1200 Block, North Side

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

I originally had an archive page for this Block, which I have amalgamated to this page now, so you might see some duplication in the descriptions. I will try and clean that up down the road.

Note- Lot, is Legal Lot Number, for Tax and Registration Purposes, used in Conjunction with the Legal Block Number
# is the Civic Mailing Address of each lot, or combination of Lots, in some cases.

1947 colourized postcard of almost the same view in the next 1939 photo ,
This photo shows the little building on the left of the Orpheum, Lot #1239 below
(1955 map below, lot 36)

1939 view of 1200 block, North side of 4th St. looking east from 13th Ave.

I spent quite a bit of time researching the places in this photo, for another project, so figured I wouldn't waste the research and add it here, in case others need it one day. As you can see, lots of unknowns. and I am sure lots of names I haven't seen yet.

That other project, described above, was a secret but now that it is done, I can discuss it here. Started in March, and was completed Nov 14, 2010, Artist Linda Gudmundson, and her husband, have completed a Mural, based on the 1939 postcard above, with some research from below. The Mural is on the side of a building in Estevan, at 1123 4th st.vIt was commissioned by Seiver, Veermersch & Fonstad, Professional Accountants in Estevan. Now it is in full color, looks life like now! great job Linda!

Buildings from Left to Right, on 1939 photo above, all on the North Side of 4th St. between 13th Ave on Left, to 12th Ave., 3/4 of the way down the picture, are described on this page.

All pictures noted below, are in Vol. 1, “A Tale That is Told” Estevan History Book. Most of the info researched from there, as well as the Central School History book, Census, Cemetery Records, Estevan Mercury, FreeBMD, and other sources.

Part of 1955 Central School History Book Map below, used for reference purposes only,

Block 19- Lots 21-40, #1203-#1239 4th St.-

Lot 21- Lot 22- #1203

Bank of Montreal (2017) On this corner for years was an empty lot, but as it turns out from some digging by Barry Dies turns out the First Clasky Store was located here, (Clasky bought out a store on 4th st after this) as well as a McLeod Insurance agency and another unknown name business. It was a large building with 3 peaked roof sections, visible from down the street, and the building and businesses actually all faced 12th ave, and would have had 12th ave addresses. It disappears after a while, and then the B of M appears. Most folks remember the empty lot only. see my 12th ave section for more.

Originally Dr. Ernest Harold Scott's Drug Store, Post Office, and Town Library were located here, in a 2 story building that stood on this corner.
It burnt down Feb 23, 1909, same time as the Kelly House across the lane, to the north, behind it.

1955, view looking west, Bank of Montreal on right, small Stone building in middle, large brick buildings, west and east side of Perry's building

Bank of Montreal, 1203 4th st., (2010)
but in the 1939 picture, too early for it, The Bank of Montreal, was built in 1948 there.
This was an empty corner lot for years, nicknamed “Bums Roost” But as Barry Dies found out the Campbell Block was built in this lot, facing 12th Ave.

Lot 23, Block 19- #1205 4th st

One of the Oldest buildings in Estevan is located here, built in 1892 out of stone, Stockwell's Hardware Store. Owned by James Robertson Stockwell, b- Sept 4, 1866 in Danville, Richmond, ON, d- June 1, 1900, in Estevan SK
Side of the Stone building showing the construction style. Hidden partially from view today.
Became Stockwell & Perry after J. R. Stockwell died. ; Part of Perry Hardware later on. ; Barber & Pool Room here in 1921, Bernard Schaffer Prop. lived on 2nd st. ; McBride's The Quality Grocer located here, in 1955, E. H. Chapman Owner and manager.
Estevan Heritage building Stone building, with renovated front today
First the awning of building to the west (1955 map, Lot 48) is visible, next is old Yardley and Lee Implement building (1955 map, lot 50),
and next door to the east, is this old stone hardware store, and then a side portion of another old store, in the next block is visible
Right beside Bank of Montreal, “J. R. Stockwells Hardware” (1892), First Hardware Store in Estevan, 25 ft x 40 ft Stone construction.
One of the oldest buildings still standing in Estevan
owned originally by James Robertson Stockwell
b- Sept 4, 1866, in Danville, Richmond, Quebec
d- June 1,1900, in Estevan, of TB
buried in Estevan City Cemetery
His father- John Putnam Stockwell
mother- Lovina Burbank
They had a framed living quarters in the rear.
Mrs. Stockwell operated it until the Spring of 1903.
Alfretta Susanna (Allie) (Ally) Stockwell, nee Perry,
who James married in 1895, was born Mar 8,1873, in ON.
She died Aug 1953, buried in Estevan City Cemetery
Stockwell's had 3 children, all born in Estevan SK,
Violet Levina Stockwell, b- Feb 29, 1896
Clifford Howard Stockwell,
b- Sept 26, 1897, d- April 26, 1987 in Ottawa, ON (see Note below)
and Winnifred Mary Isabel Stockwell, b- Mar 14, 1899
1903 Ally entered into partnership with her brother Truman.
She remarried to Mr. Marshall Henry King in 1907.
He died in 1912.
Truman M. Perry, bought the entire business, became “T. M. Perry” (1907)

Truman Matthew Perry, 1924
Truman Matthew Perry owner.
b- Dec 9, 1878 in King Twp, York Co.ON
d- Sept 27, 1947
buried in Estevan City Cemetery
1907 they built the East side of the Brick building
at 1207 4th St. ,which was a vacated implement building.
called “Yardley and Lee Implements”
A tin shop was moved from this stone building to next door, (1955 map, Lot 17 above), to the upstairs there.
1919 all 3 buildings were extended back to the lane. (Lot 16,17 & 18)
1919, The Tin Shop was moved back to the rear of this building.
1916, Thomas “Albert” Perry, their brother, became a partner.
Thomas “Albert” Perry
b- Sept 20, 1886 in Schomberg, King Twp, York Co. ON
d- July 4, 1976
Name was changed to “Perry Hardware Company”.
1935, became “Perry Hardware Limited”.
1947 Albert Perry became sole owner.
1958, sold hardware section to son, Donald (Don) A. Perry.
b- 1917, d- Apr 21, 2004
Don served in RCAF WWII
Graduated from ECI in 1936, Don's Story was included
in the Estevan Mercury ECI Reunion 2000 Paper.
became Perry Hardware (57) Limited.
Son Allen Perry, had Perry Plumbing and Heating Limited.
Allan Perry is also deceased, d- 2004.
He also attended ECI.
I believe he also served in WWII, Rank, Lance Corporal
Perry Hardware had the first telephone installed in the district.
Richard Perry their father, was a farmer and auctioneer,
b- 1837 in Lloydtown, King Twp. ON
d- Jan 9, 1916
The family came west in Mar 1892.

*Note- Another very famous person born and raised in Estevan, Clifford Howard Stockwell, the only son of James R. Stockwell,
went on to become a very highly regarded Geologist in Canada, and received many awards and acclaim for his research.
Also known as an Explorer for his travels in 1932 to Great Slave Lake.

Other business names on this lot:
Easterbrook and Son’s Meat Market”, (1939)
See Picture, page 484 and 485, for detail of it.
operated by George Easterbrook and sons, Ernest Charles, and George (Jr.)
All 3 shown as Butchers in 1911 census,Easterbrook family from Milton Abbot, Devon, England
George (Snr) Easterbrook
b- Feb 15, 1860, in Milton Abbot, in Reg. Dist. of Tavistock, Devon, England
George Easterbrook Snr served for 2 years in Canadian Army Service Corps. Nickname the “Iron Duke”
when he returned to Estevan, he was shown as age 45, as that was the highest age one could serve. He was older of course.
He enlisted in Edmonton AB, birth year shown as 1873, trade Butcher, Reg #2115243
Served in England, and then in Calgary
wife- Eliza “Liza” Jane Walkem,
b- 1859
married bet Oct-Dec 1882, in Milton Abbot, in Reg. Dist. of Tavistock, Devon, England
6 children:
Alice Maud Easterbrook
b- bet Oct-Dec, 1884,in Milton Abbot, in Reg. Dist. of Tavistock, Devon, England
George (Jr.) Easterbrook
b- Apr 1886, in Milton Abbot, in Reg. Dist. of Tavistock, Devon, England
Florence Easterbrook
b- bet Jan-Mar, 1888, in Milton Abbot, in Reg. Dist. of Tavistock, Devon, England
Ernest Charles Easterbrook
b- May 1889, in Milton Abbot, in Reg. Dist. of Tavistock, Devon, England
Mabel Easterbrook
b- bet July-Sept, 1890, in Milton Abbot, in Reg. Dist. of Tavistock, Devon, England
Sophy Easterbrook
b- bet July-Sept, 1892, in Milton Abbot, in Reg. Dist. of Tavistock, Devon, England

they had 5 boarders staying with them in 1911 in Estevan
only the 3 males were there in 1911.
I believe the 3 males of the family immigrated in 1906, from Liverpool to Montreal

“Patten Printing and Stationary” (1955)
Operated by Howard Wilbur Patten,
b- 1892, d- July 26, 1945
and probably his son,
George Wilbur Patten,
b- 1916, d- Dec 20, 1962.
both buried in Estevan City Cemetery
Howard was a Macoun Town councillor 1923-25
George was a great athlete at ECI.
Howard Patten printed a weekly paper in Estevan starting in 1933 to 1936, named “The News” in this building.
Howard came from Macoun SK, where he published the Macoun Post.

Owned by a Mrs. Coles (from ?, until 1963)

Building bought by William C. King (1963)

File updated by Larry Preddy, Mar 2010, “McBride's Grocers was at 1205 4th street, not on the west side of Perry's, but on the east side between Perry's, and the Bank of Montreal. Elmer Chapman operated it until White Cross Drugs purchased it in 1973/74. I know this because I worked there.
The front part of the building (approx 3/4 of the length was the old building). The back part of the building was part of the Perry's Hardware
at one time as there was just a beaver board wall between the 2. I don't know when the wall was constructed to separate the building from Perry's.
The brick wall in the back of the building is a common wall with Perry's.”

Still was White Cross Drugs (1980)
Loving Touch Florist (2009)

Lot 24-Lot 25- Block 19, #1207 4th st.

Bank of Ottawa was located here, building was built by the Perry brothers, and became all of Perry Hardware Co. Ltd, Hardware, Plumbing and Heating Business, by 1921, today (2017) it has same facade on front as Perry's hardware next door, same windows, same everything. but technically I guess it was 2 separate buildings inside. Historical Estevan Business site
Bank of Ottawa was located here
Last taller brick, 2 story, East Side, Perry Hardware Section, Built in 1907, Extended back to lane in 1919
Previous to 1907 this was a vacated Implement building, called “Yardley and Lee Implements”

First the awning of building to the west (1955 map, lot 48) is visible, next is this lot, showing the old Yardley and Lee Implement building,
and next door to the east, is the old stone hardware store, and then a side portion of another old store, in the next block is visible
see next lot for complete info on Perry hardware.
Perry Hardware (1955) Empty (2009)

#1209 4th St

Ten Cent & Variety Store located here in 1921, Owner Albert E. McCormack lived here as well

McCormack Five and Dime Store Inside and out
Photos courtesy Darwin Wagner
Mr and Mrs. Albert Edward McCormack owners.
Built ca 1915- sold ca 1946 To Ned & Irene Rooney.
My Aunt Emilie Backman worked in this store.

#1209 4th St

C. S. Meyer had a Meat market here in 1921, Charles S. Meyer owner.
Middle 2 story brick, awning, West side of the building, in 1939 photo above.

West (left) and East (right) side of the Perry Brother's building.
Originally built in 1911 as “T. M. Perry” Used as their floor covering section, Extended back to lane in 1919

West and East section, Perry Hardware,on left, Stone Building business in middle, Bank of Montreal on right

McBride’s Grocery, (1925-1955), Bill Mitchell First Manager
Bought by Elmer Chapman later, operated until he retired
It was in the West side of Perry's hardware building. See Picture, page 481
then obviously moved to 1205 4th St., see Larry Preddy's update on Lot 50 below.
I imagine the move was when Elmer Chapman purchased the business.

Bank of Ottawa was here as well (date?)
Great White Way Light standard in front of this building. See Picture, page 485

Dr. J. E. Wright was a Dentist in an office above Perry Hardware, not sure if East or West side?
He became the First Commanding Officer of the South Saskatchewan Regiment., Rank Lt. Col.

Update from Larry Preddy, Mar 2010, “Peter Cummins Butcher Shop could have been in the building just to the left of the Perry block
which was later joined to Perry's hardware, by a doorway for their carpet sales, but I don't know for sure. I do know it was a separate building at one time.”

Aero Advertising, (2009) operated by Vern Symons, Sells Promotional Materials

Lot 26- Block 19, #1211 4th St

McLeod's Butcher Shop built in 1911. Per historical Walking tour booklet he came to estevan in 1892 with the branch line of the CPR. He sold meat to the railroad gangs. His Bio written by himself Historical Estevan Business Site

Building in 1939
Pobably L.A. Duncan's Real Estate and Insurance Office then

McLeod’s Meat Market started on lot 49 in 1892. McLeod's built the brick building, as it stands today, in 1912
operated by one of Estevan founders, John Mcleod. Later his son Norman L. McLeod.
From Mrs John Mcleod's memoirs
Mr. Parington ran this shop for a number of years, until he retired and Major Wellock took it over. Major Wellock supposedly went into partnership in 1915.
So now we know where Wellock's Meat Market was first, also. 1925 Wellock's moved across the street at 1225 4th st. They were still there in 1955.
Major Preston Wellock came from England in 1907. He resided at the Mcleod farm, and worked at the Meat Market.
b- May 1882, in Bewerley, in Reg Dist. Pateley Bridge, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England,
d- Feb 2, 1954, buried in Estevan City Cemetery.
Note- His birth name was Major, this is not a rank.

At one point in time this building was sold and operated by Robert Coxen, until he also moved out of town.

1955 view
Became Walkaway Shoes, after the Wellock Butcher Shop.

L.A. Duncan’s Real Estate Office (Insurance also?) opened in 1910, operated till Oct 13, 1949

Louie Alexander Duncan operator
b- Apr 24, 1870, in Elma Tsp, ON
d- Oct 13, 1949
came to Estevan in 1902
brother of P.C. Duncan
Still not 100% sure if this was not in the Lot 14 above.

Radio Shack (1980)
shown as McBride's Grocery (1955 history book)
2 Dames Paint Store, (2009) I know a Peter Cummins operated a butcher shop in the 1920's where House of Stationary was, need to pin that address down. it could be this, or one on each side?

Lot 27- #1213

2 story, flat roof, flat sign, and also one sticking out I think,

ca 1903
This is another old building in Estevan, had an awning in 1903 era. Still there without awning in 1939

1955 view
B & G Meat Market (1955 history book)
Streetwear, (2009)

Lot 28- #1215

Mrs. Eleanor Liddell (Lennie) Archer nee Wallace, lived here in 1921, Violin/Music Teacher. b-April 28 1876, in Ravensworth Estate, Lamesley, Gateshead, Co. Durham, England. she had 2 children with her in 1921, Helen Mary Archer, b-age 13, in MB and Harry Archer, b- age 10 in AB. Her husband was Norman Gillies Archer, b- 1880, d- 1955, but he was not with the family in 1921.

ca 1905
2 story, flat roof, flat sign, 2 windows top floor, in 1939 picture above, note no awning in 1939
Unknown business (1939)

1955 view
1955 map- Lot 45- Rook's Insurance & Barber shop (1955 history book)
1955 map- Lot 46- Turner Electric (1955 history book), Started in 1947 on 4th st.
operated by Victor Bernard (Bern) Turner
b-1895 at Dunkirk Hill, Kent, England
d- Sept 2, 1979
Served at Vimy Ridge
Turned over to his son Kenneth Turner in 1960
1955 map-Lot 47- Stork Club (1955 history book)
not real positive if I have Rooks, Turner, and Stork Club, in correct building. but Central School History book shows this location for them
Coffee Comfort, (2009)

Lot 29- Lot 31- #1217

John Mitchell, Meat & Grocery Store located here in 1921
photo taken ca1942-43, bought by Nathan Dies, donated by Brian Dies
Now the 2 story light coloured building, with the cross shape roof, 1939 map
It was the Original John “McLeod Meat Market”, built in 1892

ca 1903
Owned and operated by one of Estevan's Founding Fathers. John Mcleod, Their meat market was downstairs, and they had rooms above.
Their son Lawrence McLeod was actually born in one of those rooms. On the left was actually a 2 stall, open barn, or garage, which was attached to the meat market.
The garage and this building are quite noticeable, in all the first Estevan pictures.
L.A. Duncan operated a business out of this building (ca 1939.) per Mrs John McLeod's memoir written in 1939
I show him in Lot 49 (1955 map above) building as well, maybe later he was there.
“McLeod Meat Market” moved to their new brick building, lot 49 (1955 map above), in 1912

1905 view of this double store
Mr. Boakes in the white coat. At this time the store had a solid wooden awning on right, and there is a retractable one above the door and window.
ca 1910/11, Mr. Boakes on left, here a remodelled front is visible, looks like a new window on left, and probably right, and a nice new sign.

in 1906 the McLeod's rented their Meat Business to Joseph Davies (Joe) Partington at this location.
Mr. Partington then moved to their new building (1955 map, lot 49) and was the butcher there as well.
J. D. Partington
b- Jan 1874 , Reg Dist. Birkenhead, in England
d- Nov 15, 1955, age 81, in Vancouver B.C.
J.D. Partington was a member of the Masons.
and is buried in the Masonic Cemetery, Halifax St, Burnaby BC
He immigrated to Canada in 1887.
Served as Estevan Councillor, elected in 1912.
An early Homesteader on NE Sec 36, Tsp 2, Rge 8, W2
date of entry May 30, 1899, receipt, Mar 2, 1904
had 2 sons, 1 daughter, all children born in SK. as shown in 1911 census.
His wife- Elizabeth Partington, nee Bell,
b- Mar 1873, in England,
d- ? (found an Elizabeth who died in Nanaimo BC, Nov 5, 1952,
but age shown as 84 which doesn't fit, but still think it could be her)
Their mother Elizabeth, nee Bell, immigrated in 1904.

Their oldest child, and only daughter,
Ruby Elizabeth (Parky) Partington,
b- July 10, 1905, in Roche Percee,
d- June 26, 2008, Bellevue, WA, USA, 2 weeks from age 103
Ruby also attended ECI, graduating 1921, age 16.
Ruby taught school in Bienfait in 1925.
This family also appears in the Shand history book.
Ruby and her brother, Davis Partington, were teachers there.
Ruby was also a teacher in North Portal.
and Davis in Taylorton.
Ruby was also a teacher at Short Creek School, 1922
and last one teaching at Minto School.
I also found her teaching at Lambton School #767, 5 miles south, 1 mile east of Bengough.
And at a Tyvan School #1269, ca 1930-33, North of Weyburn.
One article says she earned $6 per month teaching school at age 16!
She married a James (Jim) Forrester in Vancouver.
Ruby lived to be 103, died late June, 2 weeks before her birthday.
Her nickname was “Parky”
She earned her BA degree in Winnipeg Manitoba in 1935
Ruby enlisted in 1938, and served in WWII, Army, Radar Specialist, on Vancouver Island.
Ruby and Jim moved to Bellevue WA, USA.
She continued to teach, he worked for Boeing.
Member of Bellevue Sister City Association, She even went to Taiwan, and taught English, for a year there.
She volunteered on the ski patrol at Snoqualmie up until age 86, when she had knee surgery.
Ruby was heavily involved in the Audubon Society, and an active Rock Hound.
She credited her grade 1 teacher in Estevan for the interest in birds. Imagine how many children she taught?

Their oldest son
Joseph “Davis” Partington,
b- Aug 25, 1906, in Estevan,
d- 1988
Davis attended ECI, graduating in 1925,
Davis married Helen Northfield.

their 2nd and last son
Edward Partington
b- July 1910
d- Apr 29, 1920, age 10
and he is buried in Estevan City Cemetery.

The McLeod's supplied the meat wholesale to Partington's store. So maybe Mr. Boake's ran the grocery store, and Mr. Partington ran the Butcher shop? I just don't know.

“The City Grocery” Mr. Charles Richard Pribble Boakes, owned this Grocery store, ca 1905, 1910, 1911 depending on which book you read
until 1916, when he went working for the railroad. In 1911 he was boarding with the Rooks family.
Next door was the Partington family above.
Mr. Boakes immigrated in 1905
b- June 29, 1876, Kent England
He came from Kent England
His wife was Alameda McDonald.

July 12, 1911 Mr. Boakes returns married to Estevan

Became John Mitchell’s Meat and Grocery store, (date?)
Mitchells Meat and Grocery (1939)

1939 Sign says “Groceries” (small letters on left)
“Mitchell’s” (middle full size),
“Flour and Feed” (small letters on right)
To the left of this sign above a door or window was a Robin Hood Flour sign
The 2 story building with the cross shape roof is the right side of this business.
The sign went across half of this building, and half of one on left

became Symons “City Grocery” in 1949, See Picture, page 30
History book says Symons bought adjoining business of “J. Mitchell Grocery Store”.

Symons Grocery 1955

In 1957 this was all sold to “Woolworths”.

1963 July 1st parade

This would have meant the demolition of some old Estevan Buildings
later became the “Saan” Store.
then “Liquidation World” early 2000.
House of Stationary, (2009)


Carl Hazelhan Shoe Repairer located here in 1921, lived at #1409 5th st. ; “Symons Grocery” here in 1955, George Symons owner
Awning, flat sign not visible- known as “City Bakery” in 1939

1939 view
“City Bakery” 1939, from photo above
built by Fred Mathison, (see below) in 1909, operated by his son Eric Mathison, until 1949
Bought by George Symons in 1949

1955 view
Became part of big Woolworth store, see 2 lots above
Carl Haselhan had a shoe repair shop in this area, until he retired in 1928
Same location as Saan Store in 1980. Exact lot or building I don't know, but per 1921 entry it was here.
“City Bakery” (1955 history book)


“Mathison Bakery” located here in 1921, Fred Mathison Baker, and son Frank William Mathison, lived at #422 13th Ave., William D. Coster, Baker as well here.
Big Tree, and what I think is like a walking lane, in the middle of the block. in 1939 photo.
Obviously now divided between the 2 lots on each side today. 1955 map shows it as empty. This 1939 picture also shows a space there, for that big tree

Frederick “Fred” William Mathison (Sr), 1924
b- July, 1872, in Birkenhead, Cheshire, England
d- Oct 27, 1947 in Estevan SK
wife- Mary Ann Williams
b- Apr 21, 1872, in Llanddaniel-Fab, Anglesey, Wales
d- Nov 7, 1947 in Vancouver BC
daughter- Florence Mary Mathison
b- Feb 13, 1894 in Birkenhead, Cheshire, England
d- Oct 30, 1975 in Hershey, Dauphin, Pennsylvania, USA
married Robert Fegan
son- Frederick William Mathison (Jr)
b- Nov 12, 1897 in Birkenhead, Cheshire, England
d- Nov 16, 1936 in Vancouver BC
son- Eric Mathison
b- Dec 31, 1899, in Ruabon, Denbighshire, Wales
d- June 30, 1986 in Victoria BC
son- Robert Arthur Mathison
b- June 30, 1902, in Cheshire, nr Ruabon, Denbighshire, Flintshire, Wales
d- Jan 14, 1982, in Vancouver BC
son- Frank William Mathison
b- Oct 13, 1904 in Cheshire, near Ruabon, Denbighshire, Flintshire, Wales
d- Jan 26, 1992, Vernon BC

Lot 32- #1223

“D.L. Irvine Drug Store” located here in 1921. David L. Irvine lived on 2nd st.
2 story plain- no sign visible, a small window above the door, 2 windows top floor in 1939 photo.

1903 view

1939 view

July 1943 view of the Hobbs Boarding House

1955 view
called Hobbs Boarding House, built in (1892? or 1893?) owners, Billy and Miss Hobbs, his sister.
William James (Billy) Hobbs
b- Sept 25, 1855
d- Oct 21, 1935, buried in Estevan Cemetery
Anna May Hobbs
b- Jan 9, 1854
d- May 18, 1947, buried in Estevan Cemetery
Somewhere along the line I think the business was called Mathieson’s (Matheson's?) boarding house, also Mathieson's White House.
Can't find much info on the Mathiesons here (caption on picture page 481) see lot above has Mathison's bakery. 2 spellings same name?
Simply called “Boarding House” (1955 history book)
Building tore down in 1958, Toronto Dominion Bank, built new building on this lot, it opened Apr 14, 1958.
they moved later to corner of the next block west. 1301 4th St.
Update from Larry Preddy- Ron Fichtemann had a florist shop where Melle Jewelers is now for a while, before Melle's.
Paul Melle owned the building then
Melle Jewellers, (2009)

Lot 33- #1225

“Chippewa Water Co.” located here in 1921, Soda Water Manufacturer, Wholesale Dealers, Confectionery, Tobacco, Stout, and Coca-Cola, Michael P. Sloan, Manager ;

Michael P. Sloan, 1924
“Tisdale's Modern Dry Cleaners” in 1955
(note I show Tisdales at #1227 below, confusion in some of these, as addresses not known for some.) Rectangular building- flat sign, 2 story- 3 windows top floor in 1939 photo above
Estevan Meat Market (1930's?)
Operated by John Tucker
picture page 481

1938 view

1939 view

Ott's Plumbing and Heating Building (before Macovichuk, exact date?)

This photo July 1943, shows it as Ott's Plumbing and Heating Company Building

1947 picture below looks to me like top sign says “a name” then “Electric” so possibly an electrical shop in there then?
Macovichuk Building, (before Matte Mitchell, exact date?)
Matte Mitchell Building (date?)

1955 view
Housed the Tisdale Dry Cleaning plant, (until 1961) moved from the Turner building, which was originally in Tisdale's store below.
Perth's Dry Cleaners took over this business
Tisdale Dry Cleaners (1955 History book)
Jenny Joans, a Women's Clothing Store, (2009)

Lot 34- #1227

“Donaldson's Mens Wear”, in 1955, Joseph “Joe” Donaldson, Owner and Manager, who lived at 1227 4th St.

1938 view

1939 view

1955 view, not much of a picture but the sidewalk sign has now changed
sign in front said “Bastian's Fashions and Tailors” (1955)
1939- Flat sign on building, said “Modern Cleaners”
Sidewalk sign, said “Bastian's Fashions”
This was “Bastian’s Fashions”. (as early as 1939 and later than 1955)
Owned by Wilfrid Bastian, born ca 1912. Wilfrid Bastian's “Modern Dry Cleaners and Tailors” in 1920, but in 1939 this was, Louie Rieder's (Reider?) “Modern Dry Cleaners”,
All I can find is they were a Jewish family in Estevan. The Cleaners were in the back of the Clothing Store.
1930 era photo, page 481, shows a delivery truck, sign “Modern Dry Cleaners and Tailors”
Bought by Tisdale's in 1964, still called “Modern Dry Cleaners”
Donaldson's Men's Wear (date?)
Became Frank's Men's Wear, when it was sold to Frank John (late 60's-50's?)
changed name, now “Frank's on Fourth”, (2009)
Talked to Wilfrid's brother Donald N. Bastian Aug 2010, and he told me some of the history of this store.
Their father Josiah Bastian owned the Red & White Store in the next block east. (1100 block)

Lot 35- #1229

1921 Ad 1921 Ad and Picture
“Manlove and Bannatyne”, Insurance Agents in 1921, owners, Colin A. Manlove, and David Bannatyne ; Alex Ott, Plumbing, Heating, Tinsmith, here in 1955
Manlove and Bannatyne, Insurance Office (1920)
May 1920, David Bannatyne was in partnership with Colin A. Manlove
(1925) David Bannatyne owned the business alone, “Bannatyne Insurance” Picture page 329 Estevan History book

David Bannatyne, 1924

1939 view

Alex Ott & Sons (1955 history book)
Alexander Ott (Sr)
b- 1896
d- July 17, 1979
buried in Estevan City Cemetery
his wife Pauline Hirsch, d- Apr 17, 1941
They had 2 sons

Access Communication, (2009)
Access Communications moved to the old liquor store on 6th street 2010

Lot 36- #1231

Aristocrat Beaute Salon (1938 and later than 1955)
ca 1939
shown as Aristocrat Beauté Salon (1955 history book)
Empty (2009)

#1233- Built in 1929

rented for a few years, Unknown tenant, then became “Opal News” until 1933, changed to “L. J. Taylor News” (1933-1948)
ca 1939
Taylor News 1939
Owner / Operator, Lewis John (Louie) Taylor
b- Oct 27, 1879 in Yorkshire, England
d- Aug 12, 1965 in Coquitlam BC, age 85
buried in Estevan City Cemetery
wife- Lillian Anne Taylor, nee Foster
b- Feb 1884 (1882?) in Yorkshire, England
d- Dec 26, 1963
buried in Estevan City Cemetery
both shown as store clerks in Estevan in 1911

Store bought in 1948, and Operated by Mr. Frank and Flossie Mather, as “L. J. Taylor News” for a few years, then changed name to “Mather's News” (operated ca 1950-1967) Frank Mather
b- July 22, 1911 (probably in Estevan)
d- Oct 11, 1983
buried in Estevan City Cemetery

Lieut. Frank Mather was seriously wounded in WWII
He enlisted Dec 1940
son of J. Mather

Mather's News Stand (1955 history book)
Business sold to Mr. George Friess, (1967), became Book Store, operated by Mr. & Mrs. Ken Raine (1980)
Bark “N” Dales boutique, (early 2009)
Empty (mid 2009)

Lot 37- Lot 39- #1235

Orpheum Theatre, built in 1913-1914, by H. E. McKenzie who was co-owner with F. W. Newcombe. It opened Apr 6, 1914.
Still Locally family owned and in operation today (2017)
Orpheum Theatre- 1939
My Estevan Theatre History page has more history on the Theatres in Estevan
From Larry Preddy, Mar 2010- “it was operated by Duane McKenzie, (same person who built the Pepsi plant) until about 1961 when Frank Mus purchased it
and operated it along with his sons, Earl & Chuck until about 10 years ago, when Earl & Chuck sold it to Allan & Jocelyn Dougherty who operate it to this day (2010)”
1930's era photo, Young's shoe repair on left, orpheum theatre, then an Electrical shop part of the theatre back then
Photo courtesy my Aunt Ruth Fiest, nee Gesell collection

ca 1900- First couple lots on this block were originally Marshall H. King's Lumber Yard, which ran all the way north to 5th St.
He was Mayor 1911-1912. He died in 1912
He married Alfretta Susanna (Allie) (Ally) Stockwell, nee Perry, the widow of J. R. Stockwell, who owned the First Hardware Store in Estevan
Their history is shown below re the Perry Hardware Building.

Lot 40- #1239- Alice Livingston Millinery Shop here in 1921.
not shown in 1939 picture above, Shown on Picture, page 486
Young’s Shoe Repair (1919)
operated by Mr. John “Jacob” Young
b- 1882 in Austria?
d- June 7, 1942
buried in Estevan City Cemetery
Immigrated from Austria to US, July 1914
Then to Lampman SK. Canada,
Coming to Estevan Oct. 1914

Dr. Inglis and Barrie Offices (1955 history book)
Tasty Bakery (1980)
Art Concepts (2009)

1947 view
1947 view

Rear of Orpheum theatre and this lot in 2009
2009 view

1911 E.R Davis Photo of Estevan looking NE, 4th st in foreground
Courtesy Grant Walker Apr 2018

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