Hitchcock, Saskatchewan, Canada

Hamlet, began in 1893

Located at NW Section 23, Township 3, Range 9, West of the 2nd Meridian

Lat- 49° 13' 40“ N
Long- 103° 07' 20” W

Part of My Dad's 1927 Road Map showing Hitchcock
Note at that time the highway to Weyburn did not follow the railroad

Elevation 1910 ft

Part of RM of Estevan #5

Located on the Canadian Pacific Rail line (CPR) between Macoun and Estevan, SK. on the Soo Rail Line
Estevan is 14km/ 8mi SE, Halkett was 7km/ 4mi SE

Origin of the name Hitchcock

Named after Arthur H. Hitchcock

He was from Moose Jaw SK., who came to the Hitchcock area, looking at a new Bank location, which actually did not materialize.
He was born May 30, 1862 (1861?), in Leicester, England
d- Sept 10, 1932, at Moose Jaw, SK, age 70
buried in Moose Jaw City Cemetery, located at 1005 Caribou Street East.
Father- Henry Mantle Hitchcock
Mother- Elizabeth Greenwood
Immigrated to Canada in 1866, at the age of 4.
married first to Mary Elizabeth (Mamie) (nee?) Hitchcock
b- Feb 24, 1864 in USA
d- July 25, 1908

1911 census shows him as a widow at 28 River in Moose Jaw
He then remarried Elizabeth Smith, in 1912, daughter of Abiel Smith, the Manager of the CPR Dining Hall in Moose Jaw.
She was previously married in 1892 to Arthur's banking partner
Henry Hamilton McCulloch.
b- July 27, 1853 Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada
d- Dec 28, 1936 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Arthur married (2) Elizabeth Smith
b- Nov 20, 1857 in Toronto, ON
d- June 9, 1939 at her home 112 1st Ave. NE, in Moose Jaw SK, age 81
Funeral was held for Elizabeth June 14, 1939 in Moose Jaw.
She is buried in Moose Jaw City Cemetery
She came to Moose Jaw with her parents in 1891 and went to Calgary in 1892

Abiel Smith was an English Innkeeper that came to Canada in 1855 and was an innkeeper at Stratford ON as well as many other places.

Arthur was a Developer, Land Speculator, and the First Banker in Moose Jaw SK. received training in banking in New York City, and reached Moose Jaw as a young man.

Weird part of this story is Henry Hamilton McCulloch first married a Charlotte Elizabeth Hitchcock, June 11, 1877 in Stratford, Perth, ON
the daughter of a Henry Mantle Hitchcock, and Elizabeth Hitchcock.
they had 5 children.
So looks like he was possibly married into the Hitchcock family when Arthur and him became partners.
Then Henry must have remarried Elizabeth Smith, who then divorced him, and she remarried Arthur, so quite confusing.

He built the 105-year-old + mansion, at 112 First Ave, N.E.,
Hitchcock co-founded the first bank in Moose Jaw, the Prairie Bank of Hitchcock and McCulloch, in 1891 at Moose Jaw with a silent partner from Calgary,
Henry Hamilton McCulloch. (see above)
In 1925 it was sold to the Royal Bank of Canada

He owned a cottage at Buffalo Lake
1901 census says he was born in 1861, cemetery headstone records say 1862

Mar 12, 1910 travelled back from Liverpool, England to US
arrived in New York, Mar 18, 1910, on SS Mauretania, age 46, shown as a Banker, Moose Jaw SK.,
Went to England to possibly visit his brother A. E. Hitchcock living at Brown's Hotel, Doxer S. London W.
shown born ca 1864 here.

Mar 1, 1894, arrived in New York traveled age 33, shown as a Banker, citizen of England.
left from Queenstown Ireland, / Liverpool arriving in New York on the SS Tuetonic, birth here abt 1861
I would bet this is his first trip to US/Canada

May 10, 1899 travelled from New York, to Liverpool England, shown as a Banker, age 37, male, single, on SS Germanic

Oct 28, 1912, went from New York, via Port of Fishguard, to Liverpool England, on Cunard Line, SS Maurentania, age 44, this time with his wife Mary, age 41,
shown as both from Canada, travelling First Class

Saskatchewan Government appointed him to a Commission Jan, 1927, to inquire into the feasibility of erecting Power Plants throughout the Province.
One of 4 men on the Commision:
L. A. Thornton, Regina,
Prof. A. R. Greig, Saskatoon,
R. N. Blackburn, Chief Mechanical Superintendent for SK.

One of 5 Shareholders of the Saskatchewan and Alberta Railway Co., It was to build a Railway from Moose Jaw to the US Boundary,
then back up to Swift Current, to form a “V”. Headquarters of the Company was in Moose Jaw. All shareholders were from Moose Jaw.

President of the Children's Aid Society in Moose Jaw.

Member of the Masons.

Post Office History

Located in the Store
Federal Electoral District: Moose Mountain (Saskatchewan)

Opened June 1, 1904
Closed July 27, 1957

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Birth/Death Info Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
Narcisse Dupuis (see below) 1904-06-01 1906-04-13 Resignation
F. X. Duchesneau
Francois Xavier Duchesneau
(see below)
1906-09-01 1907-04-18 Resignation
Joseph Euclid Duchesneau b-Sept 1,1866 d-Jan 22, 1945
buried in Estevan City Cemetery
1907-07-01 1945-01-22 Death
Mrs. Febronie Duchesneau Feb 23, 1883 1945-01-23 Acting
Kristen Ludwig Eik b-Apr 15,1884 d-Mar 18, 1961
buried in SVMGC, Estevan
1945-04-09 1946-12-06 Resignation
John Mitchel 1947-01-01 Acting
John Mitchel 1947-03-19 1954-09-04 Resignation
Mrs. Gladys Evelyn Quinn 1954-09-30 Acting
Mrs. Gladys Evelyn Quinn 1955-05-24 1957-07-27 Resignation, Closed

First Postmaster- Narcisse Dupuis
b- Apr 27, 1870 Ripon, Quebec
d- Mar 17, 1926 in Bell CA
buried in Calvary Cemetery in Los angeles, CA
From his grandson Joe Dupuis Apr 12, 2021
“If you would like to update you records, my grandfather was born in Ripon, Quebec on April 27, 1870 and died March 17, 1926 in Bell, California. He is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Los Angeles, CA. Alphebe Dalvina Duchesneau (Dupuis) was born October 23, 1875 in St. Dominick, Quebec and died December 19, 1966 in Inglewood, California where the family settled after emigrating from Canada via North Dakota. She is also buried in Calvary Cemetery in Los Angeles. ” A Narcine Dupuis was married to Alphebe Duchesneau, on May 20, 1904 when a son was born to them
From Joe- (his father) “Archibald “Archie” Henre Dupuis was born on May 17, 1904 in Hitchcock”

F. X. Duchesneau
Francois Xavier Duchesneau
b- Nov 1, 1845 at St Damase, Bagat, Quebec, Canada
d- July 22, 1931 • Robertsdale, Alabama, USA
Father of Alphebe Dalvina Duchesneau above
wife- Marie Lussier
b- May 24, 1843 at St. Anne, Varennes, Chambly, Quebec, Canada
d- Jan 25, 1911 at Russell Township, Rolette, ND, USA
they had 18 children

Joseph Euclide Duchesneau
b- Sept 1, 1866 in Quebec
d- Jan 22, 1945 at his home in Hitchcock, age 78
buried in Estevan City Cemetery
son of Francois X. Duchesneau above
Postmaster and Storekeeper in Hitchcock for 40 years
Many years member of the School Board for Reddemann School
Served as Justice of the Peace in Hitchcock
survived by his wife, nee Delorme, 4 sisters, and 5 brothers

Reddemann School
School District #945
Opened March 1904

named after Herman Reddemann family
b- Mar 28, 1855 in Germany
d- Feb 16, 1941 in Sylvania, SK, age 85
wife- Ida Denzer
b- ca 1864 in MN, USA
d- ?
daughter of Karl Heinrich Denzer, and Elizabeth nee Scheu
Herman Reddemann -1868- came over on SS Regina, landing in Quebec (Buffalo)
1868-1902 lived in MN, USA
They immigrated to Canada in 1902
son Walter August Reddemann
b- 1886 Minnesota, USA
d- May 18, 1962 Coquitlam, BC
wife- Elizabeth Reddemann, nee Grant Children: Cecilia Rose Reddemann
June 2, 1904 -Homestead Number: 161283, NE, Sec 36,Tsp 3, Rge 9, W2
son- Reinhold Reddemann enlisted in WWI

More History in “A Tale That Is Told”, Estevan History book, Chapter 11
Joseph E. Duchesneau (see above) Sec-Treasurer of the School District in 1913
Looking for a male teacher in 1913 at a salary of $800.00

1938- C. H. Wickstrom- Sec-Treasurer- looking for a new teacher $450.00/yr

1941- O. A. Dahl- Sec-Treasurer- new teacher wanted at $800.00/yr

Pool Elevator
Pool Elevator closed it's doors at midnight, July 31, 1979.
It was built in 1927. Rebuilt in 1969.
It held 45,000 bushels.
Tracy Muth was the last Elevator Agent.
He was transferred to Macoun as Assistant Agent.
A Hitchcock area farmer was the last delivery.
It closed with 19,000 bushels of grain in storage.
Hec Lavoy was Pool's Area Superintendent in Estevan.

Elevators in 1920-1921
International Elevator Co. Ltd.
Western Elevator Co. Ltd.

Section in the Estevan “Tale That is Told book”

My Uncle William (Bill) Fiest's family lived on a farm just south of Hitchcock where he was born and raised on

Population= 10, +75 farmers in the District

CPR Telegraph, and Dominion Express and Long Distance Telephones

F. Duchesneau- Barber and billiards

Joseph E. Duchesneau- Postmaster and Government Telephones Agent

Joseph Duchesneau & Co. General Store

Pacific Hotel- Phillip Dupuis Proprietor

Hitchcock Motor Co.

H. H. Tilley- Blacksmith
Harry Heighten Tilley b- Apr 3, 1887 in Leicester, North Hampton, England
d- Feb 12, 1960 Port Alberni BC
buried in Port Alberni Memorial Gardens
shows up in 1921 census in Estevan age 34 born in England, immigrating in 1909
his wife Helena Tilley, nee Guldager, son alf, and 4 daughters Helen, Florence, Rose, and Ivy
they had 5 sons, and 7 daughters total
son of John Charles Tilley and Jane Lee


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