1911 History

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

North side of 1100 block 4th st.,
photo taken from SW corner 12th ave, (Royal Bank location ca 2017)
1911 Postcard courtesy Grant Walker, CA

Left → Right:

  1. Estevan Shoe Store, (Boots & Shoes written above sign)
  2. The Farmers Home Ltd. (became 2 story brick building, James Edwin Loughlin General Store) (1. and 2. became Wicklow Centre ca 2015)
  3. Union Bank of Canada, located at 1131 4th st. (Dell's Commercial Printing ca 2015)
  4. Big Brick, 2 Story Store, became Harold J. Clasky's Store
    • Empty lot, side of building has a sign Tinsmith, Plumbing.Later a small building was built in that lot, which burnt down.
  5. Next building is a Hardware building, which also burnt down, same time
    • Then another empty lot
  6. Next a Meat Market,
    • then a phone pole
  7. Last a building on the far right. (7. or 8. became the location of the present Sask Tel Central Office)


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