Henry Street

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Henry St. is located in Hillside Subdivision, in Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Note- Lot, is Legal Lot Number, for Tax and Registration Purposes, used in Conjunction with the Legal Block Number
# is the Civic Mailing Address of each lot, or combination of Lots, in some cases.
I will be adding Historical photos and descriptions of Residences on this block, if applicable.

#300 Block, from Spruce Dr., to #900 Block, ending at Souris Ave.

Henry St. was it named after a King Henry?
Always have been confused how the names were chosen for Hillside subdivision.
or- I am guessing, would it have been named after an Early Estevan Doctor? If Not it should have been!
Dr. Andrew Edmund Henry,aka Captain Andrew Edmund Henry
b- May 2, 1872, Mono Centre, Ontario, Canada. d- Feb 2, 1945 in Regina SK.
Buried in Brookside Cemetery, Lot 143, Section W, in Winnipeg, MB
1901- Living in Sydenham, Ontario with his wife and 2 children at that time
Came to Estevan in 1905, from Bognor, Sydenham, Ontario, where they lived on Williams St, from 1900-1905
He was elected to the Estevan School Board, Dec 15, 1909, with Donald Culloden Dunbar, James Alpin Smith, Harold Nelson Scott, and George Alexander Bell. He was a Doctor in Estevan as early as 1905, early enough to be around when Hillside was subdivided.
He enlisted in WWI, June 1, 1916 in Winnipeg. Shown as a Physician and Surgeon in Estevan at the time.
Religion- Presbyterian. C.M.A.C.-C.E.F.,
CPR Doctor at Ignace Ontario, in Oct 11, 1934, He was here after the war, for several years, then moved back to the Prairies.
Next of kin- Anne “Annie” Henry, nee Young, his wife.
b- Apr 20, (1869 per 1901 census) ca 1874, in Mono Centre, Cardwell, Ontario, Canada, d- May 13, 1945
Buried in Brookside Cemetery in Winnipeg, MB
daughter of John Young and Jean M. A. Shepherd (Sheperd) They were married Nov 11, 1896, in Normanby, Grey Co., Ontario, Canada
Son- Hebert Andrew Henry- b- Apr 23, 1898 in Ontario
Daughter- Jean Francis Henry- b- Dec 29, 1900 in Sydenham, Ontario, d-1923
Daughter- Helen Freda Henry- b- Oct 1904, in Ontario
Father- Andrew Henry, b- Ireland, Mother- Eliza Allen, b- ON

East-West, Odd Numbered Lots

From Spruce Drive to Bannatyne Ave
Block 404- #347-437 Henry St., Lots 20-1, East-West, Odd Numbered Lots
Lot 20- #347 Henry St.-
Lot 1- #437 Henry St.-

From Bannatyne Ave. to Dufferin Ave.
Block 35- #501- 529 Henry St, Lots 9-16, East-West
Lot 9- #501-
Lot 16- #529-

From Dufferin Ave. to Arthur Ave.
Block 30- #601- #633, Lots 10-18, East-West
Lot-10- #601-
Lot 18- #633-

From Arthur Ave. to Alexandra Ave.
Block 19- #701-#737, lots J, G, D, C, East-West
Lot J- #701
Lot G- #721- The First Hillside School, built in 1912, used until 1964.
Lot D- #733
Lot C- #737- Location of the Ball Diamond, when this was Hillside School Yard

From Alexandra Ave. to Victoria Ave.
Block 14, #801-837, Lots 11-20, East-West
Lot 11- #801- Paul and Ida Sampson family lived here in the 1960's
Lot 12- #805- Gordon and Eva McMaster family lived here in 1960's
Lot 20- #837-

From Victoria St to Souris Ave.
Block 3, #901-937, Lots 11-18, then A, B, East-West
Lot 11- #901- Charlie and Florence Johnson Family lived here in the 1960's
Lot B - #933-
Lot A- #937- Louie Boey's Grocery Store in 1955; Became Hall Funeral Services ;

Then West- East, Even Numbered Civic Lots

From Souris Ave to Victoria St.
Block 2, Lots 1-10, West-East,
Lot 1-2- #113 Souris Ave.-
Lot 3- #930 Henry St. -
Lot 4- #926-
Lot 5- #922-
Lot 6- #918-
Lot 7- #914-
Lot 8- #910-
Lot 9- #906- Louie Boey lived here in 1955, owned Louie's Grocery store at #937 Henry St.
Lot 10- #902-

Hillside Park located here

From Victoria Ave. to Alexandra Ave.
Block 15- Lot 7-10, #814-#802,

From Alexandra Ave. to Arthur Ave.
Block 18, Lots 1-10, #738-#702, West-East,
Lot 10- #738-
Lot 1- #702 Henry st.- Magnus and Amanda Lotten family lived here ca.1962. Mrs. Lotten taught school at Hillside School, as early as 1958. She was my first teacher there;

From Arthur Ave. to Dufferin Ave.
Block 31, Lots A,B,C, 2-7, #634-#602, West-East,
Lot 5- #610- Jack and Doreen Highfield family lived here in 1960's. their son Ron Highfield was a Hillside friend.

From Dufferin Ave. to Bannatyne Ave.
Block 34, Lots 7, 6, 2, 3, #526-502, West- East,

From Bannatyne Ave. to Pine Ave.
Block 401- Lots 1-10, #434-#398, West-East,

Poplar Bay at this point, Fairly new subdivision for me.

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