First St. / 1st St.
Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Note- Lot, is Legal Lot Number, for Tax and Registration Purposes, used in Conjunction with the Legal Block Number
# is the Civic Mailing Address of each lot, or combination of Lots, in some cases.

I will be adding Historical photos and descriptions of Residences on this block, when I get a chance.

North Side, East to West, (Odd Numbered Lots)

Legal Block 61, Lots 11-20, #1201-#1237, First St.

Lot 11, Block 61- #1201 1st- NW Corner (#108- 12th Ave ?).-history booklets say this is 1201 1st st -Milne House built in 1912. A. F. Milne family lived here for about 30 years per Heritage Walking Tours of Estevan Booklet., He ran a bakery on the site if the Tower Cafe on 4th st today (2017) Served as Mayor of Estevan in 1918. this house appeared in the 1914 promotional booklet of Estevan, as it justly deserved. I think it is one of the nicest houses in Estevan, even today. Adam Finlayson Milne b- Apr 8, 1881, Brechin, Forfar, Scotland, d- Aug 15, 1946 in Victoria BC, age 65, buried in Estevan City Cemetery. father- John McArthur Milne, mother- Mary Ann Findlayson. wife- Georgina (Davina?) Milne, b-ca 1882 in Scotland, son- John Milne b- ca 1907 in sK, lived in Boston MA in 1944, son- George Milne, b- ca 1911 in SK, and son- Adam Milne, b- ca 1914 in SK. and Robert Milne : Adam's younger brother John Milne lived in Estevan in 1916 near him, shown married, as a carpenter. Adam Milne came from Glasgow Scotland to Montreal, Quebec, arriving June 16, 1906, on the Carthaginian. Adam F. Milne lived here in 1921. b- age 39, in Scotland., He Owned a store at #1138 4th St. - Wife- Georgina Milne, 4 sons, John Milne, George Milne, Adam Milne, and Robert Milne. His sister Grace Milne lived with them in 1921 as well.
Then we have a discrepancy from one history book to another, as the thicker brown one says this is the Dunbar House. Same build date of 1912, but built for publisher of the Estevan Mercury, Donald Culloden Dunbar. As you can see above, Adam Milne Family lived at 108 12th ave. in 1921. Donald C. Dunbar family lived at 921 3rd st in 1921, so I think the Milne House is correct. Dunbar maybe bought it from Milne later causing the confusion? Historic Estevan House either way.

Lot 12- #1205-

Lot 13- #1209-

#1211 1st st.- T. W. Phillips, Mine Manager, M&S Coal Ltd, Mine Office- Bienfait, lived here in 1955

Lot 14- #1213- William Lloyd, b- ca 1876 in England, lived here in 1906 with wife Laura Lloyd, nee Roberts, daughter Ida May Lloyd, with sons William A. Lloyd, and Clifford Cyril Lloyd, both sons born in Sask., daughter Alice Lloyd joined them in 1907 . Immigrated in 1903 ; Percy Simpson, a Plummer, lived here in 1921.

Lot 15- #1217-

Lot 16- #1221- John Andrew Harris lived here in 1921, clerk at J. H. McGilvery , staying with Philetus Cook Family. Mr. Cook was a Grain buyer, elevator man in Estevan.

Lot 17- #1225- James McGilvery family lived here in 1921. He owned a Pool room in Estevan.

Lot 18- #1229-

Lot 19- #1233-

Lot 20- #1237- Charles Frederick Fisher Family lived here in 1921, Insurance Salesman ; NE Corner of 13th Ave- Owned by David A. Bannatyne in 1962

South Side

1st St. Overlooks the Souris Valley on the south side here.
Only Lot here is #1202- The Elks Park is located here

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