Wauchope, Saskatchewan, Canada

Wauchope (pronounced “walk-up”) is an unincorporated community in the SE Saskatchewan.

At one point in time ca 1926 it was a Village status

Section 28, Township 7, Range 33, W1

Latitude: 49° 35' 59.99“ N Longitude: -101° 54' 1.19” W

Located between the towns of Manor and Redvers

24 miles East of Arcola

Located on Highway 13

1909- Wheat Pool plus a Purity flour Elevator
1926- Western Canada Elevator company here had its office safe robbed
2017 A Sask wheat Pool elevator still stood here

Convent of St. Anne located here
1961 they added a classroom for handicapped children

1918 tenders for extension work on the Wauchope Rural Telephone Co. lines- J. W. Nixon was acting Secretary
John Woodhams Nixon was also Justice of the Peace here in 1913
He was a veteran of WWI

Post Office History

Office Name: Wauchope
Electoral District: Moose Mountain (Saskatchewan)
Established- 1903-04-01
- Additional Information:
Private Building
S0C 2P0
Sec.28, Twp.7, R.33, W1 - 1903-04-01

Name of Postmaster Military
Date of
Date of
Date of
Cause of
Maurice Quennelle 1903-04-01 1906-09-24 Resignation
F. Berney 1906-12-06 1912-02-17 Non-residence of Postmaster
George Armitage 1912-05-20 1918-04-26 Resignation
Marcel Bourveur OAS 1919-04-30 1923-05-01 Resignation
Mrs. G. G. Bourveur 1923-06-30 1923-09-22 Resignation
Mrs. Alice Bernuy 1884-11 1923-12-08 1947-08-04 Resignation
George Emile Bernuy OAS 1948-04-23 1953-03-30 Resignation
Andre Delmaire OAS 1953-04-16 Acting -
Andre Delmaire OAS 1953-08-12 1979-12-29 Retirement
Mrs. Ida Delmaire 1979-12-28 Temporary -
Mrs. Ida Delmaire 1980-01-14 1980-04-12 Resignation
Julia Mae Belisle 1980-04-12 Temporary -
Julia Mae Belisle 1980-04-28 -

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Post Master Bios and Genealogy

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