Leonard Anderson 1884-09-27 1940-10-08 1950-01-09 Death
Mrs. Anna Ross Anderson 1879-03-10 1950-01-09 Acting
Herbert Clay 1952-02-15
Mrs. Lynn Naylor 1978-06-30
John R. Naylor 1978-07-01

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nor as having been made in affiliation with, or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada.
The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

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