Deborah, Saskatchewan, Canada

Incorporated as a Village, Jan 8, 1909.

Located on Section 24, Township 21, Range 2, W3

Lat- 50º 47' 52“ N
Long- 106º 9' 17” W

On the Outlook Branch of the CPR which was in service ca 1908.
Located about 45 miles from Moose Jaw

Named after an Eyebrow shaped hill above Eyebrow Lake which is near Eyebrow.

As of Mar 1912

  • Approx 40% Americans and a fair number of Scandinavians
  • Population about 300
  • 3 miles of graded roads covered the town.
  • 1/4 mile plank sidewalks was placed.
  • 4 Churches,
  • Methodist, Presbyterian, Church of England and Roman Catholic.
  • Methodist and Presbyterian had their own buildings.
  • Masons and Independent Order of Odd Fellows had Lodges there
  • Fire Hall contained 2 chemical fire engines and a volunteer Fire Department.
  • Office for the Municipality of Eyebrow #193, in the Town.
  • Town lots $200-$440 each.
  • 2 storied School, with 2 large classrooms, erected ca 1910 cost $8,000.
  • 3 Real Estate firms, a Doctor, Branch of the Union Bank of Canada, (opened in 1909)
  • The Hazel Hotel, 2 General Stores, 1 Dry Goods, Drug and flour and Feed stores.
  • 2 Hardware Stores, 3 Implement Shops, 2 Lumber yards, 2 Livery barns, 4 Dray Lines,
  • a harness shop, 2 blacksmith shops, a tinsmith, butcher, Restaurant, Jewelry shop, and Optician.
  • Laundry, Barber shop, and Pool room.
  • Bowling Alley, Chopping Mill, 2 Building Contractors, 2 Painters, 2 Masons, a Printing Plant,
  • Imperial Oil Companies Warehouse, Lawyer, Notary Public, Veterinary Surgeon,
  • The Local Weekly Newspaper, “The Eyebrow Herald” quit printing in 1943, printed on Thursdays
  • 4 large Grain Elevators (130,000 bushels total)


Meat Markets F. Darby Jno Penn

Blacksmith J. B. Huffman

William Nesbitt b- Mar 1870 in ON wife- Minnie Nesbitt, nee ?, b- Mar 1889 in USA she immigrated in 1903

Lumber Yard Imperial Lumber Yards Ltd.

Hardware / General Store W. L. Black- Hardware W. J. Pritchard and Son- General Store

Farm Implements J. F. Morrough- Implements H. H. Smith- Implements and Autos Thomas T. Turner- Implements

Bakery Clays Ideal Bakery

Cafe Canada Cafe- Num Quong, Prop

Livery John Davis II Livery

Drug Store Eyebrow Drug Co. - J. Drysdale and J. Hochman Prop.

Furniture Eyebrow Outfitters- Men's Furnishings

Harness T. C. Gibson- Harness

Printers The Herald- E. J. Wright- Printers and Publishers

Power Plant E. G. Hill- Electric Light and Power Plant

Hotel Western Hotel- W. D. Milliken prop

Bank Union Bank of Canada- J. Wilson Manager

Misc William Hillis Postmaster (see below) A. Lalonde -Barber and Pool Room N. J. MacDonald, Insurance Agent and Notary Public

1948, also 1955 The Raymond Hotel, was in Eyebrow

Post Office History

Original name Eyebrow Station

Office Opened- Jan 1, 1908,
Section 24, Township 21, Range 2, W3
changed June 1, 1908 to Eybrow

Federal Electoral District: Rosetown - Biggar (SK)
Office Opened- Jan 1, 1908,
Section 24, Township 21, Range 2, W3
Original Name Eyebrow Station- changed June 1, 1908
Postal Code today- S0H 1L0

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
Robert A. Porter (see below) 1908-01-01 1909-04-10 Resignation
D. D. McDonald 1909-05-31 1910-09-12 Resignation
W. J. McDonald 1910-10-13 1911-01
Miss Elsie G. Ross (see below) 1911-02-22 1911-07-07 Resignation
Robert J. Mullen 1911-12-11 1912-08-14
William Hillis 1912-11-11 1927-01-28 Resignation
John Murray Hainer (see below) Oct 30,1887 1927-01-27 Acting
1927-07-21 1958-10-09 Retirement
Murdoch Alexander Martin OAS 1958-10-10 Acting (Postmaster General)
1958-12-24 1968-01-09 Death
Mrs. Margaret Helen Martin OAS 1968-01-11 Acting
1968-04-02 1979-11-03 Retirement
Elizabeth W. Speir 1979-11-03

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The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

Postmaster Genealogy and Bio

Robert A. Porter, First Postmaster
Took out Western Land Grant,
NE Section 5, Township 21, Range 2, W3

Miss Elsie Geraldine Ross
b- Feb 9, 1891 in RM of Franklin, MB
married Albert Gimby, June 21, 1911 in Sintaluta SK
they had 4 children

Brother Rupert E. Ross
b- July 1880 in ON
wife- Etta M. Ross
b- Apr 1888 in ON

Sister- Winnifred Henriette Ross
b- Oct 21, 1882 in Emerson, MB

Father- Charles Woodford Ross
b- May 15, 1842 in Toronto ON

Mother- Matilda S. Ross, nee Peach
b-Oct 14, 1861
d- Apr 17, 1918

John Murray Hainer
b- Oct 30, 1887 Esquesing, Halton, ON
son of Jacob Hainer, and Charlotte Thomson

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