Fourth St. / 4th St. / Main St. / Highway 39
Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Note- Lot, is Legal Lot Number, for Tax and Registration Purposes, used in Conjunction with the Legal Block Number
# is the Civic Mailing Address of each lot, or combination of Lots, in some cases.

I will be adding Historical photos and descriptions of businesses on this block, when I get a chance.

The building with the 2 little tabs on the corner of the roof, and little triangle in the middle, was Quist’s General Store, page 482 estevan History Book
will research the correct address below

North Side, 11th Ave to 12th Ave. (Odd Numbered Lots)

Block 20, Lot 21-40, #1101-#1133 4th St.

Lot 21- #1101- (#1101-#1109) Holley Motors in 1955, Archie Holley owner

Lot 22- #1103-

Lot 23- #1105- Sam Kee Laundry here in 1921

Lot 24- #1107- Salvation Army has a large building on this corner now, which takes up a few lots. (2017)

Lot 25- #1109-

Lot 26- #1111-

Lot 27 to Lot 31- #1117- Saskatchewan Government Telephone Office here in 1955- Eveline Graham, Agent and Chief Operator.; Same today

#1119 4th St. -Max Wilchik, Tinsmith Shop here, where he also lived, in 1921 ; Estevan Shoe Repairs, in 1955, F. R. Edmondson Prop.

Lot 32 to Lot 33- #1123- E. H. Hardware located here in 1921 owned by the Holmgren Brothers. Edgar, Herbert and John A. Holmgren, John lived at store location. ; Law offices, (Mural of 4th st in window) (2017)

Lot 34 to Lot 35- #1127-in 1911- Big Brick, 2 Story Store stood here, it was “Harold J. Clasky's Store” ; “W. H. Field & Co.” in 1921, Grocers and Men's Furnishings, owned by Willis H. Field, who lived on 3rd St..; Clasky & Company in 1955, Harold J. Clasky lived at 829 3rd St. in 1955

Lot 36 to Lot 37- #1131- Originally built for the “Union Bank of Canada”. Per Historical Tours Booklet it housed the Royal Bank after this, then Bank of Montreal, then Royal Bank again.

Lot 38 to Lot 40-#1133-(NE Corner of 12th ave) Lot 40- Originally a Jewelry Shop, “Rooks & Stokes” Jewelry Store, owned by Lester Rooks, and L. B. Stokes ; became “L. B. Stokes Jeweler”, Fine Watch Repairing, owned by Lawrence Blake Stokes ;
Estevan Jewellery Store, “L. B. Stokes”
Corner of 12th ave and 4th st
became Henneberg's Jewellery store
Originally operated by Lawrence Blake Stokes,
born abt 1878 in Ontario, age 28 in 1906 census.
He left Estevan in 1908 for BC.
Lawrence died in Kamloops Nov 12, 1962, age 83

Originally, he was in partnership with Lester Rooks, and the business was called Rooks and Stokes Jewelers.
It was located just east of the Bank of Hamilton on 4th st. Mr Stokes was the CPR Timekeeper. Before Estevan he had a store in Weyburn.

Ruby Gleiser, operator of the Delight theatre, worked for Stokes and Co Jewelers, when Mr. Stokes started his business.
some of her history is in my Theatre Section.

Became “Estevan Shoe Repair”; Lot 38 & 39 in 1911, it was “The Farmer's Home Ltd.”, (see photo link below); Became 2 story brick building, the “J. E. Loughlin General Store”, owned by James Edwin Loughlin Sr. ; “Macready's Men's Wear”, located here in 1955, Kathleen & Olga Macready owners ; now Wicklow Center, Wicklow Cafe, Scotia Bank takes up the corner here. (2017)

On this corner was the Creighton Block, built in 1925, by Dr. Creighton, various offices and businesses were located here, as well as it was used as a hospital for 2 years, after his hospital on 5th st burnt down, in 1936, per Historical Walking Tour Booklet. Princess Cafe was in this Block facing 12th ave. This whole building had a major overhaul in 1979-80 to what is now the Wicklow Centre.

#1137- Dron's Tailors & Cleaners, Edward Rooney Jr. manager in 1955

#1139 4th st- City Dray & Transfer- in 1921, Samuel Lyman Hitchcock & Sons, Prop. ; Sinclair's Real Estate & Insurance in 1955, John Sinclair Prop.

Estevan ca 1911- This page and picture shows this section of 4th st. from 12th Ave looking NE

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