Stellarton East Valley

Stellarton East Valley, Saskatchewan, Canada

Names found in a May 3, 1946 Leader Post article.

One theory this is actually “Taylorton East Valley” and the newspaper reporter had trouble with the Ukrainian accent of Peter Syrnyk.
This could very well be the truth, not sure where the S came from though?
All these collections of houses, shacks, and sheds, were considered to be Coalfields or Taylorton Village.

This was a collection of old houses in the Souris Valley, 2 miles south of Old Taylorton.

In 1936 there were 100 people living in the valley here.
I believe this area was officially called Coalfields but that is only a guess.
Most of the inhabitants here were Ukrainian nationality
Note- Spellings of names can be transcribed differently in many documents.

Names listed in this community:
Dmytro “Metro” Dzuba
b- 1882
d- Oct 16, 1952 in Bienfait SK, age 70
buried in Bienfait Civic Cemetery, Bienfait SK
His house was located on the old railroad roadbed to Roche Percee

his son lived with him:
Mike Dzuba
b- ca 1920
d- Feb 1, 1981 at Bienfait SK, age 60
Age 26 in 1946, wounded at Dieppe, joined the South Saskatchewan Regiment at Weyburn.

Peter Syrnyk (alt- Syrnik)
b- 1883 on headstone- (1889 per SK cemetery transcriptions) (ca 1886 per article?) at Bienfait SK?
d- Nov 7, 1957 at Bienfait, age 74
buried in Bienfait Civic Cemetery, Bienfait SK
Per article- age 60 in 1946 came to this area when he was 24, lived in his home here in 1946 starting in 1921
Peter lived across from Metro Dzuba
Reporter quoted him as to this proper name of this community during its hey-day

Peter's wife: Annie Syrnyk, nee ?
b- 1881
d- Feb 22, 1963
buried in Bienfait Civic Cemetery, Bienfait SK


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