Midale, Saskatchewan, Canada

Incorporated as a Village in 1907,

Town status ca 2011

Located on Highway 39, between Weyburn and Estevan

In RM of Cymri #36

On the CPR “Soo” line

Located at NW Section 22, Township 5, Range 11, W2

Latitude- 49º 23' 47“ N
Longitude- 103º 24' 39” W

Elevation 1906 ft.

Elevator, Post Office, Telegraph Station, and Gas Station in 1927

Part of My Dad's 1927 Map, shows Holloway 3 miles west
and almost 4 miles North of Midale Saskatchewan

Midale School #908 shown bottom right

Origin of Town Name

Midale named after Dr. Robert Menzies Mitchell,
and the first settler, Olaf “Ole” Dale

Dr. Robert Menzies Mitchell
b- Oct 28, 1865 in Pickering, Canada West (ON)
d- Feb 6, 1932
buried in Hillcrest Cemetery in Weyburn
son of James Mitchell, and Elizabeth Rogers
MLA for Weyburn 1908-1919
Speaker of the Legislative Assembly in SK

wife- Margaret Mitchell, nee Mckinnon
b- Jan 1, 1865 in ON
d- Mar 9, 1951 in Vancouver BC, age 86, as a widow
daughter of Donald McKinnon and Flora McIntyre

son- Robert Charles “Chester” Mitchell
b- July 11, 1893 in Dundalk, Grey Co., ON
d- Aug 1940 Hulott, BC, age 47
when he died he was married to Violet Isabell Mitchell, nee ?
married Jessie Ethel Clements, prior to 1920
b- 1892
d- Sept 13, 1934
buried in Hillcrest Cemetery in Weyburn
Jessie and Chester had a son- Robert Donald Mitchell,
b- Jan 25, 1920 in Weyburn

son- Donald James Mitchell
son- Feb 15, 1895 in Dundalk, Grey Co., ON
d- Feb 24, 1973
buried in Hillcrest Cemetery in Weyburn
enlisted in WWI, in Winnipeg, May 3, 1918
living at 309 2nd st, Weyburn SK
Reg # 2382817, Military Service #474511 LC
became Barrister and Solicitor in Weyburn SK
married Margaret Marshall, June 20, 1918.
b- 1865
d- 1961

Post Office History
Name of Office: Midale
Federal Electoral District: Moose Mountain (SK)
Office Opened- Aug 1, 1903
Section 22, Township 5, Range 11, W2

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
Ole Wedin 1903-08-01 1906-07-06 Death
A. Westman 1906-09-20 1935-06-09 Death
Mrs. Vivian Magnuson Dec, 1895 1935-06-10 Acting
1935-06-29 1962-12-05 Retirement
Mrs. Margaret McDonald Torgunrud 1962-12-06 Acting
1963-01-01 1982-08-01 Retirement
Verna Saville 1982-07-31

Additional Information:
Civil Service Commission - 1961-01-01
Group 32 - 1959-04-01
PO 1812-1
Semi-staff Group 31 - 1948-04-01
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nor as having been made in affiliation with, or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada.
The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

First Postmaster- Olaf “Ole” Wedin
came from US in 1903

Nearby Rural School- Anderson School District No 2694 1918 James G. Black in Midale was Secretary hiring a teacher

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