Gainsborough, Saskatchewan, Canada

Founded in 1894

Located at Section 33, Township 2, Range 30, WPM
on Highway #18, and Canadian Pacific Railway

Latitude- 49º 10' 36“ N
Longitude- 101º 26' 54” W

Elevation approx- 1,610 feet / 490.73 mtrs, above sea level

Gainsborough is the Oldest Incorporated Village in SK.

It is located in the Rural Municipality of Argyle #1

Origin of the Name
Named after Thomas Gainsborough
(christened May 14, 1727 – d- Aug 2, 1788)
He was an English portrait and landscape painter
Village was named by Jessee Johnson “Jim” Sadler, a Pioneer Settler of the district (1889), (see below)

Village located just north of Gainsborough Creek

alt spelling- Gainsboro

Post Office History

Original location- Opened Apr 1, 1884
Section 4, Township 3, Range 30, W1
Original Office Name - Antler

changed to Gainsborough- Sept 1, 1895
moved to Section 33, Township 2, Range 30, WPM
Postal Code S0C 0Z0
Federal Electoral District: Moose Mountain (SK)

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
H. F. Hosteler (see below) 1884-04-01 1892-07-30 Resignation
George Anderson 1892-10-01 1896-02-04 Resignation
Benjamin Burke (see below) 1896-04-01 1901-01-10
Robert Bruce Elliott (see below) 1901-03-13 1910-11-22 Resignation
Miss Mary G. Fraser (see below) 1910-12-31 1927-04-25 Retirement
George Alfred Slade OAS 1895-02 1927-08-31 1957-09-31 Retirement
Miss Eva Caroline Law 1900-08-15 1957-10-01 1968-03-31 Retirement
Arthur Joseph Wright 1968-04-01 1976-12-31 Retirement
Mrs. Ethel P. Shanks 1976-12-31 Temporary
W. Starie Cannon 1977-04-30 1979-07-28 Promotion
Mrs. Ethel P. Shanks 1979-07-27 Temporary
Mrs. Ethel P. Shanks 1979-11-05

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First Postmaster
Herman/Harmon Frederick Hostetter
b- Oct 1856 in Niagara Twp., Lincoln Co., Ontario, Canada,
d- July 6, 1925 in Welland Hospital, Welland, Lincoln Co., Ontario, Canada
One of 5 brothers who came to the Antler area
Jake and Charles came in 1892, Joe and Albert in 1893

George Anderson

Benjamin Burke
b- Mar 15, 1860 in Mariposa Township, Victoria Co, Lindsay, ON
d- Aug 21, (Aug 20?), 1927 in Gainsborough SK

Married Ida Jane Burke, nee Shatford, 1884 in Gainsborough SK
b- Aug 1871, in ON
d- ?

7 children I know of:
son- William Richard Burke
b- Dec 8, 1885, on Sec 28, Tsp 1, Rge 31, W1
daughter- Nettie Burke
b- Apr 19, 1887 at Gainsborough SK
daughter- Mildred Burke
b- July 18, 1889, at Gainsborough SK
daughter- Myrtle Burke (twin)
b- Jan 21, 1895 in SK
daughter- Eva Pearl Burke (twin)
b- Jan 21, 1895
daughter- Edna E. Burke
b- Oct 13, 1896 in SK
daughter- Lavina Evelyn Burke
b- Apr 1, 1899 in SK

7 Burke Brothers came in 1883 to the Elmore District,
south of Gainsborough, and was called the Burke Settlement

Robert Bruce Elliott
b- Sept 24, 1869 in ON
wife- Annie Elliott, nee Kinnear
b- Dec 16, 1869 in ON
3 daughters
Jean A. Elliott
b- Sept 15, 1895 in Assa (SK)
Helen E. Elliott
b- Mar 8, 1897 in Assa (SK)
Phyllis Marian Elliott
b- Oct 25, 1898 in Gainsborough, Assa (SK)

Miss Mary G. Fraser
b- Aug 1864, ON

George Alfred Slade
b- Feb 16, 1895, in Wallingford, England

son of J. T. Slade, Wokingham, Berkshire, England
Single, Store Clerk when he enlisted in Aug 1915 in WWI
79th Overseas Batt., reg #151924

Some Local Services
16 bed Gainsborough Union Hospital

Christ Anglican Church

Riverside Hotel

Rum Runners

ca 1921 there was a Boozorium in Gainsborough
Feb 22, 1921, 4 Omaha Nebraska men were charged with fraud, robbery and burglary charges.
Tom Kelly, J. F. Burns, Art Henshaw, and a J. B. Shelton had warrants issued in Omaha.
They had bought booze many times with no problem, then purchased $60,000.00 worth, their biggest purchase,
and used a forged certified cheque to pay for it.

Found Winnipeg Wine & Spirits Co. operating here ca Feb 1927
A RCMP Corporal F. W. J. Barker was investigating the Export House business,
and reported the Dominion Distributors, the Yorkton Distributors,
and the Regina Wine & Spirits Co all in one building,
with the sign Dominion Distributors displayed.
These 3 were all Bronfman companies.
Funny thing he was called off the investigation by the Customs Dept in Ottawa.

A famous Dr. Bill Hobbs painting, is the famous “40 Below Zero,”
which shows cars parked diagonally outside the local cafe in Gainsborough, Saskatchewan.
It beat out over 2,000 other entries to win a national contest in 1978.

Gainsborough 1920-21
9 miles east of Carievale

Telephone, CP Telegraph, and Dominion Express
Population= 275

Beaver Lumber Co. Ltd.

G. H. Boland, Drugs and Stationary
George Harvey Boland
b- 1892, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
d- 1967 at Gainsborough SK
married Sarah Helen Jupp,in 1919
b- Feb 14, 1899
d- May 14, 1977
daughter of George James Burton Jupp and Anne Jane Falis
had 2 children
Robert George Boland
b- Apr 4, 1925
d- Nov 8, 1943
Mary Jane Boland
b- Dec 19, 1926
d- June 5, 1993

Burke & Co, Hardware and Grocer (Railway Ave.)
Benjamin Burke owner- see above

Robert Carr, Blacksmith and hardware

Thomas Coates, Implement Dealer
b- Aug 1875 in ON
shown as an Engineer in 1911 census
wife- Emma Jane Coates, nee Burrill
b- Feb 1880, in ON
son, Nelson James Coates
b- Nov 30, 1899, in RM of Arthur, MB
son, John Thomas Coates,
b- Apr 7, 1906 in Gainsborough, SK
daughter, Reva Margaret Coates
b- July 22, 1902 in RM of Edward, MB

John Dodd, Garage

Duncan & Robb, General Store

Miss Mary G. Fraser, Postmistress (see above)

Dr. John D. Fyfe, Physician
b- July, 1867, Harriston (Guelph?) ON
(age 33 when he married 2nd time, living in Cypress River, MB at the time)
d- Dec 2, 1927, at Kenaston SK, age 61, from Heart disease
buried in Gainsborough Cemetery.

Son of Peter Fyfe and Jean Todd.
John left Gainsborough, and moved back to Bladworth.
Graduated from the Winnipeg Medical School in 1889.
established a practice in Bladworth SK in 1907.
Moved to Gainsborough in 1915.
After about 10 years moved to Senlac.
when he got ill he moved to Winnipeg to live with his sister,
Mrs. J. Corbett. a few weeks before he died
he moved back to Bladworth.

John was a widower when he married the 2nd time.
May 8, 1901 in Petrolia, Lambton Co, ON
2nd Wife- Maud “Maude” Olive Fyfe, nee Simmons,
b- May 1873, Petrolia, ON (age 27 when she married)
d- shortly after a stroke Apr 22, 1921
at their home in Gainsborough.
Buried in Gainsborough, Cemetery
Family came from Petrolia ON, 19 years prior, to Bladworth.
They came to Gainsborough about 8 years before 1921.
She was daughter of Oliver Simmons MP for West Lambton
and Laura Fisher.

They had 6 children, 4 boys, 2 daughters.
married daughter, Jean Laura Fyfe, Mrs W. S. Howard, lived in Winnipeg.
b- June 9, 1902, in Gainsborough, SK
daughter- Mary Fyfe, teacher
b- June 16, 1907, Bladworth, SK
eldest son, John Todd Fyfe, attended Univ of SK
b- Jan 20, 1904, at Gainsborough, SK
son Oliver Simmons Fyfe, Druggist at Brock SK
b- June 5, 1905 at Gainsborough SK
son, Lockhart D. Fyfe, at Colonsay
b- July 1909
youngest son, Charlie Fyfe, at school in Winnipeg in 1927.
b- ? aft 1911

Gordon Houston, Barber & Billiards
Gordon Houston
b- June 1894, Scotland Shown as a Barber in 1911 in Gainsborough
mother- Mrs Helen Houston
b- May 1858 in Scotland
brother to Gordon- Irvin L. Houston
b- July 1986, in Scotland
Irvin was an Elevator Man in 1911 in Gainsborough
sister- Peggy Houston
b- June 1889 in Scotland
Houston family immigrated in 1905

William Johnson, Butcher, Meat Market
Charlie Lee, Restaurant
Merchants Bank of Canada
Thomas Robson, Coal Dealer

J. J. Rusk, Implements and Grain Dealer
John James Rusk
b- 1878 in Gainsborough
d- 1971
son of Richard James Rusk and Margaret Ann Shaw
married Jean Eyres
O. A. Smith, Blacksmith

S. Sykes, Hotel
A Stewart A. Sykes was shown as a farmer in 1911
living in Carievale at that time.

Rachael Tanner, Boots and Shoes
T. Tanner, Harness, Boots, Shoes, and Auto Accessories
R. S. Warham, Grocer and Confectionery

Jessee “Jim” Johnson Sadler
named the village in 1889
b- Oct 11, 1845, Oldbury, Worcestershire, England (age 70 in 1961)
d- Mar 27, 1917 in Gainsborough SK. family immigrated in 1866 to Canada with 8 children, heading to Winnipeg MB.
son of James Sadler and Mary Ann Millership
wife- Susan Wills Sadler, nee Park
b- May 13, 1844, in England
d- Feb 18, 1922 in Estevan, SK son- Jesse J. Sadler
b- Dec 16, 1882 in Alverston Lanc., England (age 34 in 1916)
He served overseas in WWI

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Gainsborough Community Cemetery
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