Viewfield, Saskatchewan, Canada

an Unincorporated Locality

Located on edge of SW Section 34, Township 6, Range 9, W2
and NW Section 27, Township 6, Range 9, W2

Latitude- 49º 31' N
Longitude- 103º 9' W

Elevation 1970 ft

In RM of Benson #35

1905- closest town when area first settled was Macoun, 20 miles away, bald prairie, no trees.

1913 the Grand Trunk Railroad came thru the area.
located at mile 19.4 of the Lewvan Subdivision

Village Subdivided- May 11, 1912

Part of my Dad's 1927 Map of this area.

In 1927- Elevator, Post Office, and Gas Station, and School

By 1928 the Village of Viewfield had 3 Elevators, a Store, Telephone System, Post Office, Blacksmith shop, and a Boarding House.

Elevator History

One Elevator was built on Section 34.

Security Grain Elevator Company of Winnipeg,
Had the First Elevator in Viewfield, this company was formed
To build elevators on the Grand Trunk Railway.

Next year the Western Grain Elevator was built.
First Operator of the Western Grain Elevator:
John Bouey, (see Post Office history)
His son Cecil took over after his death.

Cecil Lawrence Bouey
b- Sept 9, 1904, Hanna ND
d- Oct 30, 1995 in Estevan SK.
Buried in Souris Valley Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Estevan SK.
He Bought grain for the Western Grain Company
Later became the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Elevator in Viewfield
In 1942 he joined the RCAF, demobilized in 1946
Agent for Saskatchewan Wheat Pool at Roche Percee, for over 20 years
He was also Secretary of the Village. He never married.

In 1928, Saskatchewan Wheat Pool built their Elevator #773, last used in 1972, 35,000 bushel capacity.
25,000 annex added later.
by 1983 the Sask Wheat Pool elevator was only remaining elevator, but it was closed.

Dave McKnight built the First Store in the Village, after the railroad came thru.

ca 1917 the Rural Telephone system was installed.- Viewfield Rural Telephone Company

Located on the Grand Trunk Railroad / CNR /

Regina-Boundary Branch Line

GTPR Regina Boundary Branch Line

located on the Canadian National Railroad (CNR), between Huntoon and Benson

Cemetery / Church

Viewfield United Church

Viewfield Cemetery
NE Section 28, Township 6, Range 9, W2
Link below

View on Google Earth at- 49 30.063 N, 103 09.000 W
per Paul Hodgdon, Georgia USA, who just visited the area, (2015).
They also have a 'street view“
He commented it was extremely well maintained.
his note below-
“I was surprised how easy it was to find the place once I had done all the research that I should have done on my last attempt in 2013. As it turns out, the Stuckeys, when they came from Illinois in the 1920’s, probably traveled on the US-52 highway. It ran real close to where they came from in Illinois. US-52 terminates at North Portal, SK and from there Highway-47 goes north through Estevan and on to Stoughton. Along the way, between Estevan and Stoughton, the “Halbrite Road” (as it was called by the young lady in the Estevan tourist bureau), or #705, goes to the west. Just under six miles on #705 there is a well-maintained gravel road going north, and 0.4 miles up that road, on the left (west) is the cemetery.”


Viewfield School

Tait School District was started in 1905,
First Trustees, Bert Winters, Archie McCauley, and John Bouey

Post Office History

Viewfield Office
Federal Electoral District: Moose Mountain (SK)
Office Opened Aug 1, 1905
Sec. 28. Twp. 6, Rge. 9, W2
Closed Oct 29, 1966
due to no suitable applicants to run the Office

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
Archibald McAulay (see below) 1905-08-01 July 7, 1918 Death
John A. Bouey (Boney?) (see below) 1919-04-28 1921-04-19 Resignation
Harrison “Harry” Pattison (see below) 1921-06-27 1936-03-24
Raymond McAulay (see below) Sept 1, 1894 1936-03-24 Acting
Raymond McAulay 1936-05-16 Apr 6, 1947 Death
Robert John McKnight (see below) 1947-04-10 Acting
Robert John McKnight 1947-07-07 Aug 18, 1949 Death
Mrs. Nannie Alvhilda McKnight 1949-08-23 Acting
Mrs. Nannie Alvhilda McKnight 1949-10-18 1955-10-05 Resignation
Mrs. Alva Edith Knibbs 1956-01-08 Acting
Mrs. Alva Edith Knibbs 1956-03-22 1961-06-30 Resignation
Mrs. Wilma C. Ormstown 1961-10-01 1964-06-30 Resignation
Harlin Edward Stuckey (see below) OAS 1964-09-01 Acting
Harlin Edward Stuckey 1964-09-23 1966-10-24 Resignation

Disclaimer- This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced,
nor as having been made in affiliation with, or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada.
The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

Post Masters Bios, Genealogy

Archibald McAulay
b- 1847
d- 1918

Correction- “The correct spelling of the name is McAulay.
My Great Grandfather Alasdair McAulay
came with his family from North Uist Scotland in 1850.
They settled at Dundalk Ontario, and the boys came west,
as the land became available for homesteads.
Archibald is buried in Stoughton SK”
Photo and info above courtesy his grandson Archibald “Archie” McAulay
A further clarification from Archie
“Archibald's Father, my Great Grandfather Alasdair McAulay
remained at Dundalk Ontario until his death in 1870.
Archie B. McAulay, my father, is buried at Viewfield SK.
He was a farmer and did not operate the Post Office.

Archibald's son- Archie B. McAulay
b- July 4, 1889
d- July 19, 1965
buried in Viewfield Cemetery
One of the Original Settlers.
Post Office established at Archibald's Homestead in his home.
Once a week he would go to Macoun, 20 miles away, and haul the mail back.

Raymond McAulay
b- 1894
d- 1947
He was the son of the First Postmaster, and an Uncle, to my source, Archie McAulay.
He is buried in Viewfield Cemetery.

John A. Bouey
b- July 21, 1866 in ON
d- 1932
wife- Catherine McDonald
b- Aug 2, 1867
d- 1937
Charles “Charlie” F. Bouey,
b- Nov 14, 1887 in ON
Ernest O. Bouey,
b- May 2, 1890 in ON
John “Alex” Bouey,
b- Apr 6, 1892 in ON
Mary Ann Bouey,
b- Apr 1, 1894, Amabel, Bruce co. ON
James “Hector” Bouey,
b- Feb 28, 1898 in ON
Erma Bouey,
b- aft 1901 in ON
Cecil Bouey
b- 1905, in Hanna ND,
Percy Elmore Bouey
b- Dec 9, 1905 in a sod shack, Viewfield SK,
Gertrude Bouey
b- Viewfield District
Robert “Bob” Bouey
b- Viewfield District
Dorothy Bouey,
b- Viewfield District
Note- Archive record says John A. Boney, but I am almost positive it was Bouey,
and there is an error in official Post Office records.
also explains why I couldn't find John Boney!
John's siblings:
Neil, Angus, Hector, Allen, Alexander “Sandy”, William “Bill”, George, and only sister Annie.

I think John's father was
Alexander MacEachen Bouey,
b- May 20, 1840, Inverness Scotland
mother- Mary McAskill,
b- 1844

Grandfather- Neil Bouey
Grandmother- Catherine McIntyre
spelling Bowie in 1881 census

Harrison “Harry” Pattison
b- Aug 18, 1887 in Flint Michigan USA
d- Feb 19, 1947 in BC
only child of John and Elizabeth (nee Pierson) Pattison
married Mary Ruth Schofeld, Nov 18, 1918, at Stoughton SK
d- Sept 3, 1962 in BC
daughter of Albert and Sarah Schofeld
family moved to Viewfield in 1921.
Huntoon History book says Ruth ran the Post Office,
and operated the Telephone Switchboard.
Harrison worked on the railroad.
they moved to Griffin in 1945

Robert John McKnight
b- 1912
d- Aug 18, 1949

Harlin Edward Stuckey
b- ? Piper City, Illinois, USA
d- June 1967, age 62
Came to Viewfield with his parents in 1912
He attended school in Viewfield
Served with South Saskatchewan Regiment in WWII
father- Edward Stuckey
b- 1856
d- 1932
son of George Stuckney and Eliza Doble
mother- Adra Elizabeth Stuckey, nee Patterson
b- Nov 23, 1866, Bedford Co, Virginia, USA
d- 1962, age 95
buried Viewfield Cemetery
married in 1886
they had 3 sons and 5 daughters
Stuckeys buried at Viewfield
Mrs. Ed Stuckey was a midwife in the area.

Settlers, Early Pioneers

Mr and Mrs Lyle Hyde
son- Eldon Clifford Hyde
d- Apr 1962, age 34
buried in Greenacre Memorial Gardens, Weyburn
Eldon attended High school at Viewfield School
daughter- Isabelle Scharnatta, Midale

Otto Max Kater
b- In Germany
d- age 67
came to Canada in 1926
1933 he moved to his brother Ernest Kater's farm near Viewfield

ca 1919- A.F. Wanner, of the Real Estate Exchange, 203 Sterling Trust Building, Regina,
was locating a settlement of North Dakota farmers here

Bouey Family came from Bruce Co. ON

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Viewfield Cemetery records

History Book- Huntoon SK and area, 1900-1983

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