Forget, Saskatchewan, Canada

The name is pronounced more like “For-jay” , not the English word “Forget”.

Note- there was also a Forget in Ontario

Located at NE Section 15, Township 8, Range 7, W2

Latitude- 49º 39' 13“ N
Longitude- 102º 52' 12” W

Elevation 2012 ft

Located on the Canadian Pacific Railroad (CPR), Arcola-Regina Extension

In RM Tecumseh #65

Part of My Dad's 1927 Map of this area.

Forget had an Elevator, Post Office, Telegraph Office, and Gas Station in 1927

School shown in 1927 Map above, name not known yet to me
Today (2011) Highway 13 goes right by this old school,
and Forget is 1 mile south of the highway.
Located at SW Section 30, Township 8, Range 7, W2

Black Lake shown just NE of Forget, near Section 36
Jan 1953 Oil was discovered in the area.

Street names in Forget:
Main St, Railway Ave., Monk st., King Edward Ave., Coteau Ave., Alma Ave., Mills St., Laurier St., Kisbey St., Stoughton St.

1946 there was a Hotel George in Forget, on Lot 21 and 22, block 3, Plan B, 3117
1984 known as Forget Hotel, lots 16-22, block 3, B-3117

Origin of the Name
Forget Named after:The First Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan (1905-1910)
and the Last Lieutenant Governor of the NWT (1898-1905)
Senator 1911-1923 when he died.

Amédée Emmanuel Marie Forget
b- Nov 12, 1847 in Marieville, Canada East (Quebec today)
d- June 8, 1923
buried in Notre Dame des Neiges Cemetery in Montreal QC
Lawyer, Civil Servant and Politician
wife- Henriette nee Drolet, no children

St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church
built in 1905, 76ft x 40ft., with vestry 28ft x 22 ft.
It had a stone foundation, building had a brick veneer.
opened Oct 1, 1905

Photo of an Aboriginal family that camped in the field
behind the convent one summer, and you can see the convent in the background.
Submitted by Marilyn Fowlow,
Photo taken by her Grandmother, Geraldine Guillemin (nee Kenler) in 1923.
Both sets of her grandparents settled in Forget

Forget Cemetery in RM 65

Forget - Gap View Cemetery in RM 65, link below
NW 24-09-07 W2

Forget - Mountain View Cemetery, in RM 65

Our Lady of LaSalette Roman Catholic Cemetery, in RM #65
SW Section 15, Township 8, Range 7, W2

Postmaster History
Federal Electoral District: Moose Mountain (SK)
Office Opened Sept 1, 1904 in the General Store
at Section 15, Township 8, Range 7, W2
Closed June 27, 1986,
Mail was transferred to Stoughton

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
Marcel Agarand (see below) OAS Aug 8, 1879 1904-09-01 1906-10-06
Mrs. Aneise Agarand (see below) Oct 1879 1907-12-07 Jan 6, 1940 Death
Marcel Agarand (see below) OAS Aug 8, 1879 1940-01-09 Acting
Aug 8, 1879 1940-05-30 1944-06-13 Resignation
Miss Clairece Selia Vail 1944-07-22 Acting
Alphonse Donuil June 16, 1889 1944-09-23 Acting
Paul Alexander Merlet OAS 1945-05-16 1952-03-20 Resignation
James Joseph Charette OAS 1952-05-16 Acting
1952-07-18 1958-08-02 Resignation
Paul Desire Dechief OAS 1958-08-23 Acting (Postmaster General)
1959-01-27 1983-03-26 Retirement
Yvonne Dechief 1983-05-11

Disclaimer- This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced,
nor as having been made in affiliation with, or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada.
The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

Marcel Agarand- First Postmaster
b- Aug 8, 1879, in Luxemburg, Halanzy, Belgium
d- June 4, 1956 in Winnipeg MB

married Oct 15, 1900, in RM of Lorne MB
wife- Anaise Agarand
b- Oct 1879
Immigrated in I think? 1905, per 1911 census
crossed the border at Sumas, WA, USA, to Canada, Dec 1907,
so he might have immigrated to USA first.

Marcel Agarand served in WWI, Reg # 622956
Army, Canadian Army, 44th Batt., B Company
Aug 2, 1915, enlisted at Sewell Camp, MB
discharged as medically unfit due to deafness, Dec 21, 1916
(see postcards below)

father- Eugene Agarand
mother- Alexandrine Melane “Melanie” Nicolas

Marcel had 4 sisters.
2 sisters born in Holland MB

He came to Alma first, coming from Manitoba.

Here are some great Postcards with the Forget Postal Strike,
sent to me by Mr. Darcy Hickson, Brandon MB
Re: Forget and Marcel Agarand with thanks!

Postcard above, Info from Mr. Darcy Hickson
“My hobby is postal history and I love to collect old envelopes (covers) that were mailed from the little hamlets and farm homes near me before 1900. Also, I enjoy hunting for postal history and postcards that were mailed from Sewell Camp and Camp Hughes during the WW1 training camps of 1915 and 1916. Please find attached the postcard that Marcel mailed to his wife on October 16, 1915. That would be one of his last opportunities to send mail home from there as the 44th Battalion left Sewell Camp on October 18.”

Another Post Card and more info from Mr. Darcy Hickson
“One of the little mysteries of Marcel centres around the postcards he sent home from Sewell Camp in October of 1915. As Marcel was the postmaster of Forget, he certainly was acquainted with the finer points of philately and the usefulness of a quality postmark on a letter or postcard. Many postcards that he mailed in October have made it into the collecting realm, One reason so many have gotten into collectors hands is because of the quality of the postmarks. Very nice, crisp strikes with heavy inking,”

“Rain In the Face” Sioux Warrior
Another postcard from Mr. Darcy Hickson, with his comments below:
“Please find attached a postcard that was mailed from Mariapolis, Manitoba to Marcel Agarand at Forget Assa. in July 1905. The Forget Assa. receiver postmark is a reasonably early strike for the Forget Assa. Post Office, considering it opened the year before in 1904. The one slim source of Assiniboia information that I have at hand suggests that the Forget Assa. hammer was used well into 1908, with a postmark appearing as late as Feb 18, 1908.”
If any other stamp collector has info on this stamp or Mr. Agarand, please contact me, or Mr Darcy Hickson directly in Brandon MB.

The postcard above has a great photo of “Rain in the Face” a famous Sioux Warrior.
Rain in the Face, a member of the Hunkpapa Sioux,
was born near Cheyenne River, North Dakota, in 1835.
After the Battle with General Custer's Troops at Little Big Horn,
he moved north with Sitting Bull into Canada.
Rain in the Face remained there until 1880, when he decided to surrender to the American authorities at Fort Koegh, Montana.
Rain in the Face died at the Standing Rock Reservation on Sept. 14, 1905.

44th Battalion Band, Camp Hughes, 1915
Another postcard from Mr. Darcy Hickson, with his comments below:
The 44th Battalion band photo came to me from a dealer in Ontario who specialized in Canadian Military postmarks. He was attracted to the red ink on the side of the photo, as he thought at first glance that it was an Orderly Room marking, or some kind of special postmarking… Marcel identifies some of the people in the photo…Marshall, Girard, Miller (?), and Cote. Marked with an x on front of photo.

Oct 13, 1915, Victoria Park, Regina Postcard
Knox-Metropolitan United Church, at 1978 Lorne St. Visible in background.
Fountain designed by Frederick Todd, was dedicated to Nicholas Flood Davin, PM
replaced ca 1926 with a cenotaph.
Another postcard from Mr. Darcy Hickson, with his comments below:
“postcard with the Forget Circular Date Stamp (CDS) is the front side of a postcard that Marcel sent from Sewell Camp on Oct 12, 1915.That is a very good example of the postal hammer being used in the 1910's Forget post office.”

Early Settlers and Pioneers of the area
Kleber Jarton
wife- Victoria Jarton
emigrated from France to Quebec,
then came west to Forget in 1910
his brother Edward Jarton was already there in 1909.
father- Jean Jarton,
b- 1864, died at home in 1937, age 73
mother- Aimee Jarton,
b- 1867, d- 1963 in Regina, age 96.
Both born in France
Jean opened the first coal mine in the area in 1910
in a place which became the Morgan farm
4 ft seam of coal was found.
there was a daughter of Jean, Valentine

Louis-Fortunat Marchand
b- Nov 3, 1877, in St. Croix-Lotboniere, Quebec,
d- Aug 30, 1938, in a Regina Hospital, age 59
came to Sask when he was 8
wife- Zepherina “Rena” Martchand, nee Taillon
b- Oct 29, 1878, St Calixte, QC
3 sons:
Adelard Joseph Marchand
b- Nov 12, 1904 in Forget,
Louis Marchand, and Amie Marchand

Adalbert Marchand
wife- Cordelia Marchand, nee Taillon

Coal Mine Investors in a mine 8 miles north of Lampman
3 Directors of the company were from the Forget area.
Farmer's Coal Mining Company

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History Book
Note– I DO NOT HAVE, nor have seen this book
Tecumseh on the Prairies, Volume 1,
Including Forget, Heward, Stoughton and area,
Tecumseh History Book Committee, 1985.
Book does not appear to be online

French Canadian influence- English French

Cemetery Records Online
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Gap View Cemetery
NW Section 24, Township 9, Range 7, W2

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Forget- 1905-
Forget 1920-1921-


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