Thornhill, British Columbia, Canada

Heritage Day, Terrace BC, 2019
Saturday, February 23rd, 2019, 1pm - 4pm
Opening Ceremonies at 1:30pm
Terrace Arena Banquet Room
This year’s theme - “Heritage: The Tie That Binds Us”
Presented by Terrace Regional Historical Society

Free Genealogy Lookup Offer,
For Those that Attend the Event

I plan on attending again this year, please stop and say Hi
This year I will be taking submissions of Names, and any known Information on those Names,
And I will do free lookups for as much info I can find for those names.
No Promises on what pops up, if anything.
One name per person please, and I will tell you up front if I think I have a chance on locating any info.
I specialize in England, Canada and US, but some other countries can be looked at,
But language barrier for me, makes that less of a chance to find the person.
Note- I do not research names from last 50-60 years usually, as due to privacy reasons there isn't much available.
But old newspapers might reveal something on them?
I will research the names at home, after the event, and send what I find, if anything.
So bring your name to search, and email address
That I will then Digitally send the Information I find to.

This might include census pictures, etc, so an email address that will handle the larger files would be great.
Never know what I might find!
And there will be $0 cost to you no matter what.
You will get a good couple hours research from me in any event.
See you there!

Thornhill is an Unincorporated area, part of Kitimat-Stikine Regional District.

Area named after an early Pioneer to this area,
Thomas Job “Tom” Thornhill
b- 1855 in Kent England
d- July 15, 1910 in Prince Rupert, BC, age 55
buried on Garden Island, Prince Rupert

Memorial in Thornhill located off of Queensway Dr, just south of the Old Bridge approach from Thornhill.

ca 1907 Thornhill sold off some his property at Little Canyon to Charles W. D. Clifford
Note- Little Canyon the site of the Old Skeena Bridge, is named after the word “Little” the opposite of Big!

June 12, 1908 He was elected Commissioner for taking affidavits in the Supreme Court,
for the purpose of acting under the Provincial Election Act in the Skeena Electoral District until Dec 31, 1908

The area he lived at was referred to as Thornhill's Landing

Thornhill is just East, of Terrace BC, separated by the Skeena River.

In my history pages, when I say Terrace, I include Thornhill. And vice-versa.

Aerial, Thornhill
Intersection Highway 16 and Old Lakelse Lake Rd
Courtesy Brian Wolfe Collection

My Personal Opinion on Terrace-Thornhill Amagalmation

Full Disclosure- I live in Terrace, but lived in a trailer court in Thornhill, almost on top of the Tom Thornhill Monument spot, for a couple years before moving into this house. Anybody asked me where I lived, Terrace was the answer. Funny thing if you asked 100 people in Vancouver where Terrace and Thornhill were, only a few would know. We think we are a big wheel here, and we are barely a bump in the road!

Thornhills amalgamation with Terrace, has been an on going battle for years now. Not to get real political, this page is to acknowledge the existance of Thornhill, for history purposes.

As far as I am concerned we are all in the same boat, why have one set of oars facing one way, and another set facing the other?

It comes down to the divide and conquer thing, and if we were one, we would have way more power in the political world in my eyes. I think Victoria likes to see us divided.

In 2017 it even got so low, it came down to a big fight over signs entering the area on Highway 16! We can't even seem to agree to greeting signs? The most benign thing in the world. Now the Terrace bunch were stupid in not including Thornhill, Remo etc in their new sign. Then Thornhill went overboard the other way in my opinion. It took a letter to the Editor of the Local newspaper from a lady in Thornhill, to finally set the right tone, and they came up with a gentleman's agreement on the signs. But why not ONE SIGN with ALL the names, was that too hard for the great leaders of the Kingdom to figure out? Maybe in alphabetical order?, or draw names from a hat? ONE sign on each road entering the area??
Now I am not that smart of a person, no fancy degrees behind my name, not elected for even a Dog Catcher, but this makes sense to me. If we can't get along on some signs, how can we get along on anything else that might be important like a new hospital? We wonder why there are wars in the rest of the world??

In my personal opinion, it is time for the Provincial Government to step in and combine the whole thing with a new name for all. I suggest “Heaven” as the new name, who wouldn't want to go to Heaven to live or visit? Maybe those taking sides on the sign issue, would want the opposite name?
Enough of the Divisions, enough of the power trips!
King/Queen of Terrace Kingdom, and King/Queen of Thornhill Kingdom can maybe unite as one, once and for all! What is next toll highway to cross thru each others territory? One Local Government, combine it all, has to be cheaper for all the taxpayers. But everybody has their little “Kingdoms” to protect! Time to grow up on both sides of the river! Big cities still have the smaller sections, or subdivisions, but one main name. Time for “Heaven” name, and I am not even religious!! Imagine press we would get with that name?

Little Canyon (Sipkiow)

Skeena River

Ext Link-,_British_Columbia

His photo at Little Canyon, from BC Archives site


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