Forget, Saskatchewan, Canada

Forget- 1905

2 Elevators
Andrew Gage Grain Co., 30,000 bushels,
Company started by John C. Gage,
Gage's father, and Arthur Andrews.
It became the International Grain Company in 1905.

Robert Moore & Co., 30,000 bushels.
Robert Culver Agent at Robert Moore & Co.

Implement Dealers
Deering Implement Business-
Joseph Aimie Forcier
b- Feb 1878 in USA
from Arcola
sold John Deere Plows, Canada Carriages,
Fairchild and Moline Wagons,
Cock o' the North, Threshing Outfits, twine etc.
wife- Marie “Mary” Ellen Forcier, nee Gaucher
b- Aug 1878 in USA
daughter- Mary Blanche Sarah Forcier
b- Aug 23, 1906 in Forget SK
son- Joseph Nelson Albert “Jack” Forcier
b- Apr 12, 1908 in Forget SK
Brother to Joseph- Ralph Forcier
b- July 1891 in MB
another Brother- Armand Forcier
b- Apr 1890 in MB
1911 they were all living in Carrington

Massey-Harris Co. Implements-
J. B. Jacquemart
sold Massey-Harris Verity plows
Brantford Carriages, Brandon Pumps, and windmills,
Sawyer and Massey threshing outfits.
He must have died before 1911
widow Josephine shown as head
children Frank, Otto and Agatha

McCormick Co. Implements-
Anselme “Simon” Clermont
b- Jan 1856 in Quebec
he also operated a Livery and Feed Stable.
wife- Clara Cleremont, nee Gendrean
b- Sept 1861 in Quebec
daughter- Marie Bridgett Delia Clermont,
b- Feb 19, 1906 in Forget SK

Other Livery was operated by the Flood Brothers, who came from London ON.

2 Hardware Stores-
Moose Mountain Lumber and Hardware Co.
and S. Ernest Dahlquist,
who owned a photograph store in Arcola, before Forget.

Leading Lumber Merchants, Robertson and Bishop

4 General Stores
Louis Armand Huel had a General Store,
He came from Finlay MB in 1901
b- Sept 1874 in Loisey France
1911 he was a Real Estate agent in Carrington
married Leontine Huel, nee Careme, at Forget.
b- July 1886 in France
d- ca Aug 6, 1936, age 51
drowned in Wood River near Gravelbourg SK
She came to Canada with her parents in 1890.
They settled at Grande Clairiere MB
They moved to Gravelbourg in 1917.
son- Gaston Huel
b- Aug 1900 in MB
living in Montreal 1936
son- Roger Huel
Living in Gravelbourg 1936
2 daughters-
Mrs. Germaine Cormier
living in Montreal 1936
Irene Huel
b- ?
living in Gravelbourg in 1936
Adolphe Huel was Louis's brother.
He was also born in France, came to Canada ca 1888.
Adolphe was Mayor of Gravelbourg for 9 years,
ending in 1944.
Adolphe died in a car accident June 1948.

John Elliott, from Lucknow ON. and Napinka MB.,
had another General Store.
1911 he was in Carrington
b- Feb 1846, in ON
wife Annie Elliott
b- May 1869 in ON
son- Graham Elliott
b- June 1893 in ON

Joseph Gratton had another General Store.

3 Blacksmith shops
John Tuesnelle, from Glengarry Co. ON
Moulin and Fomblein
Alphonse Huel, came to Forget in 1903
he was elected Overseer of Forget.

2 Real Estate Offices

Photo Gallery,
Operated by William St. Germain
He was in Gravelbourg in 1924
family came to Alma district, Canada in 1896
from Bathgate, ND.
Family came from Quebec to Sedalia Missouri,
35 years before his father's death in 1924.
then to Bathgate.
father- George St. Germain
b- 1845 in Yamaska Co., Quebec
d- May 4, 1924, in La Salette Church, in Stoughton SK, age 79
mother- Delima LaFrance
she died ca 1921
George was one of the early pioneers in the district.

Butcher Shop
Operated by C. Foy

Harness Shop,
operated by Daniel Gilbert (J.?) Hattie,
b- Feb 4, 1877, in Lower Caledonia, Guysborough, NS
d- July 24, 1952, North Vancouver, BC, age 75
married Jennie Teressa (Thresa?) (Theresa?)
“Jane” Hattie, nee Greenwood
daughter of William Greenwood, and Martha O'Brien
Daniel's daughter- Etta May Hattie
b- May 10, 1906 in Forget
d- Aug 20, 1912 in Vancouver BC, age 6
son- Roy Gilbert Hattie
b- Mar 17, 1908, in Forget
son- James Earnest Hattie
b- Jan 30, 1910 in North Vancouver BC
d- Dec 14, 1976 in Vancouver BC
Daniel's father- James Lauchlin Hattie
mother- Susannah Catherine McDaniel

2 Hotels
The Palace,
built in 1904,
3 story, 46ft x 46ft, brick veneered.
owned by Louis Siaud,
and Alexander James McDonald

Louis Siaud
wife- Camille Guillout
son Maximilien Paul Marcel
b- Mar 30, 1907, in Forget

Alexander James McDonald
wife- Fannie Anna Nerinckx
son- Edward Alexander McDonald
b- Nov 1, 1908, in Forget

The Imperial,
owner Mr. Donald John “Dan” McDougall
who came from Arcola
wife- Elizabeth N. McDougall, nee Youngson
son- John Donald McDougall
b- May 11, 1907 in Forget
daughter- Hughina Alexandria McDougall
b- Oct 21, 1905 in Forget

Dr. and Dentist
Dr. McGregor, graduate of McGill College
He also owned the Town Drug and Stationary Store.
It was managed by a qualified Chemist and Druggist.

Dentist- Albert Wilson Beatty, L.D.S.,
Lived in Arcola, Irish nationality, Methodist,
b- Jan 1875 in (probably Nottawasaga, Simcoe North) ON
shown in Dentist registry Nov 26, 1904, no 108
He travelled to Carlyle as well.
father- Francis Beatty, mother- Sarah Ann
wife- Maud E. Beatty, nee Mills
b- Apr 1880 in ON
son- Bryant Ellsworth Beatty
b- Sept 10, 1908 in Arcola SK

CPR Pumphouse and Depot,
Mr. Saerle, CPR Agent in 1905
formerly from Regina and Pense.

St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church
built in 1905, 76ft x 40ft., with vestry 28ft x 22 ft.
It had a stone foundation, building had a brick veneer.
opened Oct 1, 1905


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