Workman, Saskatchewan, Canada

Unincorporated area

Located at Section 22, Township 1, Range 32, W1

In Rural Municipality Argyle #1

In the Carievale District

Located half way between Winlaw and Souris River NWMP Post, very close to the US Border
Workman, Part ca 1888-1889 NWMP map in Estevan NWMP Museum,
Copy in Trooper & Redskin Book, by John G. Donkin
Note- Cardiff on this map just north of workman is actually Carnduff SK.

There was a Workman family in the Oxbow area, can only assume the name came from that family, but only a guess.

Workman Post Office History

Office Name: Workman
Electoral District: Assiniboia (Saskatchewan)
Office Established Aug 1, 1884 at Sec.22, Twp.1, R.32, W1
Office Closed June 30, 1915

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
William Andrew W. Smith (see below) 1884-08-01 1891-11-09 Resignation
Simeon Matthew Colquhoun (see below) Jan 1863 1892-04-01 1893-08-14 Resignation
George Edward McLean (see below) 1893-12-01 1897-09-06 Resignation
Wilber F. Harris (see below) 1897-12-01 1909-05-18 Resignation
Hezekiah Harris (see below) Aug 1870 1909-12-01 1915-06-30 Closed

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The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

First Postmaster- William Andrew Smith
1882 living in Carnduff, SK
June 12, 1882 applied for Homestead Grant #18884, on SE, Section 22, Township 1, Range 32, W1
1893 living in Carnduff SK.
1918 living in Carievale SK

Simeon Matthew Colquhoun
b- Jan 1863 in Colquhoun Settlement, ON, Canada
d- Nov 8, 1941
Buried in Maple Creek SK. Cemetery
Apr 10, 1889 applied for Homestead Grant on SW, Section 22, Township 1, Range 32, W1
Married Annie Alexander, May 1, 1889 in Stormont, ON, Canada
daughter of Andrew Alexander and Ann Clark
Children: age in 1906:
Ray C. Colquhoun 15
Clare A. Colquhoun 14
Gladys M. Colquhoun 11 , b- ND, USA
Joyce A. Colquhoun 9 , b- ND, USA
Jessie Colquhoun 2
In 1881 living with his father, mother and siblings at Williamsburg, Dundas, ON In 1900 family living in Ward Co. ND, USA In 1921 family living in Maple Creek SK.

Father- Peter D. Colquhoun
Mother- May Brown

George Edward McLean
Took out Homestead Grant on NW, Section 22, Township 1, Range 32, W1

Wilber F. Harris possibly Wilbert J. Harris buried in Workman Cemetery

Last Postmaster- Hezekiah “Ky” Harris
b- Aug 1870
d-Nov 3, 1918 at Workman
Buried in Workman Cemetery, (link below)
Son of James and Elizabeth Harris

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Workman Cemetery


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