Blewett, Saskatchewan, Canada

An Unincorporated Railway Point on the Canadian National CNR line, (on map below)

Originally on a Branch Line of the Canadian Government owned, Canadian Northern Railway, which was completed in 1911, from Maryfield, thru Lampman, then to Radville, called the Maryfield Extension.
This Section of the Rail Line was closed in 1951

Lampman was at mile 67.4
Blewett at mile 89.3


  • SW Section 12, Township 5, Range 10, W2
  • Latitude- 49º 23' N, Longitude- 103º 14' W, Elevation 1930 ft

Part of my Dad's 1927 Map of this area.

School shown 2 1/2 miles west, and 1/2 mile North of Blewett on SE Section 16, Township 5, Range 10, W2 was #1907 School District. Other School shown bottom left, 4 miles east of Macoun,
On NE Section 29, Township 4, Range 9, W2 was the Ernest George Green Thorson School #1013

Blewett was located 3 miles north of Macoun, then 1 mile East.

Western Land Grants show 4 men on Section 12:

  • NE- Henry Geoffrey Hall
  • SW- Ernest Brookland
  • NW- Charles “Charley” Peterson, and wife Ida
  • SE- Colin Alexander Sinclair

No Post Office shown

Per Macoun history book they had an Elevator until 1950's, as well as a Train Station.

A Mr. Erstgaard settled near the Elevator

Andrew Peterson was the Section Foreman here in 1927-28

Blewett is believed to be named after the Toronto based Canadian Poet, Mary Jane "Jean" Blewett, nee McKishnie (alt spelling, McKishney?)

Mary Jane "Jean" Blewett
Mary Jane “Jean” Blewett

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