Goodwater, Saskatchewan, Canada

Village Status

Original name Juell
named after John Juell Sr., an early settler, born in Norway Sept 1858.
renamed by CNR surveyors, due to Good Water found at a depth of 12 ft.
(per History book, link below)

When the train was running here, it was 12 miles West of Elswick, 112 miles SW of Maryfield
Originally on the Canadian Northern Line, completed thru Goodwater ca 1910
June 6, 1919 this became the Canadian National Railway

Latitude- 49° 23' 40“ North
Longitude- 103° 42' 18” West

Located at SE Section 21, Township 5, Range 13, W2

Elevation 1896 ft.

In RM Lomond # 37

Part of My Dad's 1927 Map

1927- Post Office, Elevator, Telegraph Office, and a Gas Station.

School 1 -Shown on map-
Hoium School District #1376
NE Section 5, Township 6, Range 13, W2
formed in 1905, closed in 1954

My Aunt Gudrun Gesell, nee Hoium, was born in Goodwater SK. in 1913.
Her father- Botolf Hoium, born in Norway,
mother- Sonneva Bothun

School 2 - Shown on map-
Sunnyside School #3644
SE Section 6, Township 6, Range 12, W2

Post Office History
Federal Electoral District: Moose Mountain (SK)
Office Opened- Mar 1, 1911
in the store
Sec.21, Twp.5, R.13, W2
Office Closed- Nov 22, 1985

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
Edward E. McIntyre (see below) 1911-03-01 1911-10-17 Resignation
Edgar Austin (see below) 1912-04-01 1913-06-10 Resignation
Robert B. “Bob” Peters (see below) 1913-07-23 1913-11-06 Resignation
Joseph M. “Joe” Richardson 1913-12-15 1914-09-15 Resignation
Thomas E. Shaw 1914-10-31 1915-01-26 Resignation
James G. “Jim” Sanderson Sept 1885 1915-04-01 1953-03-16 Resignation
Clair Archibald Kelly 1953-04-01 Acting
1953-06-01 1954-07-19 Resignation
Norman Allan Lucas OAS 1954-08-18 Acting
1954-11-15 1960-10-11 Resignation
Willard Hamann 1960-10-21 Acting
1961-01-25 1969-04-01
John Wanner 1969-04-01 1982-04-03 Retirement
Mrs. Kathleen Ereth 1982-03-04 Acting
1982-03-17 1985-05-04 Resignation
Heather Gillingwater 1985-05-06 1985-11-22 Closed (LDOL)

Disclaimer- This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced,
nor as having been made in affiliation with, or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada.
The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

First Postmaster- Edward E. McIntryre
b- Aug 1878 in USA
owned the Hardware store in Goodwater

Edgar Austin
b- Aug 1870 in Cardiff registration district, Wales
wife- Mamie Lizzie “Maud” “Maude” Austin, nee Smith
b- Nov 1885 in England
daughter- Maud Austin
b- May 11, 1896 in RM of Wallace, MB
son- Edgar Sydney Austin
b- Apr 10, 1898 in RM of Saskatchewan, MB
daughter- Marion Austin
b- Feb 5, 1902 in Morden MB
son- Walter Austin
b- Feb 1905 in SK
daughter- Eddith Austin
b- Aug 1910 in SK

Robert B. “Bob” Peters
b- June 1882 in ON
Irish Farmer in 1911
wife- Sarah Peters, nee ?
b- Mar 1886 in ON
brother- Alfred James “Alf” Peters
b- Nov 2, 1885 in Spencerville, ON
homesteaded Sec 10, Twp 6, Rge 13, W2
served in WWI, Hardware Merchant in Goodwater
when he enlisted Feb 17, 1916 in Weyburn
sister Sarah Addi Peters shown as next of kin.
Reg # 925362
sister- Sarah Addie Peters
b- Feb 1873 in ON
1911 all 4 above living on Sec 16, Twp 6, Rge 13, W2

Addie and Alfred lived above the store in Goodwater.
Robert and Sarah sold their home to Henry Foss in Goodwater

Robert and Sarah had a daughter
Florence Harriet Peters
b- ?
d- May 18, 1914
plus another baby who died as an infant
both children buried at Colgate SK

They all moved to Radville, then Regina.

Goodwater ca 1920-21

Population= 105, farmers in District= 150

Telephones, CNR Telegraph, CNR Express

Rogers Lumber Yards Ltd.- Manager R. H. Brown

Frank Croft- Barber and Billiards

Kelly Hobbs Co, Central Merchants, General Store
photo courtesy Howard Roehle, grandson of Arthur Kelly Sr.
My grandfather was Arthur Kelly Sr. who first built a hotel in Brandon,
then one in Estevan . He went to Goodwater and started this store with Billy Hobbs.
He also started the store at Hardy SK that my Uncle Archie Kelly operated

Cordelia Erickson- Clerk in the store
T. Andrews- Employee in the store
Kelly and Hobbs family history in my Estevan Pages

Oswald Albert Evers- Blacksmith
b- June 1886 in South Dakota, USA,
d- ?
1900 living in Big Stone City, Grant, SD
Immigrated in 1905 to Canada
German, Lutheran
married Olive Foss, age 25 in 1916, b- USA, Norwegian
had at least one son Merlin Freemund Evers, b- SK, d- in BC
father- Ferdinand Evers
mother- Laura Evers
7 siblings for Oswald

Alex McKenzie - Implements, Meat, Flour, Feed

Lemon & Jordan Farm Implements

Richardson and Sanderson General Store

Stirton & McIntyre- Hardware & Garage
Edward McIntyre above
Edwin Stirton, b- Oct 1885 in ON, Tinsmith in 1911

Weyburn Security Bank- R. J. Hunt Manager
Elmer Fisher- Bank Clerk

North Star Elevator Co.
Sask Co-Op Elevator Co. Ltd.

History Books of this area
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Prairie Gold : R.M. of Lomond #37

The Village appears in a few books on Our Roots

Hoium School

Sunnyside School

Goodwater Cemetery

NE Section 17, Township 5, Range 13, W2
SE of Goodwater

Lomond RM #37 Cemeteries


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