Kingsford, Saskatchewan, Canada

Located on Section 5, Township 4, Range 6, West of 2nd Meridian

Lat- 49° 16' 00“ N
Long- 102° 47' 02” W

14 km/9 mi N, from Bienfait, and 13 km/8 mi S, from Lampman

In RM of Browning #34

Altitude 1914 ft

Situated on the Canadian National Railroad (CNR) between Lampman and Bienfait

Part of My Dad's 1927 Map showing Kingsford

In 1927 there was at least one Elevator, a Gas Station, and a Telegraph Office, besides the Post Office

Origin of the Name

From “A Tale That is Told”, Estevan History book-
“A loading platform was built beside the railway track near the Duncan Gates farmstead.
It was named Kingsford, partly for Kingston, Ontario, and partly for Kingsford, the poet,
since Lampman and Browning had each been named after poets.
The freight trains came through twice a week”

I would say it was named strictly after the Poet same as Lampman

Name of Post Office:

Federal Electoral District: Moose Mountain (Saskatchewan)

Opened Mar 1, 1917
Closed Aug 24, 1953

First located at NW 1/4 Sec.32, Twp.3, R.6, W2
Second location- SE Sec.5, Twp.4, R.6, W2

Postmaster History

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
George H. Gibson unknown 1917-03-01 1918-11-25 Resignation
Edward Chamney June 1864 1919-01-27 1939-01-24 Death
John William Wilson June 12, 1879 1939-02-15 Acting
Edward (Ed) George Hofley 1939-06-07 1943-05-24 Resignation
John William Wilson June 12,1879 1943-06-01 Acting
John William Wilson June 12,1879 1943-08-17 1946-11-19 Resignation
Ian Maurice Gibson Aug 9, 1923 1946-12-01 Acting
Ian Maurice Gibson 1947-03-19 1953-07-27 Resignation

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Kingsford Post Office/Store was held up late on a Monday night by 3 masked robbers on Oct 17, 1927. They held up Edward Chamney, Post Master and Storekeeper, and H. Johnsrude, a Saskatchewan Pool Elevator buyer. They rifled thru the Post Office safe and took $3220.00. For some strange reason they only took the Grain company money, and told Mr. Chamney they heard their money was insured so would not suffer any personal financial loss. They didn't touch the Post office or store money. They made their escape west towards Bienfait, in a Buick Master Six Touring Sedan car, with what was believed were Saskatchewan License Plates.
Mr. Chamney was also agent for the Matheson Lindsay Elevator Company, and the Saskatchewan Pool Elevator, the 2 elevators in the hamlet. A shotgun and 2 automatic pistols were used by the bandits. The safe was in the back of the store. The robbers had cut the telephone line to Kingsford, from Bienfait. They also damaged the telephone at the store, so it couldn't be used. They removed a shotgun and a rifle in the store, and left them outside, to be found in the morning.
Mr. Chamney and Johnrude had to drive to Bienfait to report the robbery.
At this time only 3 families resided in the hamlet.
The get away car was spotted just east of Kingsford, by a local farmer, Jack Bore, who reported 3 men were outside the car at 10 PM pretending to change a tire. So they obviously had a driver as well.

Postmasters Genealogy and Bios

Edward Chamney
b-June 1864
d-Jan 24, 1939

John William Wilson
b-June 12, 1879
d-aft Nov 19, 1946

Edward (Ed) George Hofley
Father- George Hofley
June 2, 1916 living in Lampman SK
Franzisky (Frances)(Fanny) Pakorny (see note below)
b- 1876 in Winkler MB
m- Apr 25, 1893 in Rhineland MB
Sister- Dorothy Hofley,
b- Nov 7, 1895 in Plum Coulee MB
Brother- Leo John Hofley-
b- Sept 4, 1906 in Winkler
Served in WWI, Reg #925949, enlisted June 2, 1816 in Carnduff SK
b-Nov 19,1897 in Winkler MB
d- Feb 13, 1977 in Lampman SK

Frances Hofley- took out a US patent on a new fly catching device Patent number: 1387716 Sept 15, 1920 patented Aug 16, 1921 At that time she claimed she was a citizen of Czecho-Slovakia living in Lampman SK

Ed Hofley was a member of the Bienfait Legion before the Lampman branch was formed

Ian Maurice Gibson
b- Aug 9, 1923, in Estevan
d- Mar 23, 1985 on farm near Lampman SK

Lillian Louise Gibson, nee Chamney, writes her Uncle Ted ran the store in Kingsford. Her and her husband Orion Halliday Gibson ran the store in the 1920's

My grandfather Percy Gent, grandmother Fanny, and their family lived on the John Neering farm, 4 mi E and 1 mi N of Kingsford


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