Forget- 1920-1921

Forget, Saskatchewan, Canada

Forget- 1920-1921

Village of Forget Saskatchewan

Population= 225

Town Council
Overseer- Thomas Chapdelaine
Councillors- Jean Haran, and J. Elliott
Sec-Treas.- C. M. Force

Telephones, CPR Telegraph, and Dominion Express

Roman Catholic Church
Rev Father A. M. Sorrell

Union Church- Rev P. T. Dennis

Separate and Convent Schools
Public School Principal- J. Emma Painter
Laura Normand- School Teacher
Sister Marie Celine- School Teacher
St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Convent
Mother Mary Louise in charge

Saskatchewan Government Telephones
Myrtle Callander- Agent
Mrs. G. Allard- Operator

Misc. Business
Marcel Agarand- General Store and Post Master
Pauline Depape- Assistant Post Mistress

Bennett and Littlejohn- Garage
Cornelius R. Bennett
Silas V. Littlejohn
Carl Taylor- Mechanic

David M. Bye- Farm Implements

Oscar Dechief- Farm Implements

Sam Lee- Chinese Restaurant

Ralph Smailes- Livery Sale and Feed Stable

Killein Revet- Blacksmith

Narcissus Perrault- General Store

John Elliott- Elliott General Store
Spencer G. Elliott- Clerk in Elliott General Store

Miss M. McNamee- Millinery

Albert Marchand- Pool hall and Undertaker

Patrick J. Flood- General Store and Meat Market
Alex McDonnell- baker? at P. J. Flood store

Forget Trading Co. Ltd. - Hardware- Robert Sandell, Manager

Jean Haran- Insurance agent

Palace Hotel- Joseph Tremblay proprietor
Marie Prive- Maid

Dominion Elevator Co.- Thomas Buckley, agent
International Elevator Co. -Thomas Chepdelaire, agent
Ogilvie Elevator- C. M. Force, agent

Thomas Fraser Grist Mill

Royal Bank- Stanley Ferguson- Manager
Benjamin Hutchinson- teller

CPR Section Foreman- Peter Kreel
William A. Stewart- Agent


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