Second St. / 2nd St.
Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Note- Lot, is Legal Lot Number, for Tax and Registration Purposes, used in Conjunction with the Legal Block Number
# is the Civic Mailing Address of each lot, or combination of Lots, in some cases.

I will be adding Historical photos and descriptions of Residences on this block, when I get a chance.

North Side, East to West (Odd Numbered Lots)

Block 53, Lots 11-20, #1201-#1237, Second St.

Lot 11- #1201, 2nd St.-

Lot 12- #1205- Frank W. Strange teacher at ECI, lived here in 1955

Lot 13- #1209-

Lot 14- #1213- Leonard John Robb, Bank Manager, lived here in 1921 , b- age 35 in ON, Wife- Pearl, daughters Katherine, and Dorthy ; Anne R. MacGregor, School Math Teacher at ECI, in 1955, lived here.

Lot 15- #1217- Walter Russell Reid, lived here in 1921, Clerk at W.R. Whitby hardware on 4th St., Wife- Nina Reid, and 5 Daughters, and 3 sons.

Lot 16- #1221- Arthur Stewart family lived here, in 1921, wife- Irene Stewart, daughter- Marjorie Stewart, son- Noel A. Stuart (Stewart), teller at Bank of Hamilton, daughters- Dorthy Stewart, and Irene Stewart. Arthur Stewart was the Secretary-treasurer of the Town of Estevan, in 1921.

Lot 17- #1225- Joseph Ward Family lived here in 1921, Drayman, Delivery, b-ca 1880 in England. Wife- Nancy Helen Ward, b-age 43 in USA, daughter- Mary Elizabeth Ward, b- ca 1919 in SK.

Lot 18- #1229-

Lot 19- #1233- Sidney R. Kitching (Kitchen?), Ledger at Bank of Montreal on 5th st. lived here in 1921

Lot 20- #1237-

South Side, West to East (Even Numbered Lots)

Block 61, Lots 1-10, #1238-#1202, Second St.

Lot 1- #1238, 2nd St.-

Lot 2, block 61,- #1234 2nd st.- Historical Walking tours Booklet shows this as the McKay House built in 1905- Alexander E. McKay, lived here in 1921, he was Manager Canadian Investment Co. Ltd located at #1021 5th St. He is shown as a teacher at Central School, from 1904-1907. He then ran a lumber yard on 4th st for years. Served on Public School Board, In 1914 as Chairman of the Board, He attended the official opening of ECI.
Historical Estevan site

Lot 3- #1230-

Lot 4 &5, Block 61, - #1226 2nd st -First Home of John Phillips, the Stone Mason, Contractor, and Builder, age 25 in 1906, b- in England, immigrated in 1904, with wife Elizabeth, nee Wilkinson, age 28, b- in England, daughter Nellie, age 4, b- in England, and son Harrie,age 2, born in SK, lived here in 1906. they had a daughter Ena in 1906, and son Joseph in 1908 to join them. John H. Wilkinson lived with them in 1906, Elizabeth's brother. Family also shown here in 1921.
Historical Estevan Site

Lot 5- #1222-

Lot 6- #1218- a widow, Annie Newton b- ca 1856 in England, lived here in 1906- with Mary, Sarah daughters, George D., and Isaac her sons, and boarders. They Immigrated in 1906 ; Baptist Church, Rev. A. J. Clarke Pastor in 1955 ;

Lot 7- #1214-

Lot 8- #1210-

Lot 9- #1206- George Edward Macready family lived here in 1921, b- age 46 in ON, children: Olga, Norman, Kathleen, and Vernon.

Lot 10- #1202- Gospel Chapel located here. Original Church the Gospel Hall was built on this lot in 1906 by the Plymouth Brethern per Historical Walking Tour Booklet. New Church built in 1970. Name changed from Gospel Hall to Gospel Chapel in 1979 per Booklet.

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