Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Ruby Elizabeth Gleiser

Miss Ruby Elizabeth Gleiser

1932 photo

Miss Ruby Elizabeth Gleiser
b- May 24, 1891, in Milverton ON
d- Aug 21, 1953, in St. Joseph Hospital in Estevan SK. of a heart condition,
age 62 in her funeral announcementm 60 in her notice of death? Headstone says 1891, so going with that date.

Buried in Oxbow Cemetery, Oxbow SK

Family living in Milverton ON, in 1891
Henry shown as a merchant, he owned a General Store there.
1901 the family moved to Brandon MB, then a few years later to Oxbow SK
1861 census shows Henry Gleiser, age 3 in Waterloo ON

Father- Henry (Harry) Gleiser
b- Dec 14, 1858 in Waterloo, ON
d- Feb 18, 1907 in Oxbow SK
Mother- Sophia Gleiser, nee Jacob
b- Dec 25, 1859 in Buffalo, NY, USA
d- Sept 17, 1825
Sophia Immigrated in 1881 to Canada
both funerals in the United Church, both buried in Oxbow Cemetery

Brother- Alfred (Alf) G. Gleiser
b- ca 1882 in ON
d- bef 1964
Buried in Oxbow Cemetery.
He married Minnie Edna Hill
b- 1884 in Clinton ON
d- Apr 4, 1912, buried in Oxbow Cemetery
They had a son Harry Gleiser,
b- ca 1909
He remarried Dorothy Mabel Dennis in 1919.
She was from Toronto ON
They had a son Freddie Gleiser
Alf bought the Star Bakery in Oxbow in 1908.
He later owned the Roblin Hotel, in Roblin MB
He later retired to Winnipeg MB.

Brother- Percival (Percy) Frederick Gleiser
b- May 4, 1884 in Mitchell, Perth Co., ON
d- Mar 26, 1910 of Blood Poisoning
(SK Vital records says he died Mar 18, 1910?)

All shown as Lutherans in 1901 census Percy shown as a Jeweller's Apprentice

a sister- Erena Gleiser
b- Oct 18, 1880 South Easthope, Perth Co. ON
d- ?
not with the family in 1901

Grandfather- George Gleiser,
b- Germany
Grandmother- Catherine Gleiser, nee ?,
b- Germany

Sophia's Father- Frederick Jacob, b- Germany
Mother- Sophia Jacob, nee ?, b- US

Henry Gleiser lived in Tavistock ON when he married Sophia Jacob, Jan 21, 1880 in Shakespeare, Perth Co., ON.

He was a Councillor of Milverton ON, 1891-1893

One article says her name was Ruth Gleiser but this is the only source of that name.

the Central School history book quotes the Mercury saying she was born in 1893 in Milventon MB.

They probably should make a movie of this woman's life.
She was pretty amazing!
Tougher than most men, and tackled every job, and never failed in one.

She was the First Woman in Saskatchewan, to have a licence to operate a Movie Picture Projector.
She owned the Delight Theatre in Estevan.

Every Saturday night she loaded a spare projector in her car, and went to Macoun to show movies.

As well she was the First Woman in Saskatchewan to have a Chauffeur Licence. She operated a 5 cent fee taxi service.

She was elected President of the Rebekah Assembly of Sask. in 1929
In 1936, in New York, became President of the International Association of Rebekah Assemblies.
She received the highest award in the order, the Declaration of Chivalry.

Miss Ruby Gleiser

She was born May 24, 1891.
Newspaper article in 1936, says May 24, 1893?
(May 1891 in Ont., in 1901 census)
(May 1891 in Milverton in 1911 census)
1891 in IGI
Definitely born in Milverton, ON.
Moved west when she was 8 years old.
Actually it was in 1900 they moved.
Settling first in Brandon where her father
was a Commercial traveller for Ramsay and Company.
Living with her Father and Mother,
Henry (Harry) and Sophia Gleiser
in Brandon MB. in 1901.
In 1904 they moved to Oxbow SK.
Her father owned the Palace Hotel
between 1904 and Aug 14,1907, in Oxbow.
The fire on Aug 14, 1907 almost wiped out Oxbow down town.

Henry (Harry) then built the Alexandra Hotel,

Postcard sent to me by Mr. Robert Shanks of Pittsburgh, PA, with thanks
Original will be donated to Oxbow Museum

Harry operated the Alexandra Hotel 1908-1913
and Mar 9, 1919- Feb 18, 1927, also in Oxbow.
Henry died Feb 18, 1927, and then Ruby owned the Hotel, from 1927-1935.
Her brother Percy was the Jeweller in Oxbow, with a store in the Hotel.
She learned that trade from him, as well, and even managed the store for a year, after her brother passed away.
She was in business before she was the age of 20.
She worked for Stokes Jewellery store in Estevan as her first job in Estevan.
ca 1908-1910, She played hockey in Oxbow,

1912 she moved to Estevan

As well as clarinet in the ladies band, in Oxbow.
She was also a saxophone soloist with the Estevan Band, on a western Canada tour.

She also played the violin.

She also was an excellent shooter.
When she was 11 or 12 her Dad taught her how to shoot ducks.
She became one of the best shots in Saskatchewan, man or woman.

She was an adept artist, painting in oils.

At the 1935 fall exhibition of the Estevan Horticultural society, her garden entries walked off with 32 of the 45 prizes.

In 1933 she took a woman's curling team to the Saskatchewan Bonspiel in Regina, and won 16 straight games!

She worked for a year learning the newspaper business at the Estevan Mercury. Hiring on in 1915.

By 1936 she owned 17 cars, and never had one minor accident.

She worked for the Souris Valley Creamery for many years.
Became its Manager for 17 years.
She left the creamery in 1935.
In 1933 she bought the Estevan Dairy.
In 1936 she was its Manager.

At the outbreak of war she was named Saskatchewan Director in charge of British Evacuee Children.
A post she had to give up in 1940 due to ill health.
At that time she retired, and devoted her time to gardening.

She was a member of the Estevan Board of Trade.

She was on the Executive of the Provincial and Federal Liberal parties.

She belonged to the Young Ladies Club, the I.O.D.E., the United Church, and she was also President of the Estevan Welfare League.

She died Aug 21, 1953 in Estevan.
Her funeral was in Estevan.
She is buried in the Oxbow Cemetery, Where her parents are buried.

She lived for many years with Miss Helen Rattray, a long time school teacher at ECI. They lived 4 doors west of 1313 2nd St., on the north side of the street.

Aug 2009

At one time she was on the Executive of 7 organizations, and Secretary of those organizations. Vice President of 4 and President of 3.

I quote from an old newspaper article about her life
“Her record of achievement, makes most of us wonder what on Earth we've been doing with our lives.”

A truly amazing woman!


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