Elmore, Saskatchewan, Canada

Unincorporated area

Located 12 miles from Gainsborough.

On Highway 6, Customs Port, straight south of Carievale
Sherwood ND on the American side
Elmore is the Most Easterly Port of Entry in Saskatchewan.

Section 1, Township 1, Range 32, W1

Lat - 49º 0' N
Long- 101º 38' W

In the middle of School District #148

From Oxbow history book,
Originally referred to as the Burke Settlement
as 7 burke Brothers settled there in 1883,
with Duncan McDougall and James Darouch.

Located on Antler Creek between Workman and Winlaw SK

Elmore Post Office History


Federal Electoral District: Assiniboia (SK)
Office Opened- July 1, 1887
Section 16, township 1, Range 31, W1
Closed- June 15, 1915
Closed when they started Rural Mail Delivery

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
John Fletcher Shillington 1887-07-01 1889-09-05 Resignation
Jacob George “Jake” Burke 1890-02-01 1915-06-15 Closed, Rural Mail Delivery

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John Fletcher Shillington, First Postmaster
b- Apr 2, 1861 in Stittsville, ON
d- Dec 1, 1947 at his home, 562 Langside St, Winnipeg MB, age 86
buried in Carnduff SK
son of John S. Shillington and Ann Kerfoot

He was paid $5.00 per year for his services in 1887, and $10 in 1888.

married first to Matilda Craig, Feb 2, 1881 in North Gower Township, Carleton Co, ON

married 2nd to Hannah Shillington, nee Garvin, Mar 12, 1884 in Goulbourn Township, Carleton Co. ON
b- Oct 1865 in Goulbourn Township, Carleton Co., ON
d- Dec 6, 1948 in Winnipeg MB

daughter- Annie Lottie Pearl Shillington
b- Apr 27, 1886 in Carberry, RM of North Cypress, MB
d- Jan 6, 1971 in Deloraine MB
married William Wallace Keeler

daughter- Gracy “Grace” Shillington
b- Mar 16, 1890, RM of Brenda, MB
d- in infancy 1897?

son- Vernie Garvin Shillington
b- July 16, 1893 in Stockton, RM of South Cypress, MB
served in WWI
d- Sept 20, 1974 in Carnduff SK

son- Harold Fletcher Shillington
b- Aug 15, 1894 in Stockton, RM of South Cypress, MB

son- Clifford Robert Shillington
b- May 30, 1896 in RM of Cameron, MB
d- Nov 1, 1978 in Carnduff SK

John and his 2nd wife, lived and farmed near Hartney MB then moved to Elmore SK in 1902.

Western Land Grant
NE Section 16, Township 1, Range 31, W1

1911 family on Section 2, Tsp 1, Rge 31, W1
Left the farm in 1926, to youngest son,
retiring at Winnipeg MB

Jacob George “Jake” Burke
married to- Jane “Jennie” (Hortena?) Hortnauer Smith
son- Delmer Smith Burke
b- Mar 24, 1901 in Elmore
son- Ronald Earl Burke
b- June 22, 1903 in Elmore
daughter- Gertrude Helen Burke
b- Feb 11, 1908 in Elmore

Daniel William Burke
lived in Elmore
married to Mary Agness Harkness
son Morton William Burke
b- Jan 26, 1907 in Elmore

Wesley Richard Burke
lived in Elmore
married Anne “Annie” Cameron
son- Gordon Malcolm Burke
b- Oct 7, 1901 in Elmore
son- Clinton Victor
b- Oct 8, 1903 in Elmore
daughter- Vera Margaret Burke
b- Nov 21, 1908 in Elmore

Albert Samuel Burke
lived in Elmore
married to Clara Watson
daughter- Alice Mary Burke
b- Mar 20, 1901

Alf Burke
married to Catherine Watson
son- Arnel Edward Burke
b- Nov 14, 1901 in Elmore

Joseph Burke
married to Ann Ramsey
son- Roscow Flewuyn Burke
b- Aug 28, 1899 in Elmore
daughter- Lula Gladys Burke
b- Aug 26, 1902 in Elmore

Donald McDougall
d- Apr 15, 1908 (my guess for this guy)
His will went to probate Arcola judicial district, 1908
married to Theressa McBrien
b- May 1835 in ON
daughter- Charlotte McDougall
b- Aug 1896 in ON
daughter- Alma Ruby McDougall
b- Jan 26, 1903 in Elmore
son- Roy Beverley McDougall
b- Feb 9, 1908 in Elmore
d- 1950 Edmonton AB ?

by 1911 these 3 children were shown as step children of James Purvis

Work Horses on D. McDougall's Farm, Elmore Assa.
picture in Nor'-West Farmer Newspaper Mar 21, 1904, Page 279

A Cyclone hit the Elmore District.
Barn of Donald Colquhoun was blown down, with 2 men in it, and one very seriously hurt,
and wasn't expected to live. Other buildings on the farm, plus his machinery, were all destroyed.
J. S. Shillington's barns, machinery and crops were destroyed.
His neighbour Mr. Brown lost his as well.
John W. Stevenson lost his barn, granary, machinery and crop.
John Carss suffered same loss as Stevenson.

500 persons attended a Homecoming Celebration
from Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, ND, BC, AB, MB and ON.
Dick Southam MP for Qu'Appelle-Moose Mountains,
attended, His wife Helen was a former Elmore resident.
Guests included former teachers of Elmore School.
Registers from as early as 1916 were on display.

Joe and Niame Kemaldean, who came from Lebanon, operated a store in Elmore
from 1924 to 1934, when they moved to Carievale

May 19, 1908, Hugh Campbell Darroch took out a patent,
Carrier Tightener for self binders, patent no 113331
the James Darrouch family moved to this area in 1882

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Some history from the District can be seen here


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