Woodley, Saskatchewan, Canada

An Unincorporated Hamlet

Located in the Benson RM #35

Originally this area was called “Sander
named after Mr. ? Sander, who I can't find info on?

Woodley probably named after 3 families
with the last name Wood, who lived in this Township,
but could also be after the Village of Woodley in Berkshire England

Located at NW Section 28, Township 5, Range 7, W2

Latitude- 49º 25' N
Longitude- 102º 54' W

Elevation 1947 ft

Lampman 11 km
Benson 9 km

Shown on the CNR railway, halfway between Benson and Lampman,
originally this was the Grand Trunk Railway, which went into full operation in 1913.

First thing built here was a Coal Dock, which stored the coal for the Steam Engines.
Coal would be dumped from the dock into the coal tender, behind the locomotive.

Part of my Dad's 1927 map of this area.

Elevator History
1913 the Standard Elevator Company Grain Elevator was built.
It was later sold to the Searle Elevator Company

1926 a 2nd elevator was built by the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Company.

Woodley had 2 Grain Elevators
Mr. Rod Pearson was the Pool Elevator agent in 1972
both Elevators were owned by Sask. Wheat Pool in 1972

Historical building in Woodley
St Luke's Lutheran Church built in 1929 by Emil Kraus

Woodley Hamlet School District #5076

Post Office History
Name of Office: Woodley
Located in Moose Mountain (SK) Electoral District
Office Established- Mar 1, 1927
In the Store, NW Section 28, Township 5, Range 7, W2
Office Closed- Feb. 13, 1970

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
Alexander Joseph Chapdelaine (see below) 1927-03-01 1928-02-04 Resignation
Mrs. Katherine “Kate” Fuhro (see below) 1928-02-29 1930-12-02 Resignation
Mrs. Alice Maud Francis 1896-11-06 1930-12-31 1936-06 Resignation
John Robinson OAS 1895-09-29 1936-10-15 Acting
John Robinson OAS 1895-09-29 1936-10-27 1940-10-12 Resignation
Charles Hennig 1885-08-01 1940-10-31 Acting
Charles Hennig 1885-08-01 1941-09-10 1944-09-11 Resignation
Mrs. Hildegarde Wilhelm 1944-10-01 Acting
Mrs. Hildegarde Wilhelm 1945-01-24 1956-07-17 Resignation
Miss Joyce Kleckner 1956-09-01 Acting
Mrs. Joyce N. Pachiorka (same) 1956-10-19 1958-09-16 Resignation
Albert Stubel 1895-03-24 1958-10-01 Acting (Postmaster General)
Albert Stubel 1895-03-24 1959-01-29
Mrs. Marlene Hildegarde Ulrich 1962-10-26 Acting
Mrs. Marlene Hildegarde Ulrich 1962-11-08

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nor as having been made in affiliation with, or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada.
The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

Alexander Joseph Chapdelaine
First Post Master
married Marie Bernadette Prive
I know they had at least one son, born in 1927 in Lampman

Mrs. Katherine “Kate” Fuhro, nee Brilz
was married to Martin Fuhro
she and Martin died before 2000
They had 3 sons and 1 daughter.

Located on the Grand Trunk Railroad / CNR /
shown as Sander in old maps

Regina-Boundary Branch Line

GTPR Regina Boundary Branch Line

Video of Woodley

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