Stoughton, Saskatchewan, Canada

Originally called “New Hope” Assiniboia, NWT

Incorporated as a Village in 1904

Town Status in 1960

Located at NE Section 28, Township 8, Range 8, W2

Latitude- 49º 40' 38“ N
Longitude- 103º 1' 41” W

Elevation 2052 ft

Located on the Canadian Pacific Railroad in 1927

In RM of Tecumseh No 65

Part of My Dad's 1927 Map of this area.

Elevator, Post Office, Telegraph Office, School, and Gas Station in 1927

School 1- O'Brien School District # 2387
SW Section 35, Township 8, Range 9, W2
Charles Patrick O'Brien,
buried in Stoughton Cemetery,
and a Francis O'Brien,
homesteaded on Section 10.
This School would be named after that family I would guess.

School 2- Cavalier School District # 709
SW Section 27, Township 8, Range 8, W2

School 3- In Stoughton, Name Stoughton Central School
Central High School
in Arcola School Unit #10
Stoughton School District #691
Stoughton School 1960- new $90,000 School was opened by Tommy Douglas
8 Classrooms, Science Room, and Offices
surrounded by 8 acres of land, built by the School Unit's own crew
280 students, 166 were bused in using 7 buses
First School in Stoughton was built in 1902 on land near the Cemetery
Later it was moved nearer the Village
In 1905 a 2 room school was built in the village, but burnt down shortly after it was built
In 1906 another school was built, enlarged in 1908
By 1953 this was inadequate and a modern 3 classroom school was built
Officially opened in Jan 1955, on land purchased from Carl Bowes
1957 Walton School was closed and students bused to school
An additional room was added for them.
This was the start of the centralized School system used in the area.
Cavalier, Flinton, Forget, Fraser, Hazelmere, Handsworth, Heward, Hillier, Hillhurst, Hudmore, Farnham, Gap View, LaSalette, Melrose, O'Brien, Picton, Rock Lake, Sequin, and Walton were all amalgamated in Stoughton
1994- Addition and Renovations took place
1987- Principal- Wayne Kendall
1987?-1990-2004- Principal- Mr. Gerald (Gerry) Mamar (possibly retired in 2009)

ca 1964 a new Pool 80,000 bushel Elevator was built

St. Paul's Anglican Church in Stoughton in 1940
Grace United Church in Stoughton ca 1937
Presbyterian Church in 1939

Stoughton Cemetery, link below

Stoughton New Hope Masonic Lodge no 30, in 1930

Apr 5, 1913, tenders were sent out by the CPR to build a 8 in wooden pipe line from Swan Lake to Stoughton, approx. 9 miles.

New Hope Pioneer Lodge built ca 1959 in Stoughton

Brady's Hall in Stoughton in Dec 1919

George Hadden Summers appointed in Dec 1903, Commissioner for Taking Affidavits, for New Hope, Assiniboia, NWT area.

The world famous Richardson Brothers Curling team, were from Stoughton.

Assiniboia Ave, Railway Ave., Prairie Ave.,
Elizabeth Ave., Jones Ave., A. Ave., Sidney Ave.
Main St., Stanley St., Walter St., Wilson St.
Heward St., Sullivan St., Donnelly St., Orval St.,
Forget St., Russell St., Lundy PL, New Hope Dr.

Named by the CPR, couple possible choices, but nothing definite

Former Name- New Hope, District of Assiniboia, NWT,
changed to Stoughton, July 1, 1904
Federal Electoral District: Moose Mountain (SK)
Office opened Dec 1, 1901 as New Hope
in a Private Building
Section 4, Township 9, Range 8, W2
2 miles North of present day Stoughton
when CPR went in south, the settlement was moved there.
S0G 4T0

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military
Date of Birth Date of
Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
William F. Carefoot (see below) 1901-12-01 1910-06-09 Resignation
James David Nicol (Nichol?) (see below) 1910-06-28 1925-02-03 Resignation
Ellis Sheppard Percival Wright (see below) OAS 1925-11-30 1941-06-26 Resignation
William Gordon Cameron (see below) OAS Dec 5, 1894 1941-11-30 1958-06-14 Retirement
Kenneth Lyle Huff (see below) OAS 1958-06-30 Acting
Kenneth Lyle Huff OAS 1959-05-01 1975-12-05 Retirement
George W. Kibler 1975-10-09 1980-06-21 Retirement
Darwin H. Hoimyr 1980-06-21 1980-11-05 Transfer
Doreen Gilby 1980-12-10 1989-10-31 Retirement

Disclaimer- This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced,
nor as having been made in affiliation with, or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada.
The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

First Postmaster- William Foster Carefoot
b- Nov 14, 1858, ON, age 48 in 1906
d- Jan 31, 1923 in Vancouver BC, age 64
shown as a barber in Virden MB in 1891
son of William Carefoot, and Sarah Locke
wife- Mary Adelaide Carefoot, nee Lawson
b- Dec 1858, ON
d- Mar 18, 1935, in Vancouver BC, age 76

daughter- Nellie Carefoot
b- Mar 25, 1884 in ON
d- May 31, 1965 Surrey Memorial Hospital, Surrey BC, age 81
married George Joseph Marion Sept 20, 1901, Sifton, MB
daughter- Eva Blanche Carefoot,
b- Oct 16, 1893, Southwold Township, Elgin Co, ON
d- Feb 6, 1978, in Burnaby General Hospital, Burnaby BC, age 84
married a Hubert Victor Armson
son- George Foster Lorne Carefoot,
b- May 11, 1895, in Virden MB
married Rachel Nelson Russell, July 3, 1918, South Vancouver
George enlisted in WWI, Jan 14, 1916 in Vancouver,
Occupation- Clerk,
Reg # 464613
son- Archibald “Archie” Carefoot,
b- Oct 24, 1896, in Virden MB
d- May 2, 1968, at 3027 2nd Ave., Squamish BC, age 71
Divorced when he died.
son- Melvin Ellsworth Carefoot,
b- Nov 29, 1901, in Virden MB
d- Nov 18, 1977 in Vancouver BC
married Regina Laliberte, Nov 12, 1928 in Vancouver BC

James David Nicol
b- 1869 in ON (46 in 1916)(age 36 when he married)
surname shown as Nicol in 1911, 1916, and 1881 census
Surname shown as Nicol in birth registrations
Post Office records are only place showing Nichol
son of Alexander Nicol, and Ann Barr
family in District of Huron Centre, Sub Dist., No 3 Tuckersmith in 1881
siblings: (age in 1881 census)
brother- David Nicol (17)
sister- Lillie Nicol (16)
brother- Alexander Nicol (14)
brother- John Nicol (10)
sister- Rachel Nicol (6)

James married Ella Mary Nicol, nee Butler,
July 19, 1905, in Goulbourn Township, Carleton, ON
b- ON (38 in 1916)
daughter of Fredrick Butler, and Eliza Smith

daughter- Clarabel Eliza Nicol
b- Sept 24, 1907, RM of Cameron, MB
son- Frederick James Nicol
b- June 16, 1911, SK
d- Jan 18, 1988 in SK
buried in Stoughton Cemetery, link below
son- William Alexander Nicol
b- ca 1915, SK

Ellis Sheppard Percival Burton Wright
b- Aug 21, 1897, in Virden MB
d- Nov 20, 1967, Langley BC, age 69
father- William Wright
mother- Lucetta Amelia Wright, nee Prosser
living in Stoughton when Ellis enlisted
farmer when he enlisted Mar 20, 1916 in Regina SK
Reg # 907445
married Myrtle Henrietta Mullin

William Gordon Cameron
b- Dec 5, 1894 in Hartney MB
Farmer when he enlisted Mar 29, 1916 at Winnipeg MB
Reg #859891
He saw Service Overseas with the 43rd Cameron Highlanders of Winnipeg.
He won the Military Medal
father- Alva Cameron
mother- Mary Ann Edwards
married Ethel Rose Cook, Jan 15, 1919, in Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria BC

Cpl. Kenneth Lyle Huff
He was wounded in Battle at Dieppe, in WWII
and returned safely to England, Aug 1942
father- Jack Huff

Malcolm Orr
worked in the Stoughton Post Office
b- Apr 4, 1858 in Argyllshire Scotland
d- Sept 12, 1939, in a Regina Hospital, age 81
Came to Canada in 1879, settled at Carman MB.
moved to Glenboro, MB later.
1901 he was Elevator Manager in South Cypress MB
came to Stoughton in 1902.
member of the Masonic Lodge, Wascana no 2, a Royal Arch,
member of the Odd Fellows at Glenboro, MB
wife- Edith A. Orr, nee McFadden,
married Jan 26, 1898, South Cypress, MB
b- Sept 8, 1868 in ON
buried in Stoughton Cemetery as well
Malcolm's Funeral at Presbyterian Church in Stoughton.
buried in Stoughton Cemetery.

Robert Tully
Pioneer of the district
b- Apr 4, 1854, at Florance ON
d- Aug 14, 1940, at his home in Stoughton, age 86
Mar 1878 he married Mary Ann Johnstone
He farmed in Florance, moved to Nesbitt MB in 1898.
Homesteaded in New Hope area 3 years later.
3 sons: Clifford Tully, Wilbert Tully, and Emerson Tully

Mr. E. B. Bowes
married Mary Elizabeth Donnelly, Dec 24, 1902
at the home of her parents.
daughter of David Donnelly
she came from Millbrook ON in 1900 to New Hope area.
Mr Bowes came from Virden MB in 1901

Harold Phillips
b- ca 1899
age 76 in 1975
Came to Stoughton area, in July 1903
Deputy Mayor of Stoughton in 1975
CPR were trying to abandon the rail line at the time.

J. E. McFetridge
Station Agent in Stoughton, ca Jan 1922
married, Station Agent in Assiniboia
for many years prior to this

One of the more famous Stoughton Pioneers
Ernest Edward Poole

Please note- Not my sites

Town of Stoughton's Official Page

History book- not online that I know of
Tecumseh on the Prairies, Volume 1,
Including Forget, Heward, Stoughton and area,
Tecumseh History Book Committee, 1985.
Note- I DO NOT HAVE this book, nor have I seen it.

Stoughton Cemetery
SW Section 33, Township 8, Range 8, W2


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